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I. B. a. 2. A. 1. 2. C. 1. a. i. First, Copy this bubble graph to Outline model onto page 11A in your notebook. (11A might be the first right hand page.

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2 I. B. a. 2. A. 1. 2. C. 1. a. i. First, Copy this bubble graph to Outline model onto page 11A in your notebook. (11A might be the first right hand page after 10C. It will NOT be the back of 10C.) Please do not talk at this timeFeb. 9 HW:Chapter 16, Sec. 5 Due Tuesday Test 2/13, Notebook 2/13, Outline 2/12 Notice: The farther away from the central circle the smaller the number symbol…. I.Main Idea A.Detail 1.Specific a. even more specific B.Different Detail

3 High Academic scores at West Point Rebuilt Japan and helped them write a new constitution Started reforms in Japan Land reform Political Reform Intelligent Secured Votes for women Still on 11A, using the Bubble Graph to Outline Model, turn this bubble graph into an outline. Still use Constitution today

4 Does yours look like this: I. MacArthur was very intelligent A. He earned some of the highest academic scores ever recorded at West Point Academy. B. He rebuilt Japan and helped write their constitution. 1. The Japanese still use this Constitution today. 2. He started important reforms. a. He secured voting writes for women in the new democracy. b. He started land reform. c. He started political reforms. C. Explanation... Great! You only have one more piece to add... the Explanation. This piece is Vital in any essay outline or essay. This is where you say HOW your evidence proves your claim. Our Claim is that MacArthur was intelligent. Our evidence is below that. Now say how the evidence proves he was intelligent.

5 Notes Title: War in the Pacific Headings, key words, vocabulary Questions: Notes, charts, drawings, lists, graphic organizers, definitions, etc… Answers! Summary: Top 5 pieces of Info for this page of notes And now... More notes!Pleas e set up your notes like this. Use the back of your Eastern Front Notes


7 Pearl Harbor Attacked - Dec. 7, 1941 A date which will live in infamy! Japan wanted the natural resources like tin, iron and gasoline that the Americans had stopped selling them when the USA found out about what was happening in China. Japan saw American neutrality as a sign of weakness. They believed America would give up right away if attacked brutally enough.

8 Pearl Harbor from the Cockpit of a Japanese Pilot


10 USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor The only American ships to survive the attack untouched were lost in the Pacific Ocean trying to find Hawaii. Japan had reason to think the Americans could be intimidated into staying out of the War. Americans were not known for their great military prowess. Most people thought they chose not to fight because they werent any good at it.

11 President Roosevelt Signs the US Declaration of War Why were the Japanese so surprised that the USA declared war on them?

12 Japan had already captured large sections of China and South Asia before WWII started but Japan needed the resources of the Dutch East Indies and geographic access of the American controlled Philippines. Japans strategy called for simultaneous attacks on Malaya, Thailand, American- held Guam and Wake, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and Hawaii. When the USA joined WWII, the areas in red were under the control of American enemies, the Axis Powers. Americans werent very ready for such a massive undertaking.

13 Please do not talk at this timeFeb 10 Please take out your World Leader Outline Assignment and look it over. World Leader Outline FAQ- can you answer these? What exactly will you need to include in your assignment? How will you choose your Criteria? What will you use as evidence? Where will you get that information? Does it need to be in complete sentences? Does it need to be typed? Can you prove your leader is NOT a good leader?

14 Step 1:Thesis/Claim: Sample thesis/claim…Use this one or make your own… ________________ was/was not a great leader. He had/did not have the following important leadership qualities:_______, _______ and _________. Step 2:I. Quality 1:___________________ A. Evidence he had/ did not have quality 1 1. Specific detail B. Explanation of how Evidence proves he had/did not have quality 1 Step 3:II.Quality 2 A. Evidence he had/ did not have quality 2 1. Specific detail B. Explanation of how Evidence proves he had/did not have quality 2 Step 4:III.Quality 3 A. Evidence he had/ did not have quality 3 1. Specific detail B. Explanation of how Evidence proves he had/did not have quality 3



17 Back to Pacific War Notes!

18 Comparing Naval Power WarshipsU.S. FleetJapanese Fleet Battleships810 Carriers311 Cruisers2440 Destroyers90112 Submarines5663

19 Why are the Japanese so determined to control all of South Asia? Take a look at your Axis Aggression map to see how fast Japan gobbled up land in South Asia.

20 Japans Offensive Pays Off While the USA mobilizes for war and Britain is pinned down at home Singapore Surrenders [February, 1942]

21 Why would Singapore be a valuable location to control?

22 Little Known Fact: General MacArthur, famed WWII war hero snuck out of the besieged fox hole the Americans and their allies had retreated to, and abandoned his men, giving the following order to his starving troops: "I am utterly opposed under any circumstances or conditions to the ultimate capitulation of this command (i.e. the Philippines). If food fails, you will prepare and execute an attack upon the enemy". Unprepared for the overwhelming Japanese attack, the U.S. Surrenders at Corregidor, the Philippines [March, 1942]

23 Bataan Death March : April, 1942 76,000 prisoners marched 60 miles in the blazing heat to POW camps in the Philippines. Only 54,000 reached the camp. The rest were beaten to death, shot or died of dehydration. More Japanese Atrocities… Japanese believed it was shameful to surrender when you could die fighting. They punished those they captured quite cruelly.


25 The Burma Campaign The Burma Road Not ideal for Tanks. General Stilwell Leaving Burma, 1942 Brutal jungle fighting under constant aerial combat.



28 Japanese Kamikaze Planes: The Scourge of the South Pacific Kamikaze Pilots Suicide Bombers Death before dishonor. Death before surrender. Death before defeat. What is the connection between the Kamikaze pilots, Japans views on surrender and Japans access to resources? Japanese Moto:

29 Allied Counter-Offensive:Island-Hopping Take only the lightly defended islands and skip the rest. Japan still has to spend soldiers and supplies on the others. Test Question Alert!

30 Turning Point in the Pacific The Battle of Midway was fought over and near the tiny U.S. mid-Pacific base at Midway atoll (island). (June 1942) Prior to this action, Japan had more ships than the United States and could usually choose where and when to attack. After Midway, the two opposing fleets were essentially equals, and the United States soon took the offensive. With the battle of Midway, the US stops the Japanese expansion. From here the Japanese lose territory until the end of the war. Battle of Midway Island: Battle of Midway Island: June 4-6, 1942

31 What strategic advantage is there to stopping the Japanese at Midway?

32 Battle of Guadalcanal August 7, 1942, and February 7, 1943 Stopped the Japanese from getting the resources of Australia

33 Gen. MacArthur Returns to the Philippines! [1944]


35 US Marines on Mt. Surbachi, Iwo Jima [Feb. 19, 1945] Iwo Jima is striking distance from Japan. Americans can easily fly bombing missions to Japans civilian centers from here. What advantage would attacking Japanese civilians give the Americans? Think strategically and emotionally.

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