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What do Dreams Mean???? Window to the unconscious vs. A simple biochemical reaction.

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1 What do Dreams Mean???? Window to the unconscious vs. A simple biochemical reaction

2 Warm-up HOT ROC- What is a dream that you vividly remember from your past? Pair Share & Discuss

3 Dream Lore Classical approaches to dream analysis Used by Freud in his Psychoanalyti c approach to psychology

4 Dream Lore Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, Muslims, & Assyrians: Saw dreams as messages from the supernatural beings or gods. Hindus dreams are prophetic, and the timing of the dream will indicate how soon the prophecy will come to pass Japanese dreams are sought as visions to help answer questions that are plaguing the waking self. Usually the answers come from ancestral spirits. Australian Aborigines The spirits from underground rise and wander in the land of the living, and when they pass through a mortal being, a "greater vision" is momentarily acquired… this would be what we call a dream North American Indians Hidden wishes of the soul are addressed and fulfilled in dreams. Visions can also be sought after in the hopes of answering a question or resolving a conflict.

5 Dream Lore Based on the aforementioned Dream Lore, think about your childhood dream and what the ancient people would say that it meant? Pair Share

6 Dream Terminology Dream censorship- the issues of a dream are omitted to hide the true meaning Symbolism- the manifestation of an object, idea, or feeling, in some "concrete" form that is in the dream. Condensation- taking large issues, or more than one issue, and representing it is a dream with only one image i.e. fearing your new girlfriend, missing your mother and personality fixations revolving around an oral fixation may be represented in a dream with just a baby with a pacifier Displacement- replacement of issues (conflicts) by something remote or nothing i.e. a big issue is only a small element of a dream, while a small issue seems to get all the attention

7 Dream Terminology Use the dream terminology to identify various components of your dream and what corresponding terms relate to them Pair Share

8 Freuds Dream Levels #1 Manifest The left over remnants of the day that the mind uses as a stage to hide the deeper issues of a dream #2 Latent (hidden) The unconscious conflicts that the dreamer is experiencing

9 Freuds Dream Interpretation Do not trouble yourself over the manifest's meaning Free associate Hidden thoughts will appear on their own, we can not rush them along

10 Freuds Dream Levels

11 Freuds Dream Generalities a house = the human form if the house is flat (no balconies or things coming off the house)- it is a man if the house has balconies, awnings, etc., then it is usually a women Kings/Queens, Emperors/Empresses = parents little animals/vermin = siblings water = birth journeys/travel = dying

12 Freuds Dream Generalities the #3, umbrellas, sticks, poles, trees, (things that penetrate) knives, daggers, lances, sabers, guns, pistols, revolvers, (things form which water flow) taps, water cans, springs (objects that get longer) balloons, slide rulers, (things that defy gravity) airplanes, and snakes, etc. Represents: the male sex organs pits, hallows, caves (things that hold things) jars, bottles, boxes, chests, coffers, pockets, cupboards, stoves, rooms, (things that hold other things) mouths, doors, gates, (things that represent breasts) apples, peaches fruits, and (others) woods, shrubs, bushes, etc. Represents: female sex organs dancing, riding, climbing, or experiencing some violent act Represents: Intercourse

13 Freuds Dream Generalities What would Freud say about the symbolism in your dream? Pair Share

14 Dream Recall Techniques You have to want to remember Reread over past dreams Be patient and do not force a memory Keep a journal

15 What do dreams REALLY mean?


17 Homework! Keep a dream journal for the next 4 days in which you write down every dream that you remember from the night before and what you think it means.

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