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Traditionalism vs. Modernism

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2 Traditionalism vs. Modernism
HOT ROC- What is the difference between a traditionalist and a modernist? Discuss

3 The Growing Divide Urban Attractions: Rural Problems:
Factory & Office jobs Higher wages Diversity Entertainment Etc. Rural Problems: Export demands dropped after WWI leading to lower income

4 Changing Values Traditionalists Modernists Felt attacked by modernists
Generally lived in small-town Increased religious fundamentalism Modernists Viewed some traditionalists as “backwards” Excited by city life Exposed to new ideas, music, and social values

5 New Vocab Word: Prohibition- A ban on the production and sale of alcohol (18th Amendment) Volstead Act: Enforcement of the 18th Amendment. Spells out that all alcohol will be illegal, not just in saloons and sets up all the details of when and how alcohol is prohibited.

6 Traditionalism vs. Modernism Debate
Your group will be discussing three opinions on 1920s’ social issues from the perspective of either a traditionalist or a modernist. As you develop your group’s response to each statement, be sure to provide historic evidence to support your argument.

7 Traditionalism vs. Modernism Debate
Follow these steps to prepare for the discussion: 1. Prepare your arguments. Review the content from Chapter 29 on your assigned viewpoint Assign one of the topics to each group member 2. Debate Each topic will be addressed in speed rounds Winner of the topic will be voted on by the moderator At the end of the round, the moderator will raise card to indicate to class which side won that round Some sentence starters: “As traditionalists/modernists, my group . . .” “My group agrees/disagrees with your group because . . .” 3. Notes Add to your STAR notes any important points you didn’t get Or, add questions to your left-hand margin

8 Traditionalism vs. Modernism Debate Topics
Opinion A (Section 29.3) Young people today are totally out of control. Opinion B (Section 29.4) Prohibition has done more harm than good. Opinion C (Section 29.5) Both evolution and creationism should be taught in the classroom.

9 Example “As a traditionalist, my group…” “As a modernist, my group…”
+1 for a valid argument +1 for a key fact +1 for a valid argument +1 for a key fact +1 for an ideal +1 for an ideal Counterargument: “My group disagrees with your group because…” Counterargument: “My group disagrees with your group because…” +1 for a valid argument +1 for a valid argument +1 for a key fact +1 for a key fact

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