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The Populist Party Platform Develops. Problems facing American Farmers in the late 1800s…

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1 The Populist Party Platform Develops

2 Problems facing American Farmers in the late 1800s…

3 Overproduction  Due to: New and more land being developed New machinery that allowed farmers to farm more land, faster

4 Falling prices! …Falling prices!WHY? Supply and Demand! Supply and Demand! Overproduction led to…

5 Falling Prices for Farm Products  supply greater than demand  deflation – prices going down Activity: Calculate a farmer’s profit and loss as crop prices fluctuate

6 Falling prices led to lower incomes BUT…  Farming costs remained high  Mortgage payments stayed the same  Cycle of debt worsened  Interest rates for farmers went up

7 Outsiders caused problems for farmers as well  Middlemen were taking much of the profit  Railroads Had monopolies in certain areas Rebates (discounts) were offered to larger farmers

8 Also… the “money issue”  Money was ‘tight’  Gold Standard Scarcity of gold meant scarcity of money  Value of money went up

9 Page 404 in The Americans Gold Bugs Silverites Who They Were What They Wanted Why Effects

10 Quickwrite: Do think city dwellers would be gold bugs or silverites? Explain.

11 When laborers had problems…

12 When farmers had problems…


14 Farmers felt the rich ran the country  Wanted more democracy  Not more wealth, more commonwealth  Wanted to change the democratic system

15 Goals of Populists:  End farmer debt  Give people a greater voice in government  Expand power of Federal government

16 Platform of the Populists  Economic Reform: Increase supply of money Government loan program Progressive, or graduated, income tax Government control of RR and warehouse prices

17  Government Reform: Vote by secret ballot Election of Senators by popular vote Right to propose and vote directly on laws

18  Government Reform (cont…): Single term for president Referendum Recall Initiative Quickwrite: How would these government reforms give common people more power in government?

19  Labor Reform: 8-hour workday Immigration restrictions No government aid to corporations

20 Election of 1896  Who were the candidates?  Reading: A Voice for the Farmers  What were the results? How do they show the continued regionalism of the U.S.?


22  Most influential 3 rd party in U.S. political history  Government viewed as responsible for reforming social injustices  Almost all original Populist demands were eventually put into law  Led to the Progressive Movement

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