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Organization of Cells Foldable and Questions

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1 Organization of Cells Foldable and Questions
Fold your two sheets of paper, so the make four layered flaps. Write the title above on the top flap.

2 On the First Flap, bottom corner write Cell Organization
Write: Organization is a characteristic of all living things. Write: Cells  Tissues  Organs  Organ Systems  Organism Label each in the picture of how animal cells are organized. Cut out and glue this picture and labels on this flap

3 Animal Cell Types— write this on the bottom of the 2nd flap
All animal cells start as the same type of cell, a stem cell. But as an embryo develops, the cells differentiate, which means to change for different functions (structure is always related to function) Copy the definition of differentiation on this flap. Cut out and glue the picture

4 Animal Cell types Structure and Function
Write what you think the function of the different types of cells pictured. Base your answers on their structure. Bone- Nervous/Brain- Muscle- Skin(A)- Do you think that all animal cells have the same amount of mitochondria? Which type of cell above would have the most?

5 Plant Cell Types— write this on the bottom of the last flap
Draw and label the onion cells below. Draw and label the Elodea cells below. Why are the cells different?

6 Plant Cell Types—Structure and Function
Why don’t onion cells have chloroplast? Why do Elodea cells have chloroplasts? Do all plant cells have the same cell parts as other plant cells? Why are the different? (Think structure and function again!)

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