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VOStat and VOPlot Tushar Agrawal Virtual Observatory India.

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1 VOStat and VOPlot Tushar Agrawal Virtual Observatory India

2 2/6/2014Virtual Observatory India2 VOStat What's New? New interface. A three step process. choose test load data specify inputs and get the results Addition of new statistical tests. Improved output graphs quality. Other enhancements.

3 2/6/2014Virtual Observatory India3 New Interface

4 2/6/2014Virtual Observatory India4 New Interface Launcher panel tests classified into only 3 categories instead of 9 highlights option to load the input dataset. clicking on a Load Dataset button reveals input parameters for the selected test.

5 2/6/2014Virtual Observatory India5 New Interface Launcher panel order of selecting test and loading of data is interchangeable. test input contains output plot formats, option for number of plots per page, etc.

6 2/6/2014Virtual Observatory India6 New Interface Revamped tests output displaying data results in well formatted tables. output images supports the thumbnail view. toolbar consists of a set of buttons to save R code, save plots, save test output etc.

7 2/6/2014Virtual Observatory India7 VOPlot Enhancements

8 2/6/2014Virtual Observatory India8 Enhancements multi grid plots each individual window and every plot is independent. plotting from 1x1 to 3x3 plots.

9 2/6/2014Virtual Observatory India9 Enhancements projection plot optional feature of labeling Lat-Long has been provided.

10 2/6/2014Virtual Observatory India10 Enhancements histogram cumulative histogram added as a new and default type.

11 2/6/2014Virtual Observatory India11 Enhancements Some more showing the data in paginated view which facilitates easy navigation. showing meta data instantly whereas the actual loading happens in background.

12 2/6/2014Virtual Observatory India12 THANK YOU

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