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1 SEEPALS January 20-22 2011 FOREIGN LANGUAGES STUDIES IN FACULTY OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES P repared by representatives of the University of Tirana.

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1 1 SEEPALS January 20-22 2011 FOREIGN LANGUAGES STUDIES IN FACULTY OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES P repared by representatives of the University of Tirana

2 2 Foreign Language Policy Foreign Language Studies - an important part of our school curricula at all its levels. Objective of Faculty : Improvement of programs of study and curricula in accordance with the country policy for the development of education. The Albanian Government aims at reaching a European level of education as a necessary condition for the European development of the country. In the National Strategy for Higher Education (2008-2013) it is highlighted that Albania needs citizens better educated and prepared as well as a workforce able to build a society of the future, based on knowledge. For these reasons education has been set as the main priority for the seven forthcoming years. SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

3 3 FL education Policy National Strategy for pre-university education for 2009- 2013 states that the policy for FL education is in accordance with the developments in our country and in respect to EU policy in this aspect,which involves multilingualism and multiculturalism. Our study programs at university levels take into account the national priorities the learners needs We see language and intercultural education as an essential means to help people to understand, communicate inter culturally and cooperate better at home and in the region. SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

4 4 Application of Bologna Agreement 2003 Joining Bologna Process 2003 Joining Bologna Process 2005 Application of Bachelor studies 2005 Application of Bachelor studies 2008 Second cycle of studies 2008 Second cycle of studies 2010 Master of Science 2010 Master of Science Duration: 2 years Duration: 2 years Credits: 120 credits Credits: 120 credits SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

5 5 Study programs in three cycles. 1st cycle 914 -English, 589 - Italian, 365 - French, 370 - German, 195 - Turkish, 178 Greek, 151 Russian, 162 Spanish, 2984 students altogether. Most subjects are taught in the foreign language, only 20 credits in Albanian ( 11 % of the program). SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

6 6 Study programs in the 1 st Cycle The language study program aims to develop language and skills in an advanced level. The subjects : Integrated language courses that help enhance students language skills ( Modern language,Academic Writing, 32 credits ) Linguistics( FL Grammar, Linguistics, Stylistics, Lexicology, Translation, Comparative linguistics. 28 Literature, History, Geography, Communication,Sociolinguistics, 40 credits IT, Study skills, Second Foreign language,Albanian Grammar 40 credits SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

7 7 Foreign language skills The second foreign language 8 modules, 32 Credits Aim : Make students able to work with both foreign languages fluently in the second cycle of studies. Develop intercultural communication skills SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

8 8 Bachelor studies in FL studies FL studies program and curricula reviewed based on the problems faced. Special interest is shown to the subject curricula of the first year. Reasons: - different levels of language knowledge of students -different way of students admission - different background and various learning styles and strategies. The first year course of study is based on an integrated skills approach with listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar components. There are only two advanced subjects : FL morphology and Introduction to linguistics. The first two years offer the same program to all students consisting of core subjects and optional one. SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

9 9 Bachelor studies in FL studies The third year of studies - three study programs : Foreign Languages Communication& Culture Translations &Interpretation More specific subjects offered related to their course of studies. SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

10 10 Bachelor studies in FL studies A balance of both practical and academic subjects. Subject curricula with a balance between knowledge and skills are designed and implemented. The implementation of the programs & curricula - related to work within the classrooms and lecture halls. Our Motto is to turn each students into a proficient FL user and specialist. To achieve this during the first year university studies, most of the subjects offered lead to developing their skills and compensating the deficiencies that some students may have. SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

11 11 Bachelor studies in FL studies: Problems Curricula must be a springboard for student centered activities. Involvement of students in autonomous work and projects. Need to develop skills in using FL to communicate effectively in a social setting and in culturally appropriate ways. The syllabus must include the most important competences and skills in a certain content subject. SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

12 12 Masters in Communication and Culture 210 students (100 English,36 Italian,29 French,12 German,11 Turkish,22 Greek ) Aim : Give knowledge on culture, history, economy and the society of the regions where the FL is used and on the subjects related to them. Competence in two FL, and an intermediate level in a third FL, thus recognizing the role of language in social and cultural contexts. Skills in using information means. SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

13 13 Masters in Communication & Culture Curricula - subjects of general formation, specific formation, which give competences necessary to meet the demands of the present touristic and cultural developments. They enable students with the way institutions function and how to manage them. The study programs provide them with the efficient communication and cultural skills in FL and ITC skills. SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

14 14 Masters in Communication & Culture International and public relations Applied economics (in culture and tourism) Literature and Culture B2. and A Translation and Interpretation B3 / Translation and Interpretation C4. Communication strategies and techniques Literature and Culture C Foreign language D Touristic Communication Information and Communication systems Electives ( Interpers. Communication, History and Geography of the Balkans, Archeology and Ethnography, Management and Marketing of touristic enterprises, International organizations and inter institutional communication, Cultural Antropology) Internship 12 credits Thesis 20 credits SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

15 15 Masters in Communication and culture Research involves writing a thesis either in literature and culture studies or in the field of touristic communication based on the internship, his surveys and the subjects studied. The main focus of research is on producing original work as touristic guides, touristic promotions, guidelines for touristic firm management etc. Internship aims at enabling students with practical skills to manage cultural and touristic communication projects.It is both of practical and professional character. Students are required to record what they do, steps taken, their reflections and measures taken to design concrete programs of project management. SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

16 16 Masters Technical –literary Translation & Interpretation 190 students (94 English,35 italian,14 French,25 German,8 Greek and 14 Russian. Aims at the education of professional translator and interpreters in the fields of pragmatic, technical, scientific and literary translations. Competences in the FL knowledge and skills in the principles and techniques of translation and interpretation. Skills on translation and ITC systems SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

17 17 Masters Technical –literary Translation & Interpretation Internship aims at improving and developing practical skills in translation and interpretation by applying the appropriate logical techniques of intra language communication and interpretation. Skills and competences in the professional area of translation and interpretation. Thesis writing aims at developing the techniques of research in the field of translation and interpretation. The process of writing the thesis helps to develop students critical thinking skills, research skills. It paves the way to the post graduates to do further continue their research in terminology working with original documents, vocabularies and so on. SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

18 18 Masters in Translation & Interpretation Methodology and Didactics of Translation and Interpretation Interpretation from B to A and from A to B2. Interpretation from C to A3. Translation from B to A and from A to B4. Translation from C to A 5. Terminology translation from B to A6. Terminology translation from C to A Foreign language D Information and Communication systems Electives (Comparative linguistics,Automatic Translation Editorial Translation from B/C to A, Deontology of Translation, Comparative translation studies B/C to A, History and Geography of the Balkans, Public Speech, Audiovisual Translation ) Internship 12 credits Thesis 20 credits SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

19 19 Masters : Problems Use of technology. There are some curricula that provide knowledge on applying ICT in FL education, not effective use of technology in teaching. Need to shift teachers approach of knowledge transmission to knowledge building and build capability for a shift from content memorization to learning to search and learning to learn. The developing of existing curricula related to ICT will help to change teachers beliefs about the effect of technology. Placing the learner at the centre of the teaching and learning process requires that modules should have the learning outcomes. A better link between learning outcomes and assessment. SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

20 20 FLSpecial Purposes FL for SP to Faculties of UT Reasons -academic studies - intercultural communication - obligatory examination Problems - curricula to integrate FL with subject content - skills to exploit professional literature - curricula based on special needs of learners SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

21 21 Perspectives Tuning FL study programs to the European patterns Institutional research projects Joint master programs Involvement in the Erasmus Programs SEEPALS January 20-22 2011

22 22 Thank you!

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