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USA Ariel, Tian, (Athena).

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1 USA Ariel, Tian, (Athena)

2 1898 – The Spanish-American War 1906 – American occupation of Cuba
Pre-World War I 1898 – The Spanish-American War 1906 – American occupation of Cuba 1913 – Woodrow Wilson becomes President 1914 – Panama Canal World War I 1915 – Sinking of the Lusitania 1917 – America declares war on Germany 1918 – Fourteen Points presented World War I ends

3 Post-World War I Harding, Coolidge, Hoover conservative presidencies, high tariffs Stock Market crash of 1929 Great Depression Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932 New Deal Recovery Reforms 1933

4 CCOT Analyze the economic and political changes and continuities of the United States from 1898 to 1933 with the New Deal.

5 Germany Mady, Katie, Christine

6 History 1871: Otto von Bismarck unified Germany
Late 1870’s: Germany raises tariffs to protect industries from Britain. 1882: Germany joins Italy and Austria-Hungary in a triple alliance. (triple entente: Britain, France, Russia 1888: Beginning of Germany’s navy to compete with Britain. 1888: Beginning of Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd 1914: Franz Ferdinand assassinated & Germany declares war on Russia & France, Britain declares war on Germany. : World War 1

7 More History 1915: German Cameroon & German colonies of South West Africa are conquered. April 1915: Germans are the first to launch poison gas at the second battle of Ypres 1916: Turn of Winter (massive famine) & US uses submarines to sink British merchant ships. 1917: Germany establishes women’s auxiliary units. Armistice Signed; Emperor Wilhelm 2nd is exiled 1919: Germany signs treaty of Versailles. 1919: Weimar Republic is established. : Inflation causes government to issue new currency. 1933: Adolf Hitler is appointed As chancellor and Nazi Germany begins persecuting Jews

8 CCOT Prompt Describe economic and political changes and continuities in Germany from

9 Ottoman Empire/Turkey
Kyle, Matias, Emilio

10 1876: Young Ottomans Form New Constitution Under Abdul Hamid II
1877: Abdul Hamid II Suspends Constitution and Parliament 1898: Crete occupied by Europeans : Macedonia Rebels 1909: Abdul Hamid II Overthrown by Young Turks in Parliament 1910: Albania Becomes Independent 1912: Italy Conquers Libya : 1st and 2nd Balkan Wars

11 1914: Ottomans Form a Secret Alliance With Germany; Deport Armenians
1915: British Land at Gallipoli 1916: Hussein Led Revolt in Arabia Against Ottomans 1917: Balfour Declaration 1919: League of Nations Mandates Formed From Former Ottoman Territories 1919: Ataturk Takes Power, Attempts to Westernize Turkey : War Between Turkey and Greece

12 CCOT Prompt: Analyze political and social changes and continuities in Turkey during the time period

13 Japan Joey, Tommy, Anthony, Leo

14 Important Dates Pt.1 1868 - Meiji Restoration
1870s Hired British engineers to build first railroad 1870’s - British telegraph cables laid to Japan Japan wins Sino-Japanese War – Japan wins Russo-Japanese War Japan annexes Korea

15 Important Dates Pt. 2 1914 Japan joins Great Britain in WW1 by declaring war on Germany 1915 Japan presents 21 demands to China 1919 Treaty of Versailles grants Japan German colonies, but not the Chinese territories they wanted. 1923 Kanto earthquake, destroys ½ of Tokyo 200,000 dead. 1925 Japan population reaches 60 million 1931 Japan invades Manchuria, a mineral wealthy colony in China. 1930s 89% of Japanese homes had electric lights.

16 CCOT Prompt From 1868 from 1931 analyze the political and economic changes and continuities in Japan.

17 China Ethan, Eldon, (Antonio)

18 Timeline Open Door Policy enables Europeans to maintain access to a treaty port but restricts European influence Boxer Rebellion is started under the guidance of Empress Dowager Cixi; crushed by Europeans Empress Dowager Cixi dies; Sun Yat-sen tries to take over government but fails October Regional Army Mutiny led by Yuan Shikai December Last Qing Emperor Puyi abdicates and Sun Yat-sen is elected president but steps down and Yuan Shikai is elected president Japan presents China with Twenty-One Demands, which would have turned China into a protectorate; Japan seizes German enclaves in China

19 Timeline May 4, Students demonstrate in Forbidden city to protest Japanese occupation of German ports Early 1920s - Sun Yat-sen tries to come back; Guomindang allies with Chinese Communist Party Sun Yat-sen dies; Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-shek) assumes leadership of the Guomindang (National Peoples’ Party) Kai-shek turns against the Chinese Communist Party; defeats most of the regional warlords and establishes dictatorship

20 CCOT Prompt Analyze the political change and continuity in China between 1899 and 1927.

21 Russia/USSR Matt, Vlad, Mary

22 Dates -1861-Emancipation of serfs
-1894-Czar Nicholas II was crowned czar -1904-Russo-Japanese War -1905-Bloody sunday -1906-Duma formed -1907-British-russian entente -1914-Start of World War 1 -1917-October Revolutions -1917-February revolution

23 Dates -1917-civil war between reds and whites
-1918-Russia withdraws from WW1(Treaty of Brest-Litovsk) New economic policies in russia Lenin's life span -1922-Stalin in power -1928-Trotsky exiled, Five year plan introduced by Stalin

24 CCOT Prompt Analyze social and political change and continuity in Russia from

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