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Meg, Lauren, Amanda, Martin

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1 Meg, Lauren, Amanda, Martin
USA Meg, Lauren, Amanda, Martin

2 Timeline 1898 start of Spanish American War
1898 Cuba became an independent republic subject to intense inference by the US th president elected was Theodore Roosevelt Large areas of the western states preserved by Theodore Roosevelt 1903 Ford Motor Company formed 1904 Panama canal zone acquired th president elected was William Howard Taft 1912 Arizona, Alaska, and New Mexico admission to the US th president elected was Woodrow Wilson

3 1914 WW1 starts 1917 The USA enters the WW1 1919 Treaty of Versailles 1920 The 19th amendment of the constitution granting women the right to vote is signed th president elected was Warren Gamaliel Harding th President elected was Calvin Coolidge st President elected Herbert Clark Hoover 1929 Great Depression begins 1932 Election of FDR 1933: New Deal

4 CCOT Analyze the political and economic changes and continuities in the United States from

5 Germany Eva, Nastia, Carina

6 Dates and Events for Germany, 1871-1933
Creation of the Nation State by Otto Von Bismark (United many tiny states) 1882 Germany enters the Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungary and Italy 1905 General Staff devises the Schlieffen Plan to win a future war against France by a quick sweep around Paris 1914 Start of World War One when Germany supports Austria-Hungary Invasion of Belgium and France stopped at First Battle of the Marne; Schlieffen Plan fails World War One, British Navy spends whole time blockading food supply.

7 Dates and Events Continued
1915 Germany announced a blockade of Britain by submarine 1916 German High Seas fleet confronts the British Grand Fleet “Turnip winter"; failure of potato crop; severe food shortages in cities; reliance on Russian turnip 1917 Germany resumed unrestricted submarine warfare, causing the entrance of the US into the war 1918 Overthrow of Kaiser and all royal families; Germany becomes the Weimar Republic, End of Three class voting (which favoured the rich); universal equal suffrage; women get the vote for the first time. 1919 Treaty of Versailles, Ebert (socialist) elected as Germany’s first president

8 Date and Events continued
Weimar Republic, Democratic but highly unstable (established by League of Nations) 1924 Dawes Plan renegotiates reparations, US Banks lend Germany more money to play 1929 Start of Great Depression, Adoption of Young Plan to pay back German debt. 1933 Hitler appointed chancellor

9 CCOT Prompt Germany Analyze the political and social changes and continuities of Germany between the years 1871 and 1933.

10 Turkey (Ottoman Empire)
Joey, Gerald, Kelvin, Noah

11 1876: The proposed constitution takes effect and greatly centralizes the Ottoman government.
: Russo-Turkish War 1878: Constitution is suspended, and the writers are exiled, by Sultan Abdulhamid II. 1908: After years of gradual territorial loss, Young Turks push for the sultan to institute constitutional government and guarantee basic rights, in order to reform the declining Turkish Empire. Eventually they lead a rebellion with several military officers later that year. 1912: The Ottomans are defeated by Italy in a relatively small war. The Ottomans lose holdings in Africa. 1914:The Ottomans enter world war one, on the side of the Central Powers 1919: British, French, and Greek armies occupy land near Istanbul (not Constantinople) Mustafa Kemal forms a new government.

12 1922: Mustafa Kemal defeats Greek armies; retakes Anatolia
1923: Assembly declares Turkey a republic with Kemal Ataturk as its president. 1924: Ministry of Religious Affairs is abolished. Turkish government becomes effectively secular. 1925: The Sheikh Said Rebellion erupts in Eastern Turkey, fueled by Kurdish revolutionaries. 1926: Turkish civil code is accepted which increases rights for women and prohibits polygamy. 1927: First Turkish census is taken. 1928: The clause retaining Islam as state religion is removed from constitution. The Turkish Alphabet is replaced by the Latin alphabet. 1929: Women are given the right to vote and run for office.

13 Analyze the political changes and continuities in Turkey from 1876 to 1929.

14 Jimmy, (Chas), Raihann, Dillon
Japan Jimmy, (Chas), Raihann, Dillon

15 Timeline Part 1 1868-start of the Meiji Restoration
Russo-Japanese War 1904-Treaty of Portsmouth ends Russo-Japanese war 1905-Russia acknowledges Japanese protectorate over Korea (1st time non-European country won) year economic boom starts 1910-Japan annexes Korea 1914-Japan joins Allied side

16 Timeline Part 2 1915-Japan presented China and with Twenty-One Demands
1915-Chinese anti-Japanese riots and boycotts 1923-Kanto Earthquake killing 200,000 1925-Introduces universal male sufferage 1927-banking system collapses 1928-population hits 65 million 1929-Hamaguchi becomes prime minister 1931-Invasion of Manchuria

17 CCOT Prompt - Japan Describe political changes and continuities in Japan from 1868~1931.

18 China Cole, Byron, Lakshya

19 Revolution and War (1900) 1900: Boxer Rebellion encouraged by Dowager Cixi 1900: Japan occupies Beijing with Western powers, demands heavy indemnity 1908: Sun Yat-sen and revolutionary alliance attempt to take power, thwarted by military. 1911: Yuan Shikai comes to power after regional army mutinies, quashes Sun's party 1915: 21 demands presented to China by Japan that would have turned it into a virtual protectorate. USA and UK persuade them to soften demands, but they still took German enclaves in China and extracted railroad and mining concessions at China's expense.

20 Revolutionary Alliance(1908)
1919: Paris Peace Conference:West accepts Japanese seizure of German enclaves in China-this was viewed as a grave insult by most educated Chinese. 1919: Students demonstrated in front of Beijing, protested against foreign domination 1920: Sun Yat-sen attempts comeback with a communist party inspired by Lenin 1925: Jiang Jieshi (Chiang kai-shek) takes power after death of Sun Yat-sen 1927: Jiang Jieshi crushes regional warlords, issues ambitious plans to modernize, the implementation of which are thwarted due to incompetent and corrupt officials 1931: Japan invades Manchuria, declares manchurian independance for the Republic of Manchukuo

21 CCOT PROMPT Analyze political and economic changes and continuities in China between 1900 and 1929.

22 Russia/U.S.S.R. Sahil, Tom, Matt, Eugene

23 Russia And The USSR 1894: Nicholas II assumes the title of Tsar.
1905: political unrest results in establishment of Duma, a constitutional monarchy, eventually dissolved by tsar 1914: Russia enters the "Great War." 1916: The Russian army runs out of ammunition and other essential supplies. 1917: "February Revolution"; food ran out in St. Petersburg, led to mutinies/strikes by workers and soldiers. Tsar abdicated and parliamentary parties, led by Alexander Kerensky, formed a Provisional Gov’t.

24 Russia And The USSR 1917: "October Revolution"; the Bolsheviks gained the support of the workers and soldiers in St. Petersburg and rose up and took the city. 1918: The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk is signed with Russia at a territorial disadvantage. The treaty was meant to promote peace with Russia's neighbors. : Russian civil war--the Bolsheviks come out on top. 1921: New Economic Policy: peasants had more freedom as to what they could do with their produce. 1926: Stalin takes control of Russia. 1928: The Five Year Plan was announced, allowing development in every aspect of Russian politics and society.

25 CCOT Prompt Analyze political change and continuity between in Russia.

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