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Understanding Personality Theories

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1 Understanding Personality Theories

2 Step 1 Follow the Personality WebQuest to complete the middle column of the comparison chart Click on hyperlinks to go to the various web pages. Scroll down to the Biography and Theory sections to find the information you need

3 Freud 1856-1939 Death Instincts Projection Oral Aggressive or Sadistic

4 Alfred Adler 1870-1926 Organic Source of Inferiority
Superiority Complex Avoiding Social Interest

5 Karen Horney 1885-1952 Basic Anxiety
Self-Protective Mechanism of Attaining Power Aggressive Personality Neurotic Needs for Power and Exploitation Need for a Dominant Partner What is womb envy??

6 Abraham Maslow 1908-1970 Deficiency Belongingness and Love Needs
Peak Experience Jonah Complex

7 Carl Rogers 1902-1987 Positive Regard Unconditional Positive Regard
Incongruence Fully Functioning Person

8 Step 2 For each of the following 5 dimensions of personality, describe what your score percentile was and what it means… Openness- Conscientiousness- Extraversion- Agreeableness- Neuroticism- Do you agree or disagree with any of the results? Explain… (For fun, if you have time) 1. What house do you belong to? 2. What personality traits do you possess? 3. Do you agree with the personality findings? Why?

9 Personality Analysis: Step 3
We will watch a video in class and analyze how each of the personality theories you have researched relate to the main character in the video.

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