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2 Key numbers of typhoon MORKAOT Key numbers of typhoon MORKAOT Disaster Images & Video Disaster Images & Video (Satellite, HDV and CCTV) (Source : Satellite, HDV and CCTV) Summary Summary

3 3 OrderYearTyphoon NameAreaRainfall (One day) 12009 MORAKOT Weiliao Vil., Sandimen Township, Pingtung County 1403 22009 MORAKOT Xinan, Taoyuan Township, Kaohsiung County 1301 32009 MORAKOT Youshan, Taoyuan Township, Kaohsiung County 1283 41997 AMBER Buluowan, Xiulin Township, Hualien County 1223 52009 MORAKOT Matoushan, Dapu Township, Chiayi County 1212 62009 MORAKOT Xinfa Vil., Liugui Township, Kaohsiung County 1190 72009 MORAKOT Fenqihu, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County 1185 82009 MORAKOT Shipanlong, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County 1181 92009 MORAKOT Majia Township, Pingtung County 1181 102009 MORAKOT Xiaoguanshan, Taoyuan Township, Kaohsiung County 1177 Unit: mm

4 The total amount of rainfall is about nineteen billion tons, which is equal to the amount of water by consuming for one year in Taiwan. But almost ten billion tons of rainfall fell in the Southern of Taiwan. Although the amount of rainfall of typhoon MORKAOT fell only 3 days, it brought 1/5 of the total amount of rainfall for one year in Taiwan. 4 Ten billion tons

5 FORMOSAT- 2 is operated by the National Space Organization (NSPO). Formosat- 2 passes Taiwan twice everyday and takes images of the 2 M resolution by the way of seven bands. 5

6 6 (1) Before(2) After

7 7 (1) Before(2) After

8 8 GIS map GIS map layer control Real-Time Video Camera Control

9 9 Left eyeRight eye Left eye

10 10 Before After Left eye Right eye

11 11 (1) Before (2) After

12 Remote sensing and stereography can offer useful data for information and analysis. Users can refer these data of remote sensing and stereography to evaluate the disasters. 12

13 Thanks For Your Attention! 13

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