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LCD Screen Closet White Board Bookshelf Computer Desk Windows White Board Table Ashley Avery Jeffrey Cao Glenda Chavez Neha Cheemalavagu Madelyn Cook Justine.

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1 LCD Screen Closet White Board Bookshelf Computer Desk Windows White Board Table Ashley Avery Jeffrey Cao Glenda Chavez Neha Cheemalavagu Madelyn Cook Justine Fanget Madison Fiorentino Alec Flowers Marissa Freitas Nicolas Fricker Mia Gvirtsman Adriana Hardwicke John Jarrell Nikki Kapany Leah Kidd Angela Kobayashi Natasha Kothari Samuel Marks Nico Mayoral Rishma Mandhekar Travon Newsome Melissa Reed Alvin Lu Megan Robinson Begimay Samykbaeva Varsha Suresh Kumar David Tran Sailee Vishnubhatt Alysia Wang Rachel Ward Daniel Welch Corrina Yanagawa Kaye Yap Rachel Karngbaye Merima Hamzic

2 LCD Screen Closet White Board Bookshelf Computer Desk Windows White Board Table Katherine Allen Lauren Burns Alex Caber Adam Call Kate Camacho Tram-anh Cao Kira Cattell Maggie Costales Diego De La Torre Elena DeAngelis Allie Dong Jolie Goolish Lexi Greenberg Laurel Haspert Dylan Hoefling Marie Johansen Andrea Koch Hannah Lau Andrew McCormick Spencer McKean Oren Merry Erica Moy Kyung-Hoon Park Lili Raghian Alesandra Rau Margaux Roth Laura Rutner Ankit Sharma Nicole Silva Tyler Smith Jonathan Sorensen Eric Theil Karlwillie Wilson Timothy Heselton Yasmin Ghalambor

3 LCD Screen Closet White Board Bookshelf Computer Desk Windows White Board Table Sarah Alkadri Kiana Ariyama Max Blumenstein Sarah Brotzel Sophie Brotzel Tania Gres Dana Camin Arielle De Chavez Jasper Deng Simran Dhalla Luke Dickey Taylor Houston Celeste Ingersoll Marissa Klazura Lindsey Marent Mirko Mostaghimi Tarun Nair Nicole Hakahama Juan Nava Margarita Patio Mihajlo Radonjic Anjalee Raman Erin Rempola Adriane Rowe Skyler Russert Haley Sawamura Lauren Scott Sam Sevely Liam Sidebottom Hansmeet Singh Run Thapanangkun Andrew Thornberry Bethany Tinklenberg Nicole Worthy Anne LeeKareena Hirani

4 Homework for the Week Monday 8/19 Notes: Prologue pgs. 1-5 Personal Statement: Due Friday Signed CIS: due tomorrow *Optional decorated 3x5 card: due tomorrow Tuesday 8/20 Notes: Prologue pgs. 6-14 *Improve Your Retention section is optional (but helpful ) Block Day 8/21 & 8/22 Notes: Chapter 1 pgs. 16-23 Friday 8/23 Notes: Chapter 1 pgs. 24-30

5 Agenda: Monday 8/19/13 1. Seats 2. Introduction and brief overview of class 1. Rules & Class Structure 3. Expectations 4. Personal Statement 5. Homework: 1. Reading Notes: Prologue pgs 1-5 2. Personal Statement 3. CIS 4. Optional 3x5 card decoration

6 MRS. GABRIELS CLASS Welcome & Introduction

7 Class Schedule& Help/Makeup Work 1 st Period- AP Psych 2 nd Period- AP Psych 3 rd Period- Prep 4 th Period- AP Psych 5 th Period- US History 6 th Period- US History 7 th Period- Prep Make an appointment Revisions are encouraged Test Corrections There will be ½ credit test corrections available. However, they must be completed in my classroom on specifically designated days. We will talk about this more later.

8 Food? Food and drinks are okay as long as you clean up after yourself!

9 Attendance/Partici pation on time, one at a time Participation and class work is essential for success in this course. If you are tardy or absent, you obviously cannot participate. RESPECT!

10 Cell Phones & Music? Texting in class Phone goes to the office Phone rings in class Treats to the class -or- Phone goes to the office Your headphones should never be in your ears. Once in awhile we will have quiet work time, I will explicitly give you permission to listen to music on such rare occasions.

11 Bathroom Policy Quietly, leave your phone in the box by the door. One at a time If you forgot your phone or do not have one, please tell me. You have 5 minutes to use the restroom

12 Course Information Sheet: due tomorrow


14 Organizational Tips Binder You may share this with another class, but please have dividers for the following: Handouts Class Notes/Work Completed work: this will be returned to you after its been graded. Keep this work because the information in class is cumulative and you will want it to study later. Bring your agenda planner to school everyday. Leave your textbooks at home Vocabulary: See Handout for terms (also available online) Biweekly oral vocabulary quizzes will occur Definition & a content specific real world example is required for credit.

15 Reading Calendar Also available online. The reading is due the following day from when it is assigned on the calendar (this is different from USHAP but not regular US) Do not fall behind. No reading on Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday and every other Wednesday. How are your notes assessed? Although I will not have notebook checks at the beginning of the year, you are expected to take notes in pen nightly and if necessary, I will also implement random notebook checks at my discretion. Daily class discussions Bring your notes to class daily: they will be annotated during class activities You may use your notes during these discussions Biweekly vocab quizzes Biweekly tests. *There may be additional HW added to the calendar that you are responsible for. Example: Personal Statement Agenda Planner!

16 3x5 Cards: *Optional: You may take the card home to decorate the back, due tomorrow. First Name (your preferred name) Last NameEmail Address Vocabulary: Comprehensive Content Quarter 1 Critical Thinking Quarter 2 Critical Thinking Advanced (Correct information) Basic (Attempted information) Far Below Basic (Did not attempt to answer the question)

17 Mandated Reporting As your teacher, I am required to report the following: Abuse/Harm: Types of harm Physical Mental Substance Abuse When is it reported? Someone harming you You harming yourself You harming someone else Neglect Incest

18 Expectations for the Class G.R.O.W. G: Growth Mindset R: Respect the Process O: Own your W: Work!

19 Personal Statement: due Friday Motivation: In order to get to know you better, I would like to learn what I can about how you view yourself and the world in which you live. This information is confidential (*except for mandated reporting criteria) Write in complete sentences (use a pen or type)

20 Personal Statement: due Friday 1. What kind of person are you? Qualities, talents, abilities, etc. 2. What kind of family and friends do you have and how have they affected your life? 3. How has your gender, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs, and/or socioeconomic status affected your attitude(s) and life? 4. What are two of your greatest achievements? 5. What have been or are your greatest problems/struggles? Describe any unusual circumstances or challenges that you have faced and the way(s) in which you have responded. 6. What do you plan for yourself after high school, after college, or whatever? 7. What are your interests? List as many areas that come to mind, i.e. academic, sports, hobbies, leisure activities, etc. 8. What subjects, issues, questions in psychology would you like us to discuss in depth? 9. What question(s) do you have for me as your teacher?

21 Agenda: Tuesday 8/20/13 1. Turn in the following: 1. Decorated 3x5 Cards 2. Signed CIS 2. Reading discussion 3. Myths & stereotypes in Psychology 4. Homework 1. Reading Notes: Prologue pgs 6-14 2. Personal Statement: due Friday

22 Reading Discussion: Prologue pgs. 1-5 What is the purpose of psychology? What is structuralism? What is functionalism? Why are these two early psychological principles easily dismissed today? Who are considered the fathers of modern psychology?

23 Vocabulary Cards Term: Structuralism Chapter & Pg #: Prologue, Pg. 3 Definition: Edward Titchener, late 1800s Titcheners goal of looking to discover the minds structure. Used introspection to help people report their feelings as they experienced various things (i.e. immediate sensations, images, etc). Example: Although unreliable, the idea of understanding the working of the mind will evolve into the field of cognitive psychology.

24 Vocabulary Cards Term: Functionalism Chapter & Pg #: Prologue, Pg 3 Definition: William James, late 1800s The adaptive behavior of thinking was used for human survival; therefore, it has evolved over time. Understanding consciousness will help us to consider our past, adjust to our present, and plan our future. Example: James and his student Mary Calkins will serve to introduce psychology to the educated public. This will inspire future modern psychologists such as Skinner, Watson, and Freud.


26 Agenda: Block Day 8/21 & 8/22 Go over pre assessment (if necessary) Why people believe weird things? hings.html hings.html Discuss Discuss HW Improve your retention Careers in Psychology Advertisement Activity Homework Notes: Chapter 1 pgs. 16-23 Finish personal statement

27 Discuss HW (Prologue pgs. 6-14) What is the biggest and most persistent issue in psychology? What are the levels of analysis in psychology? Why are they important? What is the difference between basic research and applied research?

28 *Improve Your Retention How will the testing effect be implemented in this class? Do you think SQ3R is useful? What are some drawbacks to this approach? S- Survey Q- Question 3R- Read, Retrieve, Review What other tips form this section will you use moving forward?

29 Careers in Psychology Job Advertisement Why would someone want to be a psychologist and what type of psychologist would he/she want to be? You will research this and create a job advertisement that will have the following information: 1. Job Description 2. Level of Education 3. Salary (if available) 4. Where are these jobs located? Resources: Pages10-11, Appendix A, The Laptop COWS 1. Counseling Psychologist 2. Clinical Psychologist 3. Psychiatrist 4. Forensic Psychologist 5. Industrial- Organizational Psychologist 6. School Psychologist 7. Sport Psychologist

30 Agenda: Friday 8/23/13 Collect personal statement Finish Presentations (if necessary) Homework Notes: Chapter 1 pgs. 24-30

31 The Need for Psychological Science Using Psychological research, we have found out some interesting things. For each of the following research results, please generate an explanation: 1. Study shows females are more tolerant of same-sex peers. 2. Relative harmlessness: the effects of bullying only last until the early twenties for most Americans. 3. Individuals with clean desks are found to be more creative than their messy desk counterparts.

32 Randomness Coin Flipping Activity Does it really work? Why do we gamble? Have superstitions The Psychic Octopus? Remember: Hindsight Bias, overconfidence, and our tendency to perceive patterns in random events often lead us to overestimate our intuition. Scientific inquiry can help us sift reality from illusion.

33 Curious, Skeptical, and Humble Why are these qualities necessary in psychology? Give examples Curious Skeptical Humble

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