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MAKING OF MODERN AMERICA Unit 10 Week 3, May 13-17.

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1 MAKING OF MODERN AMERICA Unit 10 Week 3, May 13-17

2 Homework for the week Monday Finish chart from class on sections 59.4, 59.5, 59.7 Tuesday Work on final project, study for card quiz Block Day Study for Fridays test on Ch.56-60 Unit 10 Checklist due Friday Friday Work on your final project

3 Agenda, Monday, 5/13 HOT ROC Vocab – add terms globalization and computer revolution How well have U.S. foreign policy decisions met the challenges of the global age? HW: Rough draft of thesis statements for your project due tomorrow. Bring in materials to work in class on your project.

4 New Vocab Globalization and computer revoluti on

5 HOT ROC The end of the Cold War created an opportunity for the United States to chart a new course in foreign affairs. Read the four options below and circle the one that best matches the direction you think is best. Then write a few sentences explaining your choice in your notebook. Option 1: The United States has fixed world problems long enough. It should severely cut back its foreign commitments and use the savings to make positive changes at home. The rest of the world can take care of itself. Option 2:The United States is now the wealthiest, most powerful nation on earth. It should use its power and wealth to make positive changes in the worldto stop wars, eliminate disease, and defeat corrupt or harsh governments. If the United States does not promote its ideals and stop evil, who will? Option 3: The United States should take this opportunity to strengthen international organizations like the United Nations. International cooperation is the key to solving global issues. Option 4: The United States should selectively use its power only when it wants to promote its own economic and security interests. It should be a global player but should only look out for itself.

6 Debate 1: How should the United States deal with ethnic cleansing and genocide? 1. Let someone else deal with it. Ethnic cleansing or genocide happening outside the United States is not an American problem. 2. Authorize military action when genocide or ethnic cleansing are identified. It should never happen; the United States is powerful enough to stop it. 3. Work with the UN to place pressure on the perpetrators. Send troops when necessary, but only under UN leadership or approval. 4. Only get involved in trying to stop ethnic cleansing or genocide if it has a negative affect on the U.S. economy or security.

7 Debate 2: How should the United States deal with human suffering caused by great catastrophes such as floods, famines, earthquakes, or disease? 1. Let nations closer to the problem deal with it. The United States cannot solve the whole worlds problems. 2. Only supply help to nations or people who are allied with the United States. 3. Work with the UN to fix these problems. That will encourage international solutions to international problems. 4. Work on our own and with others to eliminate all human suffering. People living in a wealthy country like the United States should do at least this

8 Debate 3: How should the United States deal with terrorism? 1. Invest heavily in the Department of Homeland Security, increase protection of our borders and find terrorist cells operating in the United States. 2. Do more to reduce the root causes of terrorism. The United States should invest in humanitarian relief in poorer nations and work to promote freedom. 3. Join an international effort coordinated and led by the UN. The United States should be a big player on an international team but should not try to shoulder most of the responsibility itself. 4. Invest in building up the American military and intelligence operations. Find terrorists in their own countries and defeat them there.

9 SectionU.S. Actions, Motives Results Grade and Reason for Grade Confronting Dictators (59.3) Halting Iraqi AggressionB- Persian Gulf War removed Hussein from Kuwait (because of the western need for oil), but not from power. 100,000 civilians dead & environmental damage. End of Vietnam Syndrome Era Responding to Ethnic Conflicts & Genocide (59.4) Ending Ethnic Cleansing in Yugoslavia Failing to Halt Genocide in Africa Supplying Humanitaria n Aid (59.5) Countering Famine in North Korea Dealing with AIDS in Africa Fighting Terrorism (59.7) Terrorists Strike the United States Ending Taliban Rule in Afghanistan Toppling the Iraqi Regime

10 Agenda, Tuesday, 5/14 1. HOT ROC A. Take out your chart from yesterday and share/compare your grades with your partners. B. Which won best action? Worst? 2. Project Work Day A. Peer edits on thesis statements B. Work on historical evidence C. Plan out visuals and poster HW: Work on project, study for the card quiz on block day

11 Block Day Agenda, 5/15-5/16 1. HOT ROC – Vocab card quiz (2 nd to last!) 2. Ch. 60 and 9/11 3. Hand out checklists HW: Study for Unit 10 test, checklists due on Friday

12 What do you remember about 9/11? Describe how you reacted when you first learned of the attacks. Tell a story that you have heard about the events of 9/11. You may have heard the story from a family member, a friend, the news, or a documentary. Do you, or does anyone you know, think the country has changed because of the events of 9/11? If so, explain.

13 IdealDebate Related to this Ideal Placard related to this ideal Has this ideal been preserved? Equality (60.3) Opportunity (60.4) Liberty (60.5) Rights (60.6) Democracy (60.7)

14 Agenda, Friday, 5/17 1. Turn in checklists 2. Unit 10 test HW: Work on final project, due Wed, May 22 nd.

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