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Making of Modern America

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1 Making of Modern America
Unit 10 Week 1

2 Homework for the week Monday Tuesday Block Day Friday
Read and Cornell Notes on p Tuesday Finish the questions for Ch. 56 from today’s activity Block Day Finish thesis statements Friday Read and Cornell Notes on p

3 Agenda, Monday, 4/29 Celebrating Our Community: Shoutouts for class members Guidelines for how to write a good shoutout Computer lab time for shoutouts HW: Read and Cornell Notes on p

4 Agenda, Tuesday, 4/30 HOT ROC – Political Cartoon analysis
Vocab – review terms liberal and conservative Background on Reagan Liberal and conservative pov on the Reagan Revolution HW: Finish class activity and questions for sections 56.3, 56.4

5 Immigration "well they look pretty undocumented to me"
HOT ROC: 1. What is happening in the cartoon? Who are the people in the boats? 2. In what ways are these people “undocumented”? 3. What point is the cartoonist trying to make about undocumented immigrants and U.S. history? 4. What was one of the solutions to undocumented immigration that was given on p ? "well they look pretty undocumented to me"

6 The Reagan Revolution

7 Background on Reagan Actor, TV host, and governor of California
Elected in 1980 with an 8 million vote lead Supported the Moral Majority- Strong Christian political activists who were concerned about the moral decline in society Supported the New Right- Political group who pushed for conservative causes Known as the “Great Communicator”

8 Part 1 Political Debate Analysis
Question: Review the terms “Liberal” & “Conservative” Activity: On the television show Across Fire, guests debate current political topics. The following is a transcript from one episode. During this episode, liberal guests Laura and Lyle debated the role of government with conservative guests Carl and Connie. Create a T-chart on a piece of paper. Label the left side Liberal and the right side Conservative. Based on the transcript, list at least three characteristics of a liberal and at least three characteristics of a conservative.

9 Carl (contemplatively): You know, in general, I believe that our national government governs best when it governs least. This is especially important in economic affairs. Laura (shaking her head): I disagree, Carl! I think the federal government has an obligation to monitor businesses. It needs to prevent them from polluting the environment and taking advantage of consumers and workers! Connie (exasperated): No one is saying that we want businesses to abuse our citizens, Laura. But when businesses prosper, prosperity will trickle down to all Americans. Lyle (pointing a finger at Connie): But how long will that trickle-down effect take, Connie? One year? Ten years? I believe that the government has a duty to take care of all of its citizens now! Laura (with enthusiasm): Lyle’s right. You know, a lot of people these days talk about cutting taxes. But we need to be careful. Cutting taxes might lead to cutting federal programs. I fear the programs that will be cut will be those that help the most needy! Carl (pounding fists on desk): Regardless of tax cuts, the national government shouldn’t be spending our limited resources on programs that give people free handouts. When a government takes care of people too much, they become leeches on society. Connie (nodding): We need to shrink the size of the federal government. The role of the national government should be to provide for the national defense and conduct international affairs. Let the state and local governments take care of the needs of citizens. Lyle (in a patronizing tone): I wish it were so simple, Connie! But the national government exists to ensure that ideals like equality and opportunity are attainable to all Americans . . .

10 Part 2 Discuss the debate
What are the liberal views? What are the conservative views? Then, on the T-chart give the 2 perspectives on the following topics: 56.3 – Tax cuts, deregulation, deficits 56.4 – Gov’t programs, HIV, drug abuse, civil rights and immigration Pgs

11 T Chart Analysis – Complete these questions for HW
Section 56.3 Questions 1. Is New Federalism good for America? 2. Is supply-side economics good for America? 3. Is deregulation good for America? 4. Are Reagan’s budget priorities, which have led to high federal budget deficits and a high national debt, good for America? Section 56.4 Questions 1. Are reductions in federal social welfare programs good for America? 2. Is Reagan’s antidrug approach good for America? 3. Have the Reagan-era Supreme Court decisions on student privacy been good for America? 4. Are Reagan’s civil rights policies good for America?

12 Block Day Agenda, 5/1-5/2 HOT ROC – Vocab card quiz
“Political Civility” and Effective leadership Evaluating Reagan’s domestic policy Prompt: Evaluate was Reagan an effective leader? Essential Question: Was Ronald Reagan an effective leader? Homework: Finish up thesis statements from class

13 “Political Civility” and Effective Leadership
Read over the following document “Political Civility” in pairs and answer the accompanying questions. We will debrief this as a class after you are done!

14 Brainstorm: Effective Leadership
What traits or characteristics do effective leaders have?

15 Directive word: Evaluate
Evaluate- For a subject, identify criteria and measure evidence against the criteria. Decide if the subject meets the criteria or not. 1. Set criteria 2. Gather Evidence 3. Compare Evidence and Criteria to make your Evaluation Criteria Evidence Evaluation Prejudice Note: In CWI they evaluate if the leader is great, not if he’s effective. Here’s some stuff from Sophia’s PPT that she uses with her freshmen. Some criteria that you can brainstorm with them: intelligent, gets results, communicates clearly, charismatic, unifies the nation.

16 Evaluate: Ronald Reagan
Was Ronald Reagan an effective leader? Use the criteria we came up with as a class, as well as the following criteria: Did he identify REAL problems and come up with REAL solutions?

17 Optional Writing Prompt
Do you think Ronald Reagan was an effective leader? Why or why not (or you can decide he’s a little of both)? Use two quotations from the documents to support your argument. 1 page expectation.

18 Agenda, Friday, 5/3 HOT ROC Project Overview and rubric
HW: Read and Cornell Notes on p

19 HOT ROC What are three controversial topics that you are interest in that relate to US history? All we have planned for today is to intro the project, so feel free to use time to further review their Reagan thesis statements and/or to have everyone in the class share out the issues that matter to them today.

20 US History Final Project Spring 2013 – Due May 22nd Opposing Viewpoints
Assignment: Choose a controversial topic from the list below, or develop one on your own, and complete the following activity: Carbon Credits (environmental) Development of fracking (natural gas) Immigration Policy Obamacare Government budget (deficit spending vs. cuts to programs) Processing terrorists (military or federal courts) Same-sex Marriage Tax Reform (1% or Job creators) Gun control Prison reform – 3 strikes or fewer arrests Status of women Cyberbullying vs. Free Speech Censorship Role of religion in school Teacher Approved…

21 Final Project – Poster layout
Title “PRO” Strict Environmental Laws “CON” Strict Environmental Laws Thesis Statement and summarization paragraph defending thesis: (Ideal) Evidence: Historical Connection: Current Research: Visual: Citations (on the back)

22 Scoring Guide Advanced __Includes all aspects of a proficient project __shows quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, time and effort __2 historical connections are made __presentation shows excellent understanding of the topic __Thesis or other writing connects the topic to larger trends studied in the year (such as fostering or challenging the ideals, big gov’t vs. big business, rights of minorities) Proficient __Thesis statements clearly supports opinion with 2-3 reasons why. __1 historical connection is made __Research is detailed and explained clearly in your own words. __Citations are complete and follow MLA format. __Summarization clearly explains the pros and cons of the issue. __Prepared on the due date to present material __Writing is clear and grammatically correct. __Completes all parts of the assignment Basic Completes 6-7 of the proficiency criteria Below Basic Completes 5 of the proficiency criteria Far Below Basic – 4 or fewer of the proficiency criteria

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