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Lincoln Spanish Immersion Parent Presentation. General Information Approved on May 21, 2012 First day of school September 4, 2012 K-1 classroom 21 students.

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1 Lincoln Spanish Immersion Parent Presentation

2 General Information Approved on May 21, 2012 First day of school September 4, 2012 K-1 classroom 21 students currently Part of multi-age school (Bishop) Parent satisfaction with program is high

3 Why? “If education policies were guided by what we know about the development of the brain, second-language learning would be a preschool priority.” 1 Two year language requirement to graduate High School Higher performance on standardized measures of math, science, social studies, verbal skills and English after English is introduced 1 Harvard Center for the Developing Child

4 Critical Learning Period

5 Benefits of Being Bilingual Positive effect on intellectual growth Greater flexibility in thinking, better listening, more sensitive to language Improved understanding of native language Opportunities to meet new people Understanding of other cultures & appreciation for differences More prepared for High School and College Improved job opportunities & salary potential

6 Observations from other programs Test scores higher in 3 rd and 5 th grade School within school is successful Community values the bilingual program Programs are very popular Use state required curriculum in Spanish Most follow full immersion model Recommend starting a classroom first then continuously improving as new grades added

7 Program Goals Mastery of state mandated curriculum Competency communicating in Spanish - reading, writing, listening, speaking Strong English literacy skills Develop understanding and appreciation of other places and cultures More specific goals to be developed as we move forward

8 What is Immersion? This is a full immersion model with all class time and core subjects taught in Spanish Same curriculum as other elementary students Same multi-age program as other students Exposure to Spanish language and Spanish speaking cultures Classroom language is Spanish ELA begins in 2 nd grade

9 What about English? Many research studies indicate no negative effect on an immersion students’ English skills English Language Arts ELA instruction begins in Grade 2 for about 30 minutes/day A few minutes/day of ELA added each year English literacy skills build upon Spanish literacy skills Generally immersion students show a slight lag versus their peers in Grade 3 By grade 5 immersion students test ahead of peers The child’s brain processes language different from an adult and can readily manage both languages English is still language of the specials and school events Reading regularly at home with your child recommended – high correlation to strong literacy skills

10 The Immersion Teacher Certification in early education required Language certifications are desirable, but not required in MI Native or native-like Spanish language abilities necessary Expressive, engaging, and creative with children so meaning is conveyed Search underway for 2013 teacher

11 The Immersion K/1 Classroom Focus on communication, not form 3 natural stages of language acquisition respected: comprehension, early speech, and speech emergence Teacher speaks in Spanish, students encouraged to use Spanish, but may respond in English The learning situation is relaxed Speech production comes slowly, not forced Teacher creates situations where students are motivated to communicate Total physical response (TPR) instruction

12 Program Direction Initiate summer program – Academic skills – Language skills Develop growth strategy and plan – Middle school – High school – Overall language integration Reach out into community Evaluate successful programs and develop our unique approach

13 Parent Role Support your student in their language development Understand they may be reluctant to use Spanish at home for up to 2 years Homework – based on daily lessons, student should know, but parent group will set up support Read in English to your child Support the program and its direction and development Get involved with school and program

14 Next Steps Determine if this is right for your child Sign up for school & program at Roundup (SOC can sign up before paperwork complete) Hire next teacher Continue to develop summer program(s) – Camp - open to current and incoming students – Informal play days – Informal events Continue to recruit students for 2013

15 Frequently Asked Questions Do parents need to speak Spanish? How do parents help with homework? What if parents want to learn Spanish? What kind of challenges to children have? Are there other learning resources? What types of children thrive or do not thrive?

16 Questions?

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