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1 Fascism

2 Roman Symbol of Power (The Fascisti=bundle of sticks)

3 Fascist Beliefs Extreme nationalism Only the strong survive
Government directs the economy Regimentation of society = All citizens become a soldier for the cause One leader and one political party Unlike communism, property and social classes have their place

4 Mussolini Italy 1922

5 Marches on Rome and Assumes Power http://www. youtube. com/watch

6 Il Dulce

7 Masculine Aspect of Fascism Play Mussolini youtube

8 Hitler Takes Control Germany 1933-1945
1933 Nazi’s Take Power – Burning of the Reichstag 1934 Enabling Act – complete authority Puts millions of Germans to work War on Jews 1935 Nuremberg Laws 1938 Crystal Night 1941 Final Solution

9 Hitler Defies the Treaty

10 Appeasement and the The Destruction of Versailles
1933 Germany starts militarization 1936 Marches on The Rhineland

11 Spanish Civil War 1931- 1939 Republicans- Liberals - Leftist
Nationalists – Fascists- Franco- Till 1975 Communist element destroys unity Attack on church politically fatal

12 Guernica :1936 Hitler and Mussolini aid Franco

13 Germany Annexes Austria

14 World Drifts Toward War
1930’s Japan steps-up Invasion of china play Racially Superior in Asia China = Raw Materials Rape of Nanjing USA-Japan Collide in the Pacific Hawaii Philippines

15 On The Road To War Many Germans in The Sudetenland- Hitler Moves to “protect German blood” And Lebensraum=Living Space

16 The Munich Conference 1938

17 Chamberlain “We have peace in our time”

18 Six Months Later Hitler rolls in his tanks to take most Czechoslovakia

19 Non Aggression Pact Hitler and Stalin agree not to go war if
Germany invades Poland

20 September Germany Invades Poland
The Blitzkrieg – Lighting War WWII Begins September 1st England and France declare war on Germany USA will not enter until Dec 8th 1941 Two and one half years after the war begins

21 Hitler “The Great War lord”
The Conquest of Poland Hitler, without a threat of the Soviet Union will attack Poland Stalin will get half of Poland

22 Japan Expands Their Empire

23 The Axis Powers By 1940 Japan, Italy and Germany were allied

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