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Please do not talk at this timeJan 22-23 Please fill out the European Culture Side of Comparison Chart (European/African Culture) If you are not sure what.

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1 Please do not talk at this timeJan Please fill out the European Culture Side of Comparison Chart (European/African Culture) If you are not sure what European Culture is like, think back on what you learned about life in England during the Industrial Revolution. Also, many of the customs and ways of life that we follow come from the European Tradition, so you can use those as well. Feel free to refer to your notes and text book also. Be as complete as possible! Examples: Environment- fields, forests, cities, etc… Food- Roast chicken, salad, cookies, etc…. Jobs- factory worker, farmer, scientist, etc…. HW: Rush for Africa Map Questions Use your handout and your book to answer questions about the map of African Imperialism. Get your bubble graphs and practice outlines. Staple your GOOD outline on top with your worksheet from Friday. Check for your name and turn these in!

2 Simulation! Please count off to find your team members Get a folder with sticky notes, blank class map, pen, and directions Read your directions carefully and do exactly as they say. EXACTLY or this sim wont work.

3 Simulation Questions Who ended up with the most Claimed objects in the room? Who had the least? What factors affected each groups success? What kinds of things did you claim? What items went first? Last? Why did you choose the ones you chose? Did anyone cheat? If so, how?

4 The Rush for Africa This simulation represents the European Rush for Africa. What Happened? Europeans became interested in Africa and discovered they needed raw materials (like cotton) for their factories at the same time they began to seriously compete with each other. Each country wanted to win as much land in Africa as possible to improve their international reputation and private wealth. They made a deal in an international meeting called the Berlin Conference to divide Africa (no Africans were consulted). At this meeting, they took a map of Africa and drew lines all over it. Each country then claimed land.

5 Cutting Up Africa

6 Imperialism in Africa – Territories controlled by Europeans by 1914

7 So what was life like for the people of Africa when the Europeans got there? Use the different Packets on African Tribes to gather information for the second side of your chart. Fill in information on the culture of different African Tribes.

8 Now compare these two cultures… How are they similar- Write these things into the middle space of your chart. How are they different?- What is the most different about their lives? Put our best ideas up on the board!

9 Video on Evolution Video on Evolution Copy the following chart on pg. 56A in your notebook to take notes on Evolution while we watch the video! DefineGive Examples Evolution: Survival of the Fittest: Natural Selection: Title: Evolution and Social Darwinism Please do not talk at this timeJan 23 HW: Finish your Introduction to Imperialism Assignment Also: Turn in your map question Answers!

10 Darwin and Social Darwinism Social Darwinism is the application of Darwins Theory of Evolution to Human Societies. Essentially it says that those societies that are the most successful are the ones that come from humans with superior genetic stock. In the 1800s, Europeans felt this meant that they were the most successful (To them that meant having the best technology, the most scientific learning and the ability to conquer others) because they were more advanced humans. They also thought that people with less technology, scientific learning and so on were naturally going to die out eventually, like the dinosaurs and Neanderthals because they were genetically unfit to survive. To the Europeans who considered Social Darwinism scientific fact, they, personally, were examples of Darwins idea of Survival of the Fittest.

11 Vocab Templates Please make a Vocab Template for each word Racism 1. Glossary Definition beliefs that a particular race is superior to another Social Darwinism 1. Glossary Definition the evolution theory of survival of the fittest applied to society; the idea that those fittest for survival enjoy wealth and success because they are superior



14 Act It Out- Use what you know to recreate the meeting of an African and a European!

15 Introduction to Imperialism Read this paper on Imperialism You will learn what it is, why it happened and what some of the consequences of it were. As you read, stop when you see the words STOP HERE and do the activity that is described. Finish this paper for homework. You will turn in your work on Monday!

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