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Alcohol X% = 2X Proof 2X Proof = X% 60 Proof = 30%

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1 Alcohol X% = 2X Proof 2X Proof = X% 60 Proof = 30%

2 Factors in Alcohols Effects Type of drink Amount of Alcohol Consumed Time Between Drinks Sex & Body Weight Empty or Full Stomach Mental/Emotional State Previous Experience with Alcohol

3 Effects of alcohol Short Term Effects Impaired vision Impaired hearing Impaired coordination Altered perceptions & emotions Poor judgment Bad breath Increased consumption Judgment & coordination are impaired. Blood vessels dilate. Lining of the mouth, throat, & stomach are irritated. Output of gastric secretions increases. Fluid in body cells is dehydrated. Body temperature decreases. Acute hepatitis (inflamed liver). Hangovers may last up to 24 hours.

4 The 3 Stages of Alcoholism 1. Warning Stage Increased tolerance Drinks to escape stress Preoccupation with drinking Embarrassing behavior Drinks secretly Blackout Drinks and Drives 2. Crucial Stage Loss of control over consumption Guilty feelings about drinking Rationalization of drinking Promises to stop but doesnt May still hold down job or continue in school

5 The 3 Stages of Alcoholism 3. Chronic Stage Total dependence on alcohol Periods of constant drinking Cant stop after 1 drink Health consequences intensify Drinking to prevent withdrawal Drinking may continue for days Delirium tremens (DTs) Death in about 10% of cases

6 Long-Term Chronic Use Vitamin deficiencies Stomach ulcers Liver damage, such as cirrhosis Digestion problems Broken blood vessels Damage of the mouth, esophagus & stomach Impaired heart muscle function Memory loss Alcoholic psychosis (brain damage)

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