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Rise of Totalitarianim

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1 Rise of Totalitarianim

2 Please do not talk at this time May 4
HW: Complete your Totalitarian Chart using Chapter 14, Sec. 2 Opener: On a half sheet of paper to turn in… Remember Napoleon? Why did the French people turn to him with such enthusiasm after fighting so hard to get rid of their King? Name and explain at least 3 reasons.

3 Please do a Vocab Word map for…
Dictatorship- a country in which one person has absolute authority without the consent of the people Totalitarianism- absolute control of the government over all aspects of life Freedom- political independence, liberty

4 Do yours look like this?


6 Why would I put Freedom in this list? You had this word in September!

7 Stalin’s Totalitarian Government in Russia
Now look at the Pie chart on Totalitarianism on pg. 76A in your notebook Stalin’s Totalitarian Government in Russia Political Social Economic Which of these categories are Political? Social? Economic? On a piece of paper to be turned in, draw this chart. Then use Chapt. 14, Sec. 2 to fill it out.

8 On the back of your chart paper (76B)
Please do not talk at this time May 5 On the back of your chart paper (76B) People who experienced the Great Depression turned to these government types (much the same way France turned to Napoleon’s dictatorship after the French Revolution.) Why would they do that? Give specific examples to support your answer. Justify your reasoning!

9 On pg. 77A In your notebook answer this question: Use a dictionary if you need to.
What does the word Vision mean? How many different definitions do you know? You may use a class dictionary if you want to. When we say someone has a Vision about how something should be done, what do we mean?

10 Stalin’s Vision Stalin’s Vision- Stalin did terrible things during his time in power, but he felt he needed to be harsh to get Russia to become a great country. He had a vision. With a partner, look at the drawing and the information on Stalin’s Economic Vision. Then answer these questions on a piece of paper to turn in. 1. What did Stalin’s Economic Vision cover? What did he expect to accomplish? 2. How would the Vision help Russia? 3. What conflicts would Stalin’s plan cause? With a partner, read the story of John Scott in the Russian Industrial city of Magnitogorsk. Answer this question: Who was John Scott and why did he want to go to Magnitogorsk?

11 This People’s Century Video
As you watch the video, fill out the handout on the Stalin’s Vision Vs. Reality in Russia (imbedded video counter 7:40)

12 Living Conditions (includes education, role of women, etc...)
Working Conditions Industrial Production Influence of the Communist Party Stalin’s Vision (How it was supposed to be) Reality in Russia (pink sheet)

13 Please do not talk at this time May 6/7
Get out your notes on Stalin’s Vision… What did Stalin promise the Russian People? Finish Video and video notes

14 Now, get in a group of 4 (2 pairs together).
A. Give each person in the group one of the colored sheets. Each color is a different topic relating to the city of Magnitogorsk. Take Notes on your chart paper. Read your colored paper carefully and pick out 5 – 10 things that you think are the most important in your paper. When you are done with the colored sheet, get a PINK sheet. This has information about what life in Russia was REALLY like. Help your group gather all this information also. Record both what was Supposed to happen AND what Actually happened. You will use these on your next assignment! Once you have your info, share it with your team and get info from them until your chart is all filled out!

15 Stalin’s Vision Assignment: Create a visual image (you can draw it or compose an image from different pictures you get online in a collage) that answers this question: How was Stalin’s Vision different from the reality of life in Russia. Use specific examples to support your answer. What you need to know: What was Stalin’s Vision? What was the reality of Life In Russia? How are these two things different? On the back of your Visual, explain in a clear paragraph, how your image shows both Stalin’s Vision and the Reality of life in Russia.




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