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Curriculum and Instruction

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1 Curriculum and Instruction
Chapter 14 Curriculum and Instruction

2 Subject-Centered Curricula
Subject-Area Approach Perennialist and Essentialist Approaches Back-to-Basics Approach Core Approach Core curriculum (block scheduling) approach: progressive New core curriculum (core subjects) approach: essentialist

3 Student-Centered Curricula
Emphasis on student needs Activity-centered approaches Constructivism Relevant curriculum Humanistic approach Alternative or free schools programs Character education (values-centered curriculum)

4 Key Figures in Curriculum
Subject-centered William Harris Robert Hutchins Mortimer Adler Ernest Boyer John Goodlad Theodore Sizer Student-centered Jean Jacques Rousseau John Dewey William Kilpatrick Abraham Maslow Carl Rogers Jonathan Kozol Nel Noddings

5 Influences on Curriculum Development
National policies State standards, curriculum guides, and state-wide testing School district personnel Teachers, parents, administrators, and students College admission standards Textbooks Calls for censorship

6 Key Instructional Approaches
Individualized Instruction Cooperative Learning Mastery Instruction Critical Thinking Computerized Instruction Video and Satellite Systems Distance Education

7 Emerging Curriculum Trends
Lifelong Learning Restoration of Geography National Curriculum Standards International Education Health and Fitness Technology Education Immigrant Education

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