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Achievements in VOQL WG May 20, 2005 Masatoshi Ohishi.

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1 Achievements in VOQL WG May 20, 2005 Masatoshi Ohishi

2 VOQL sessions May 16 14:00-17:30 May 17 09:00-12:30 Joint session with DAL @ Room I

3 First Products of VOQL WG Agreed to raise ADQL/SkyNode specs to PR1.0 –ADQL 0.91 : ADQL 0.7.4 + minor upgrades –SkyNode 0.91 : in line with ADQL 0.91 –Found no serious problems in the current specs –More than two reference implementations exist

4 Issues in future versions X-matcher –algorithm, spatial res., positional errors –part of SkyNode spec or an independent spec ? Core/extension of specs (ADQL, STC,,,) –with DM & Registry –meta data on version #, core/ext Column names – utype ? Fix name space

5 ADQL / DAL integration Experimental implementation by JVO Doesnt affect SIAP/SSAP specs VOQL WG generate framework of WD ADQL/SkyNode 1.x (x>0) DAL WG develops PR SSAP in October InterOp, and VOQL WG incorporates SIAP/SSAP to ADQL 1.x

6 Roadmap 05-06 May 16-20 2005 Interop Kyoto JunePrepare PR documents Jul (-- Aug ?)RFC AugVote by the Exec Rec ADQL & SkyNode ------------ future version ------- Sept 2005First WD ADQL1.x –Integration of ADQL and DAL (with DAL) –X-Matcher (with DM/DAL) –Inclusion of simulated data access ? (with theory IG) Oct 2005 ADASS + IVOA InterOp Madrid, Spain –Discussion on the draft, and revise the WD Jan 2006NVO demos ? Spring 2006reference implementation ? May 2006InterOp WS in Canada Aug 2006 IAU Prague : VO Special Session Autumn 2006InterOp WS in Russia –To PR ????

7 I appreciate all participants to the VOQL sessions !!

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