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Student NameDesk Number Allison, Connor28 Austin, Tricia8 Bialczak, Michael25 Bice, Cailin32 Carroll-Munoz, Mica31 Coish, Peter27 Gao, Shengyu10 Garcia,

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1 Student NameDesk Number Allison, Connor28 Austin, Tricia8 Bialczak, Michael25 Bice, Cailin32 Carroll-Munoz, Mica31 Coish, Peter27 Gao, Shengyu10 Garcia, Oscar9 Goode, Kalvin11 Greenberg, Jason29 Hosaka, Kiana23 Kaur, Mandeep12 Kwong, Sabrina21 Lum, Garrett18 McClellan, Loretta14 Menden, Craig17 Menjivar, David20 Molina, Janette3 Mueller, Mei16 Ohara, Morgan24 Padaong, Jasmin22 Palma Trujillo, Diego5 Recine, Carl19 Salehi, Aava15 Spickler, Nicholas26 Steiner, Peter30 Thomas, Mason1 Torres Madero, Silvia4 Tse, Brandon6 Valdivia, Jesus2 Winick, Stephanie7 Wu, Sally13 Please find your name and desk number as you come in. You will sit in that desk this week. Period 2

2 Student NameDesk Number Barreda, Auzuraya1 Bowling, Hannah19 Chang, Ken3 Coad, Kaitlin22 Dawson, Darren11 Giritharan, Vrindha2 Goke, Yuhki9 Ham, Aryssa7 Harrison, Parker16 James, Avery17 Jun, Jennifer8 Katin, Ben10 Kattemalvadi, Shireen26 MacDavid, Aric18 Martins, Giulia27 Massing, Katie30 Moceyunas, Sally12 Moise-Grodsky, Daniel 25 Ng, Rachel6 Pampeyan, Kristin28 Paulson, Hunter21 Quero, Karen Ann20 Scheier, Isabella29 Sillman, Jessica15 Walter, Thomas13 Yeh, Yvonne4 Zhao, Justin5 Please find your name and desk number as you come in. You will sit in that desk this week. Period 6

3 August 19 When you arrive at your desk write down the materials you will need for this class Next, Complete the Personal Definition paper on your desk. Please do not talk at this time. HW: Bring all Your materials, especially your Binder Notebook on Wednesday/Thursday A Binder Lined Paper A folder or pocket to keep papers Something to write with (pencils, pens) Glue Scissors Colored Pencils or pens 3 colors of Highlighters (optional) Have these Materials for Check off by Wednesday/Thursday!

4 Personal Definition- Sample: Mrs. Caramagno 1.Glossary Definition- Define yourself as if you were in a Dictionary I am a dedicated educator and devoted wife with a passion for teaching, a zest for life, and a great enthusiasm for dance, friends and food. Versions of the Word-Do you have a nick name? Write them here… Mrs. C. and Tangle-Foot Sophia 2. Examples- Give examples of who you are, what you like, what moves you, etc… My favorite movie is Strictly Ballroom. I love science fiction. My hobbies are designing and sewing clothes and costumes. I also make jewelry. I watched Korean Dramas all summer because I just love them! My favorite city is Paris and I speak some French. 3. Related Words- Write words that relate to you here (think of these as Blog tags for you!) Korea, Fashion, Costume, Steampunk, Tea, Neil Stephenson, DramaBeans, Red, Orange, Belly Dance, Ballroom Dance, Drawing, RPGs, Dr. Horribles Sing A Long Blog, Firefly, Joss Whedon, SCA, Renaissance Faire, Dickens Faire, Abney Park, Stanford, UC Davis, Sac State, UCLA 4. My Definition- How would you define yourself? Write that here. I am a Type A personality with lots of energy and very high expectations for myself and others. I love teaching. I am very creative and enjoy the company of others. Its good I talk for a living because I never stop talking. 5. Graphic- Draw a picture or symbol that represents you. Since I hit my 40s I like to dress in a 40s style! Sewing, Costumes, Dancing And anything from Korea are some Of my favorite things! My mom made that cake!

5 Quick! Name three things about me from my Personal Definition!

6 Share Out… Now that you have a personal definition, pair up with the person in the seat next to you and tell them about yourself. Make sure you start with your name! When you are listening to your partner, jot down their name and 2 or 3 things about them on the back of your half sheet so you can tell a little about them later. How to talk to your partner: LOOK at your partner LEAN toward your partner LISTEN to your partner LOWER your Voice when you speak to your partner.

7 World Studies Review Much of what we study in CWI is connected to things that happened in World Studies. I need to know how much you remember. Please take a moment to review the questions on this Bingo Card. How many do you know the answers to right now? Jot down some answers to all the ones you know. We will Play Bingo in a minute!

8 Bingo Rules Sign your name in the box of questions you can answer. You will be called on, so dont fake it. You can only sign a card one time. Get 5 in a row, a column, or a diagonal to call BINGO!

9 August 20 As you come in, please find your desk from last time. When you arrive at your desk write down the homework for this class Then, take out a half sheet of paper (you can share with a friend) and answer these questions: 1.What rules make you comfortable in a classroom? 2.What is the most inappropriate thing you have ever seen or heard about happening in a classroom? Please do not talk at this time. HW: Bring all Your materials, especially your Binder on Wed/Thurs Introductory Survey due Friday

10 Introductory Survey Please complete this survey by Friday. It will help me learn about you, what you like and how you learn. I will use this information to craft lessons that work for you. The more information you give me, the better I can do my job for you. Survey is on the main web page under Surveys. Here is the direct link: tory%20Survey/overview.aspx

11 Nothing: Rude Crude Lewd Nude Mrs. Caramagnos Rules

12 Rude- Being mean or showing disrespect Name some behaviors that are Rude:

13 Crude- Having to do with bodily functions Name some behaviors that are Crude:

14 Lewd- Having to do with reproduction Name some behaviors that are Lewd:

15 Nude- Being without clothes Explain:

16 Also, we follow some SCHOOL Policies in here as well: No food in class Water, Coffee and Tea are the only beverages allowed (we have a bug problem) Cell Phones should be OFF during class unless you have asked to use them. Ask to use any electronic device before you use it or it will be confiscated (calculators, cell phones, iPods, etc)

17 Do not bring your books to school. We have a class set. Your Books

18 You will only be graded on your own work. I will NEVER give you a group grade.

19 Extra Credit We no longer do extra credit. If you want to improve your grade, redo your assignments or retake tests you didnt do well on.

20 Bonus Points Use these to go to the bathroom or leave class to get something you have forgotten. If you run out of Bonus Points you can give me time after class. Please come and get a set of Bonus Points now… and put your name on them!

21 Getting Help My Phone/Text Number: 925.787.2591 My Web Page: My email: – – Office Hours: At lunch, before and after school and at Homework Club. Twitter Homework Feed: ClassCaramagno Facebook: Sophia Caramagno

22 Please get a 7 Learning Styles Assessment and a packet. Please do not talk at this time.August 21/22 HW: Online Survey must be completed by Friday Please get out your Binder and other materials for this class to be checked off.

23 Learning Styles There are 7 dominant ways that people learn. You may already know about them, but since peoples learning styles change during the teen years, we are going to take a survey to find out what your best learning styles are right now. This information is very helpful to have. It can tell you what you can do to be more successful at school and it can help you understand why some things are very hard for you, while other things are easy. This knowledge can also make you better at working with other people. If you understand how they communicate and process information, you will get along better. This makes your life easier.

24 The 7 Learning Styles AKA: Multiple Intelligences 1.Linguistic: Words! 2.Logical – Mathematical: Numbers and Logic 3.Musical: Music and rhythm 4.Body - Kinesthetic: Movement/ Hands On 5.Spatial – Visual: Pictures and Images 6.Interpersonal (Groups): Talking 7.Intrapersonal (Alone): Individual Contemplation

25 Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligences Survey: 1.Read the statement on the handout. 2.Decide how true it is for you: 1 = Mostly Disagree, 2 = Slightly Disagree, 3 = Slightly Agree, 4 = Mostly Agree 3.Mark your answer in the white box on your answer grid. 4.Add up the columns and record your totals. 5.Look at the totals and find out which ones have the highest score. The 1 or 2 Intelligences that have the highest scores are the main ways you learn. 6.Read the description of your learning style(s) on the handout. 7.Chart your answer on the graph on the back of the paper.

26 Get a 3X5 card Print your first name (that you want to be called) on the front of this card very big and very neat. Draw a border around your name in the color that matches your highest learning style. If you have a tie in the top 2, make a double border in two colors Mary Front Back- leave this blank

27 How should the following learners study to be the MOST successful at learning new information: –Linguistic –Logical - Mathematical –Musical –Body - Kinesthetic –Spatial - Visual –Interpersonal (Groups) –Intrapersonal (Alone) When we take notes in this class, we will be using different techniques that support the different learning styles. Sometimes these techniques will match your learning style and they will be really easy and helpful. Sometimes these techniques will be for a learning style you dont do well, and they will be difficult. In this case, do your best. When you do difficult things, you are growing your brain! Discuss the answer to this question with your partner. Write down your answers on your answer sheet so you are ready when I call on you. Remember: Look, Lean, Listen, Lower your Voice

28 Now share what you have learned about yourself… What happens when an Interpersonal learner and an Intrapersonal learner have to work together? What happens when a Linguistic person has to explain something to a Visual- Spatial person? What happens when a Kinesthetic learner has to take a long multiple choice test? Why would it be important to know this?

29 Thinking like an Historian How do we know what happened in the past?

30 Historians look at: Writings – Documents, fiction, stories, letters, reports, diaries, etc. Other Records – Film, photographs, video, drawings, etc. Artifacts – Things people made like clothes, furniture, tools, art, etc. – Thinks people changed, like terraces cut into the ground or dams put across a river.

31 Now you try it! In a minute I will give you a group and a collection of artifacts and documents. – These are all real things so please be gentle with them!* Using what you know about the world, people and history, see what you can guess about WWII from these items. Record your ideas and your thought process on a piece of paper. *ok, ok… they are all expensive accurate reproductions and replicas…

32 Bubble Notes- one strategy for recording your thinking… There is a US Navy Planes + ships = Aircraft carrier This Navy has an Air Station There must be planes So many people smoke Cigarettes they have to be rationed. Cigarettes are smoked Navy has a service department Navy is probably very big Organized like a business

33 Note: These items can be considered Together. – They are all from WWII in Great Britain You dont need to do ALL the items. Pick ones that interest you. Everyone needs to record their own ideas on their own paper about at least 1 item.

34 There is a US Navy Planes + ships = Aircraft carrier This Navy has an Air Station There must be planes So many people smoke Cigarettes they have to be rationed. Cigarettes are smoked Navy has a service department Navy is probably very big Organized like a business When you arent sure but its a good guess, put a question mark! ? ?

35 With your team… Pick your best one to share with the class!

36 Please get a Course Information Sheet and a set of scoring Rubrics for this class. Your On Line Survey is due today. Please make sure you have taken it and submitted it so you can get credit. Here is a direct link to the Survey: 0Survey/overview.aspx 0Survey/overview.aspx Please do not talk at this time.August 23 HW: No HW!

37 Class Information Sheet Read over the Course Information Sheet for this class. Pay close attention to the sections labeled: Assessments and Grading, Classroom Rules and Help. In pairs, looking at the three sections named above, underline those parts of the CIS that will help you be the most successful in this class. In other words….What do you need to know from those sections to be successful in this class? What does this document reveal about what I think is important? Sign your CIS when you are done. Share Out

38 Grading: Work Habits = 10% - Preparation (Daily on time homework completion) = 5% - Collaboration (citizenship and being prepared in class) = 5% Content and Skills- Revision is Encouraged: - Cornell Notes Skill Mastery (chapter notes): 10% - Critical Thinking: 20% - Academic Writing (essays and projects): 15% - Content Proficiency (assessments, including 7 total units): 45%

39 10% of your grade is based on turning things in on time and participating appropriately in class.

40 What does this really mean? You get points for having complete work on time. You only get one chance to get these points. You cannot make up these points. You get points for participating in discussions, activities and classwork. You get points for staying focused and on task. I use a rubric to score this. You cannot make up these points either.

41 Work Habits Rubric A: ADVANCED Preparation – brings completed assignment on time Collaboration – participates effectively in individual or collaborative activities and works well with peers and teacher (initiates, seeks clarification, propels conversation, builds on other students ideas, encourages other students) C: BASIC Preparation – brings partially complete assignment on time Collaboration – participates in individual or collaborative activities and works with peers and teacher, but is sometimes off task and/or needs additional prompting F: FAR BELOW BASIC Preparation – assignment is late, incomplete or missing Collaboration – even with prompting, does not participate effectively and/or does not work well with peers and teacher

42 Tell your partner: How do you get an A in Work Habits if the teacher asks you a question about the reading?

43 90% of the grade in this class is based on what you have shown me you have learned. This applies to both Content (like facts and vocabulary) and Skills (like writing and note taking) You get more than one chance to show me what you have learned and what you can do. You get to show me what you have learned and what you can do in more than one way.

44 What does that really mean? You can resubmit graded work for a better grade. – Not all work is graded. Some work is practice. You can only redo graded work, but this is also the only work that goes in the grade book. You can rewrite essays for a better grade, until the end of the semester. You can retake tests once, and you get the highest score of the two, even if it was on the first test.

45 Tell your partner: How many times can you rewrite an essay? How many times can you retake a test?

46 Critical Thinking Rubrics Graded assignments will be graded with rubrics. You will always know what you need to do to get an A, B, C and so on for any particular assignment. When an assignment doesnt have a specific rubric, it is graded with the Critical Thinking Rubric.

47 A: ADVANCED All proficient requirements PLUS any of the following independent of instruction as appropriate: explains alternative or opposing perspectives addressed in a counter-claim demonstrates the following skills: creating metaphors, creating analogies, generating inferences, analyzing errors, creating categories, valid predictions demonstrates sophistication in: including depth, complexity, connections to prior content B: PROFICIENT As appropriate: creates a reasonable and logical claim uses appropriate, historical evidence to support claim builds on or challenges other students ideas and/or perspectives demonstrates the following skills: compare and contrast, clarifying, analysis, questioning, categorizing, accurate interpretation of primary and secondary sources Tell your Partner: How are the A grade requirements different from the B grade requirements?

48 C: BASIC As appropriate: creates a general claim that is poorly formed some evidence is missing, poorly chosen or incomplete mostly demonstrates the skills listed in proficient with some problems D: BELOW BASIC As appropriate: incomplete claim incomplete evidence partially demonstrates the skills listed in proficient with many problems F: FAR BELOW BASIC fails to demonstrate requirements listed in proficient Tell Your Partner: What makes an answer C level work?

49 Anonymous Questions Please, take out a piece of paper and write an ANONYMOUS question or questions for me. What do you want to know? Do not put your name on this paper.

50 Classroom Scavenger Hunt Please find two people to be on your team. Come get a handout and put your names on it. Find the location of the items on your handout and write them in the space provided. There is a prize for the first team to finish with all the correct answers!

51 Ungraded CIS Quiz How well do you understand our class policies? Please do not talk at this time.August 26 HW: Please complete the World Studies Vocab Review puzzle (Pg 11C). I have uploaded the World Studies Glossary to the web page for you to use if you need it.

52 Ungraded CIS Quiz 1.Four ways to get in touch with Mrs. Caramagno are__________________________. 2.Cell Phone and iPods are allowed in class only ________________________________. 3.Some assignments receive two grades, an On Time Grade and a Skill Grade. T/F 4.Name three things you can redo for a better grade. 5.The lesson for what we do each day and all homework and downloads are located in which section of the web page? 6.What Attendance Policy does Ms. Caramagno follow? 7.If a student is absent what are three things they can do to get their work? 8. On Time Scores can be made up. T/F 9.The 4 class rules are: __________________________________________. 10. All school behavior policies apply to this classroom. T/F

53 1.(Any 4) Call her, e-mail her, come to her office hours, Facebook, text her, stop in at lunch. 2.Electronics are only allowed if you ask permission first. 3.True, you get two grades for some assignment. 4.(Any 3) You can redo homework, class work, tests, quizzes and writing assignments. 5.The Documents page for your class on Ms. Caramagnos web page 6.The Official School Attendance Policy 7.(Any 3) Absent students can call, text or e-mail Mrs. C, check the web page, check Facebook, Twitter or ask a friend. 8.F. Once lost, On Times scores cannot be made up, ever. 9.Class Rules: Nothing Rude, Crude, Lewd or Nude 10.True. All school behavior policies apply in the classroom including policies about dress code, food, cheating and phones. Please correct your own quiz and see how much you remember about these important policies…. Please double check for your name and period and turn these in to the Turn In Box.

54 Notebook Binders: You must have a binder for this class. You may share with another subject as long as you can bring your binder everyday. Notebook Organization is based on page numbers. I give these in class and they are posted at the end of every PPT

55 Notebook Set UpYou MUST use a binder Index- Continued 3A Index Page TitlePg. # Title Page 1A Index 2A – 3B CIS4A 2A Name Period Subject 1A 1B2B3B CIS 4A 4B Pages are numbered 1 A,B; 2 A,B and so on…. Name, Period and Subject Page 1A: Index Page 2A – 3B: CIS Page 4A: Learning Styles HandoutPage 5A Write neatly and be careful about labelling pages. As we add things to the notebook, continue to add to your Index.

56 Helpful Notebook Info:When I collect a Binder Pages: Label Pages as we go. Add to your Index as we go. A sides are ALWAYS on the right side of the Notebook. B sides are ALWAYS the back of the page. Go on to C and D if you need to, but keep the page number. Dont forget to number handouts as well as binder paper. A few days before I will give you a list of pages to be collected. Remove these pages from your binder but keep them in order. Put your name on EVERY page. Staple them together and turn them in as a packet. I will check that you have all the pages, but I will only grade one or two carefully. I will usually not tell you which assignments I am going to grade carefully. KEEP EVERYTHING!!!!!

57 Please add… Rubric Guide- 6A Directive Words- 7A Vocab Word Map- 8A Reading Like an Historian Chart- 9A Copies of these papers are in the Templates Folder

58 Growth Mindset I strongly believe I can be better in everything I do. Believe you can be better in all YOU do. Dont get discouraged if you dont get it the first time. Think about sports… practice, practice, practice!

59 Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset

60 Please get a Vocab Review Puzzle You may start this now. There will be a vocab quiz with some of these words later. This will be graded for On Time Credit.

61 Index so far…. Name, Period and Subject-Page 1A: Index- Page 2A – 3B: CIS- Page 4A: Learning Styles Handout- Page 5A Rubric Guide- Pg. 6A-D Directive Words- Pg 7A Vocab Word Map- Pg. 8A Personal Definition- Pg. 8B Reading Like an Historian Chart- 9A Vocab Review Puzzle- 11C

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