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Please do not talk at this time Feb. 13

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1 Please do not talk at this time Feb. 13
Happy Valentine’s Day! On a half sheet of paper, write a brief description of what happened in the Simulation this week. Imperialism Videos!

2 France Serbia Germany England Austria Russia

3 Predict! Based on your simulation, which real life countries had treaties together? Which real life countries were the most aggressive? Which real life country was the most unstable? The weakest? Had the strongest army? Had the strongest navy?

4 World War I: The Great War
The Start of The War to End All Wars

5 The World Before World War I 1914
The world before World War I was just beginning to fully grasp the effects of globalization and technology on everyday life. Trains, planes and steam ships made travel easier than ever before. Merchants brought goods from all over the world to market and people began to get an idea of just how diverse the world was. Admiration turned to desire. Soon, every country began to covet what its neighbors had…. Causes of WWI Nationalism Militarism Imperialist Competition Economic Necessity

6 Nationalism- Love for one’s own country
Nationalism- Love for one’s own country. Feelings of superiority swept through Europe igniting small and large conflicts where men and nations could test their metal and see who was tougher, richer, smarter, etc.

7 Militarism- Love of the military
Militarism- Love of the military. Being a part of the military was all the rage. Young men could impress the girls and add to their countries glory by their efforts in foreign lands and at home. Industrialization added new and deadlier weapons to the arsenals of European countries. Soldiers and politicians alike were eager to see how well their doomsday weapons worked.

8 Imperialist Competition- Countries of Europe were competing with each other to see who could hold the most foreign territories.

9 Economic Necessity- European Countries needed to expand their territory to keep their economies strong. They needed new raw materials and new buyers for their goods.

10 Please do not talk at this time Welcome Back Feb. 23
Great Britain Any country who could conquer its European neighbor would win, not only land in Europe, factories and influence, but also ALL that country’s territories and empires. The British Empire British Bases British Colonies Spheres of Influence On a half sheet of paper: Which Cause of WWI is illustrated by this map? How does this map relate to that cause? What is it showing?

11 HW: Please make Vocab Word Maps for the following words-
Militarism- strong focus on the military establishment and war preparedness Alliances- a formal pact of agreement between nations united for a common cause Civilians- Non Soldiers Propaganda- an advertisement that attempts to spread ideas or promote a cause

12 The Alliance System Great Britain Belgium Japan Serbia Russia France
1879 The Dual Alliance                                         Germany and Austria-Hungary made an alliance to protect themselves from Russia 1881 Austro-Serbian Alliance                                      Austria-Hungary made an alliance with Serbia to stop Russia gaining control of Serbia 1882 The Triple Alliance                                          Germany and Austria- Hungary made an alliance with Italy to stop Italy from taking sides with Russia 1914 Triple Entente (no separate peace)                                      Britain, Russia and France agreed not to sign for peace separately.                                                                                        1894 Franco-Russian Alliance                                       Russia formed an alliance with France to protect herself against Germany and Austria-Hungary 1907 Triple Entente                                          This was made between Russia, France and Britain to counter the increasing threat from Germany. 1907 Anglo-Russian Entente                                         This was an agreement between Britain and Russia 1904 Entente Cordiale                                         This was an agreement, but not a formal alliance, between France and Britain. Great Britain Belgium Japan Serbia Russia France Montenegro

13 Triple Entente- Triple Alliance-
Color in your map and label the Alliances Triple Entente- Triple Alliance- Britain, France, and Russia Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy

14 Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie
The Trigger- Austria-Hungary used to control the land known now as Serbia. They let Serbia become independent peacefully, but later wanted her back. Serbia was home to a number of Bosnian rebels who had been fighting Austria-Hungary for years in terrorist attacks. Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife Sophie who was pregnant, went to visit the leaders of Serbia to show off the power of Austria-Hungary. Bosnian rebels, in Serbia, found out about the visit, ambushed the Duke and his wife, and killed them. Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie

15 Climbing into the Motorcade Car
Shot! Family Portrait At the Funeral

16 Austria Hungary demanded satisfaction from Serbia and gave them a list of things they must do to avoid war for killing the Duke. Serbia agreed to all but three of the demands. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and invaded to take back the lands they used to control. Map of the Balkans in 1914

17 A Cascade of Events Lead To War
Serbia called on Russia, their ethnic sister country, for help. Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary called on their ally, Germany. Germany declared war on Russia. Russia declared war on Germany. Russia called France. France called Britain. Britain and France declared war on Germany. Germany called Italy. Italy declared war on Russia, France and Britain. World War I has Begun

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