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The Treaty of Versailles May of 1919. The Palace - Louis XIV.

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1 The Treaty of Versailles May of 1919

2 The Palace - Louis XIV

3 The Big Four -Really Three Wilson Clemenceau Orlando Lloyd- George

4 Alsace Lorraine

5 Wilson 14 points – Self Determination Wilson – Suppressed nationalism Historians – Extreme nationalism – League of Nations – Does not want to punish Germany

6 Clemenceau Wants to make Germany pay billions Wants to create a Rhineland Buffer State Wants Alsace Lorraine Wants to limit German Military Does not want League of Nations Does not favor self-determination

7 David Lloyd-George Punish Germany- Pay Billions Squeeze the orange until the pip squeaks. Doesnt care either way for League Nations Or self- determination Or Rhineland Buffer State

8 What Wilson Gets Some Self-Determination No Rhineland Buffer State

9 League of Nations But USA does not join Wilson soon after has a massive stroke

10 France and Great Britain Takes back the Alsace and Lorraine Severely limits the German Military Article 231 War Guilt Clause Article 233 War Reparations Clause 33bil German Loss of colonial possessions Jews recognized in Palestine 1917 Balfour Declaration. Source B

11 Self Determination- Smaller Weaker States Bordering Germany

12 What Italy Gets-A divided Austria Hungary

13 Germany After Treaty Source B

14 Turkish Genocide Against Armenians A Portent of Future Horrors to Come!

15 Turkish Genocide Against Armenians Districts & Vilayets of Western Armenia in Turkey 19141922 Erzerum215,0001,500 Van197,000500 Kharbert204,00035,000 Diarbekir124,0003,000 Bitlis220,00056,000 Sivas225,00016,800 Other Armenian-populated Sites in Turkey Western Anatolia371,80027,000 Cilicia and Northern Syria309,00070,000 European Turkey194,000163,000 Trapizond District73,39015,000 Total 2,133,190387,800

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