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Memory Walk 2012 Raising awareness about dementia Tatiana Nunes, Alzheimer Portugal

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1 Memory Walk 2012 Raising awareness about dementia Tatiana Nunes, Alzheimer Portugal

2 Since 1988, Alzheimer Portugal is the only organization in Portugal, nationwide, specifically established to promote the quality of life of people with dementia and their families and caregivers. Alzheimer Portugal Association

3 Services provided Alzheimer Portugal Association DaycareHome SupportSocial SupportPsychology ServiceMedical VisitsInformationTraining

4 More than 8000 associated 4 branches across the country 2 day care centers for people with dementia The first nursing home, to be launched in 2012 9500 Customers3392 Trainees 103 419 visits to the Web Site 10 000 fans on Facebook 50 573 followers on the facebook cause 27 000 Magazines 63 electronic newsletters sent to 5000 people Alzheimer Portugal Association

5 Alzheimer Portugal actively participates in European and global campaigns trying to gather and disseminate the latest knowledge about Alzheimer's Disease, promoting research and the investigation of its causes, effects, prevention and treatment. Alzheimer Portugal Association

6 In Portugal there are more than 100,000 people with Alzheimer's disease. A National Dementia Plan or Strategy does not yet exist in Portugal. Civil Society is not sufficiently aware of the problem dementia poses. Alzheimers Disease in Portugal

7 The Idea Alzheimer Portugal decided to introduce the American event "Memory Walk", by Alzheimer Associations in our country, in order to increase awareness on dementia. Memory Walk

8 Main objectives Raise awareness among the community, policy makers and media about the problem of dementia in Portugal; Bring together people with the same problems. Fundraising Memory Walk

9 The first Memory Walk in Portugal The first Memory Walk in Portugal took place on 18th September 2011, in Lisbon. Memory Walk 2011 Hundreds of people walked 6 km for dementia.

10 23rd September 2012 Memory Walk 2012 will take place on the 23rd September 2012 at the Caxias Bay, in Lisbon, within the framework of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. Memory Walk 2012

11 23th September 2012 Memory Walk 2012 6 km walking brain gym exercises physical exercise classes blood pressure screenings cholesterol and glucose medical analysis information on dementia

12 Resources Memory Walk 2012 will be possible thanks to the support of the Municipality of Oeiras, which will provide all the logistical support such as security, first aid support, stage, tent, placards, sound system and water. Also very important is the support given by volunteers (as they will act as guides for the walk), Alzheimers Portugal staff and by sponsors. Memory Walk

13 Main messages Memory Walk 2012 Reduce the risk of developing dementia Keep your brain active Eat healthily Be physically active Take care of your health Participate in social activities The importance of early Diagnosis Recognize early signs and symptoms of dementia


15 Fernanda Carrapatoso Tatiana Nunes Carla Ribeiro Filipe Leão

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