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China 2000 – 221 B.C.E The same or different to River Civilizations?

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1 China 2000 – 221 B.C.E The same or different to River Civilizations?

2 River Civilizations Think back to last week. With your partner, discuss the following questions: –What was the main purpose of writing? –To what extent was literacy widespread? –What characteristics defined belief systems? –What was the main purpose of social structures?

3 Geography

4 Shang Dynasty: 1750 – 1027 B.C.E Warrior Aristocracy King & Court rule core area of state directly. Aristocrats = Generals, Ambassadors, supervise public projects Royal family governed surrounding agric. areas Native rulers swear allegiance to Shang Nomads:attacked periodically to gain booty, pride & POW Nomads: despite Shang propaganda not inferior

5 Compare & Contrast Is the Shang social structure so different to the River Valley Civilizations?

6 Shang belief systems King as intermediary Ancestor worship (male) Sacrifices Divination Oracle Bones

7 Shang Administration Decentralized Pictograms – formal writing, does not change over time Bronze and metallurgy Trade with Mesopotamia Chariots Natural resources and inventions

8 Compare and Contrast In regard to state administration, do the Shang have more in common with the Egyptians or the Mesopotamians? Explain

9 Zhou: 11 th – 9 th Century BCE

10 Validation Myth Mandate from Heaven Continue Shang traditions in Admin/Trade Religion changes focus Rise of philosophy and mysticism

11 Compare and Contrast Compare and contrast the link between religion and government in Zhou China and Egypt. The Zhou are characterized as separating Church and State. How is this statement true?

12 Zhou – After 800 BCE Eastern Zhou Spring and Autumn Period – 771 to 481 BCE Eastern Zhou Warring States Period - 480 – 221 BCE

13 Legalism Increased competition lead to bureaucracy expanding - centralizing State demanded obedience to fulfill needs of a more centralized government –Human nature is essentially wicked –People only behave if forced by law and punishment –Sacrifice your personal freedom for the state

14 Confucianism Kongzi – 551-479 BCE Ren Government exists to serve people FatherRuler SonsPublic Officials WifeCommon People Daughters

15 Daoism Laozi - Warring state period –Accepts the world as they see it –Avoiding violence –Passivity; minimal action necessary for task –World always changing & lacks absolute meaning Follow the Dao to right conduct

16 Societal Roles Change Impact of Legalism and Confucianism Clan becomes 3 Tier family Hierarchy codified Role of Women Yin and Yang –Balance, later translated to mean superiority

17 Question Of the following statements which do you agree with more? Explain. –Ancient Chinese belief systems created social systems in Shang and Zhou China –Ancient Chinese belief systems were a reaction to the social systems at play in Shang and Zhou China How important was the role of environment in the development of early Chinese civilizations?

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