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Workshops on Active Ageing Policy -in the framework of the VI European Patients Rights Day- 1°: Ageing empowerment on policies (facilitator Mr de Graaf)

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2 Workshops on Active Ageing Policy -in the framework of the VI European Patients Rights Day- 1°: Ageing empowerment on policies (facilitator Mr de Graaf) The public policies for the active involvement of ageing citizens in health policy and in the health care structures. 2°: Ageing empowerment on communities (facilitator Mr Chircop) The involvement of ageing citizens in the community and civic organizations dealing with health. 3°: Individual empowerment (facilitator Ms Coulson) The initiatives aimed at empowering ageing patients and involving them in managing their diseases.

3 Workshops aims 1.Facilitate a discussion on Active Ageing policies 2.Share ideas on Active Ageing policies 3.Create recommendations to involve ageing citizens in health policies, to contribute to the empowerment and active participation of ageing citizens, to encourage a favourable civic environment for the development of active ageing citizens participation.

4 Structure of the recommendation first part : Who is to take action? (e.g. The EU should…, national governments should…, local authorities should…, Civic organizations should…) second part: What are the objectives? (e.g. stabilize the European economy…, ensure universality of older people rights…, increase dialogue between institutions and ageing citizens…, acknowledge of the elderly population…) third part: What should be done in order to achieve the objectives? (e.g. giving more financial support…, identifying policies guidelines and resources, organizing dedicated public debates or round tables…) e.g. National governments should ensure universality of older people rights by identifying policies, guidelines and resources to reduce social exclusion. The recommendations should be concrete and should not be longer than 50 words.

5 Workshops methodology 15.30 18.00 Coordinator introduction Development of concerns Development of ideas Creation of summarising headlines of a group of idead Drafting of recommendations

6 Adoption of Recommendations Each participant will be asked to take a concrete commitment to implement 1 or 2 recommendations or to identify a better subject to do that. Participants are free: to find the more suitable way to implement the recommendation chosen (ordinary activities, symbolic actions, monitoring, training, round tables, lobbying etc.) to develop the recommendation by involving other subjects (associations, university, local institutions etc.) The impact of the action related to your commitment should be mesurable

7 Follow up Each 3 months we will send a brief questionnaire to follow your achievements on the recommendations implementation (September 2012, December 2012, March 2013): How many recommendations have you adopted? Which one? Who is committed in this activity (only your organizations, you delegate another organization, your organization in collaboration with anotherone…)? Which actions have been taken to implement the recommendation? What kind of impact have been produced? Did you achieve any visibility? Did any obstacles occurred in the adoption of the recommendation? Did any obstacles occurred during the implementation of the recommendation?

8 Workshops organization 15th of May From 15.30 to 18.00 workshops collection of Recommendations 16th of May From 9.30 to 10.30 Recommendations presentation Participants commitment

9 Workshops participants divided per groups Group for workshop 1 Roberta Savli Paolo Giordano Giovanni Moro Nikolina Čenić Themistoklis Kossidas Henriette Van Bellen Kristi Rekand Thalheim Christoph Giovanna Marsico Ana Šerdoner Nenad Vertovsek Stefano Giusto Joseph Bonett Roberta Romano Giulia Savarese Ilaria Passarani Petra Vargová Čakovská Pauline Bastidon Johannes Van Griensven Maria Marfisa Lars Joensson Alexandre Jacobs Marijona Mieliauskiens Lubos Michalov Ilze Abelniece Daniel Varga Maria Carmela Chircop Roediger Alexander Clay Vincent Group for workshop 2 Dubravka Finka Stefania Kapronczay Effrosyni Papantoniou Ann Asser Laura Lamberti Dace Likanse Vesna Vertovsek Manuel Serrano Gil Tatiana Nunes Gomes Irina Vasileva Ilieva Adrian Charles Bawtree Ludmila Mincheva Pavlickova Andrea Alessio Terzi Vida Augustiniene Amanda Worpole Susan Ruth Warr Penka Georgieva-Babacheva Caroline Vrancken Søren Brenøe Enrico Cevales Federico Boccaletti Francisco Gonzalez-Riancho Fernandez Aleksandar Manchevski Mariella Ursini Elisabeth Dispaux Grainne Crowley Group for workshop 3 Hendrik Van Daele Catherine Cerisey Anne Veskimeister Mary Bolger Evgenia Vasilopoulou Liene Sulce Els Meerbergen Rodrigo Gutiérrez Fernandez Zuzana Kusynova Erica Poot Battistini Luca Teresa Petrangolini Antonio Gaudioso Francisco J. Martínez Filip Gerovski Michael Prunbauer Kolia BÉNIÉ Claire Martin Elena Bertozzi Alfonsas Sodonis Mady Charion Nynke Wilbrink Kiril Soleski Richard Price Cranz Hubertus Daphne Emanuelle van Doorn

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