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Please do not talk at this time Jan 26

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1 Please do not talk at this time Jan 26
Please get out your homework from last night on Imperialism and take 5 minutes to review your information. Now look more carefully at the Reasons Europeans began imperialism. Which reason had the greatest impact on European success? In other words, which of the 5 reasons made Europeans the most successful? Give me one sentence explaining your answer.

2 Imperial Motives Motive- The reason that someone does something
Read the description of each motive on your handout. Each motive represents one of the reasons European participated in Imperialism. For each motive, design a simple symbol that represents that motive. Example: $ for Economic Motives for Ideological Motives

3 Imperial Motives Activity
You and a partner will be looking at several primary sources on Imperialism. For each source, fill in the boxes of your chart. Placard Letter Motive(s) Reason for Motive + for who? How? - for who? How? Put the letter from the upper right hand corner here Put the symbol for the motive that applies here. You may have more than one. Give reasons for why you chose this motive Explain who is benefiting from what is going on in the picture. Explain who is harmed by what is going on in the picture.

4 Example Placard Letter Motive(s) Reason for Motive + for who? How?
$ This picture shows Africans digging in a diamond mine and making the white overseers rich on diamonds. These are economic pursuits. Overseers and white mine owners get rich on cheap African labor and diamonds. Africans work in terrible conditions and make very little. No thought to their safety or dignity (whipping going on)

5 Justify Give solid, specific reasons to prove that decisions, actions, or conclusions are right or just. You must include a Moral component. How is the decision, action or conclusion Morally right? If it is essentially Wrong, it is not justified.

6 Understanding Justify…
Raise your hand if you understand why Al Qaida attacked the World Trade Center. Keep your hand up if you believe it was Right for Al Qaida to attack the World Trade Center.

7 Please do get in your pairs from yesterday Jan 27
HW: Rank the 5 motives of Imperialism from most Justified to least justified. Provide a sentence of explanation for each. Continue looking at placards on Imperial Motives and filling out your charts. Remember, almost every placard has more than one Motive in it. Did you find more than one?

8 Pg. 57A: To what Extent/Degree
To What Extent/Degree- this phrase is asking you to show the percentage something is related to something else. For example: To what degree is Lost a good TV show? It Sucks Its OK Its Great! 0% 50% 100% You decide, according to your own criteria for a great TV show, where Lost falls on the line. You explain your criteria and how Lost meets it or does not meet it to explain your placement.

9 Lets Practice! Move yourself along the line from Not At All (0%) to Very Much (100%) and explain why you placed yourself there? To what extent is President Obama popular? To what extent is Twilight the movie an accurate portrayal of Twilight the book? To what degree is Social Darwinism based on hard scientific fact? To what degree was the Industrial Revolution a Success?

10 Now do it with Imperial Motives
On Pg 57B draw a line like this: Not Justified Very Justified Where would you place each of the 5 Motives? Use the cards to put the motives down on the line. Decide why you placed each one where you did. Share out with the class….

11 Homework Consider the 5 motives for Imperialism.
Now rank them from Most Justified (1) to Least Justified (5) After each motive, explain WHY you ranked it as you did in one sentence. Use concepts of right and wrong in your answer. Use what you know about who was helped and who was harmed by each motive to help you rank them.

12 Please do not talk at this time Jan 28/29
HW: Posters due Friday Chapter 11, Sec. 2 Handout. Due Friday New Word! Subjugation- to make a subject (not a citizen) out of someone, to require someone to follow laws or orders without giving them rights or independence. Please open your book to pg 346 and read the two charts: Types of Imperialism and Management Styles. Now on the back of your handout answer the following: To what extent (how much) did each Type of Imperialism subjugate the native peoples of the world? Rank them on the line graph below, but please explain your answer under that. Legal Slavery (90%) Second Class Citizens (10%)

13 Imperialism Around the World Jig-Saw
You and your group will create a poster about the key information on imperialism in a particular region of the world. Each poster will feature the most important and significant information, people, events and outcomes of Imperialism in that area. Posters will also have 3 Below the Surface (How/Why) questions to help students Analyze information on the poster. On Friday, Students will visit each poster and get information on Imperialism in that region of the world.

14 Grading Posters Posters will be given a single group grade.
Posters should be made by the group together. Groups may expel a non working member after talking to me about it. Posters will be graded on: Accuracy Completeness Followed Directions Easy to Read Neat and with clear, large letters and drawings. Posters Must be done by Friday

15 Work Time While you work, I will be talking to individual students about selecting classes for next year.

16 Please do not talk at this time Jan 30
No Homework Look at your homework for last night. Then answer these questions on Pg. 58 A. African Resistance What do you feel was the single greatest disadvantage African people’s faced in defending themselves against the invading Europeans? How did the idea of Social Darwinism help the Europeans be successful in Africa? When you are done, make sure your names are on the FRONT of you poster.

17 Put up finished posters
As you go from poster to poster, take notes on your handout. Make sure you record the name of the region you are looking at and answer the Below the Surface Questions.

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