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A Tool to Explore Your Sources Roy Williams Caltech

2 Start with your sources (currently <1000)
Multiple named sky positions Simple text (RA,Dec,ID) Text wizard (NVO table importer, today 17.10) VOTable of positions (local or url) Push positions from NVO portal

3 Getting Data about your sources

4 Skyview cutouts in many wavelengths
Cen 840 MHz hover mouse to enlarge

5 Skyview cutouts in many wavelengths
Abell clusters in optical and X-ray

6 Spectra from VO SSAP services
Hover mouse on thumbnail to see larger image Spectral Collections from JHU brokered by NRAO: Arecibo Maser Catalog 2dFGRS SDSS DR5

7 Getting Data about your sources
Proximity search

8 Multicone radius Proximity Search = user-supplied sources + radius
returns VOTable radius

9 VIM tables structure Multiple matches per source
Can join to sources (outer or nearest) RA Dec ID sources Cat1 Cat2

10 Shakbazian galaxy groups
prox search in Simbad

11 Table column metadata NED metadata


13 Choose which columns to display
Compute new columns, eg joint IR-optical colors

14 Visualization by download & use Topcat

15 Architecture Vim All the relevant information about your sources
-- mashups from the VO -- kept for you in persistent storage -- view, mine, download Registry Inventory NVO portal Catalogs (cone) Images (Skyview) Spectra (SSAP) upload sources browser Vim HTML + AJAX python api personal persistent storage

16 Auto-script: Clicking builds script Can edit script and rerun

17 Vim auto-scripting # got some sdss sources from Vizier, a 12 minute radius with rmag<21 # about 773 sources found, open(‘mysources.votable').read()) # run 2mass prox search at 2 arc seconds, survey='2MASS-PSC', sr= , tablename='_2mass', verb='1', maxthreads='10') # merge with the sdss, tablename='_2mass', match='best') # select rows with non-null j magnitude (i.e. thos in 2mass) # we get abouyt 148 remaining, tablename='sources', criterion='! NULL__2mass_j_m') # compute 2mass-J - SDSS-r, tablename='sources', colname='JminusR', expression='_2mass_j_m - rmag') # compute 2mass-H - SDSS-z, tablename='sources', colname='Hminusz', expression='_2mass_h_m - zmag') # then download sources.votable from Utility/ViewAllFiles, and plot with topcat

18 WebServer or Laptop install Scalable
VIM Features WebServer or Laptop install Pure python webserver (CherryPy) Scalable Auto-script, edit, rerun paradigm Powered by Stilts (2,000,000,000 rows !) Simple sharing Share your workbench by ing a URL Can write-protect with password

19 Content Display VIM Features
Any cone search (all 1000’s in VOregistry) Cutouts from Skyview NVO Inventory services Spectra via SSAP (from NRAO) Thumbnails and images and FITS Display Column selection, Row sort/select Images small-hover-large Tools and metadata choice AJAX progress for data fetching …but not Safari :-(

20 NVO Portal: Using the registry to get catalogs

21 NVO Portal: Finding catalogs by spatial correlation

22 NVO Portal: Inventory service my sources (1000’s of catalogs ingested)
Catalog A: Perfect correlation Catalog B: Weak correlation my sources Catalog C: No correlation (1000’s of catalogs ingested)

23 Questions?

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