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RFMs (Request for modification) of the List of UCD-words.

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1 RFMs (Request for modification) of the List of UCD-words

2 RFMs: Deletion: The UCD word is to be removed from the list of standard UCDs. Approval of a deletion request should include a statement of what UCD would be used in place of the original UCD. Amendment: The description of the UCD and/or its syntactic role (primary, secondary, etc.) and/or its spelling is to be corrected. A request to better clarify the description of an UCD word that is considered too short or cryptic or ambiguous, and/or to change the syntactic role of the UCD word, is called clarification. Addition: A new UCD word is to be added. In addition to the general description, there needs to be an indication of the syntactic role, which determines how this word can be combined with other words

3 RFM: procedure SciBoard: 2-week evaluation WG: new version of the list open to discussion, PR InterOp: 4-week RFC PR to Rec Shorter loop for clarifications

4 List of RFMs: Collection, over the past few month, of suggestions to modify/add (mainly add) the present standard list of ucd-words. RFM for clarification: the semantic definition for all of the UCD words consists of an incomplete sentence...... to avoid misinterpretations, include richer semantic definitions as part of the document itself

5 RFM-additions/amendments: New branch: comp.sim| simulations S | phys.cosmology | cosmology Q | | matter/energy density of universe Q | phys.cosmology.hubble | hubble constant Q | phys.cosmology.sigma8 | Normalisation of matter power-spectrum S | phys.matter.dark | dark matter tag S | phys.matter.baryon | baryonic matter tag S | phys.DarkEnergy | dark energy tag

6 S || indicating that a quantity (e.g. flux) is background subtracted rather than total Q | phys.atmol | suppress Q | phys.atmol.element | phys.species.element S | phys.atmol.excitation | phys.species.excitation Q | phys.atmol.ion | phys.species.ion S | phys.atmol.ionization | phys.species.ionization Q | | phys.species.atomicNumber Q | | phys.species.weight Q | | phys.state.qn Q | | phys.state.qn.I (suppress)

7 Q | phys.atmol.branchingRatio | phys.transition.branchingRatio S | phys.atmol.coll | phys.transition.collision Q | phys.atmol.crossSection | phys.transition.crossSection Q | phys.atmol.lineShift | phys.transition.lineShift (? =>spect....) S | phys.atmol.trans | phys.transition (?) Q | | phys.transition.collStrength Q | | phys.transition.damping (no) | phys.damping | generic damping Q | | phys.transition.Lande factor Q | | phys.transition.oscStrength Q | | phys.transition.radiationType Q | | phys.state.term Q | | phys.transition.prob Q | | phys.transition.wOscStrength Q | phys.atmol.parity | phys.state.parity Q | phys.atmol.sweight | phys.state.sweight Q | phys.atmol.configuration | phys.state.configuration Q | | Q | phys.atmol.initial | phys.state.initial S | phys.atmol.level | phys.state.level Q | phys.atmol.lifetime | phys.state.lifetime

8 S | obs.proposal | observation and proposal Q | obs.cycle | This defines a proposal cycle Q | time.release | The time data is available to the public Q | time.processing | A time associated with the processing of the data for an observation Q | obs.status | The status of an observation => meta.code or meta.code.status ? Q | time.creation| Creation date (of dataset, file, catalogue,...) S | em.FIR| Far-Infrared S | em.MIR| Medium-Infrared S | em.NIR| Near-Infrared S | em.FUV| Far-UV

9 New branch: weather.*weather phenomena obs.calib.flat*sky/dome flat observations src.calibcalibration source src.calib.guideStarguide star phys.particle.* phot.flux.perFreq phot.flux.perWave phot.flux.perEnergy phot.flux.perWavenumber phot.flux.perDecade phot.intensity.perFreq phot.intensity.perWave phot.intensity.perEnergy phot.intensity.perWavenumber phot.intensity.perDecade

10 Q | em.wl.bin Q | em.freq.bin Q | channel / instrumental spectral bin (wl, freq, energy): size of S | phot.uncalibphotometric uncalibrated measurement Q | stat.fillingfilling factor Q | meta.emailcuration/contact e-mail ….

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