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Application for PRAGMA Institutional Membership Prof. Nguyen Thanh Thuy Director of High Performance Computing Center Hanoi University of Technology

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1 Application for PRAGMA Institutional Membership Prof. Nguyen Thanh Thuy Director of High Performance Computing Center Hanoi University of Technology Viet Nam Hanoi University of Technology 10-14 March, 2008 PRAGMA 14 th Workshop National Museum of Natural Sciences Taichung, Taiwan

2 2 HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING CENTER Viet Nam Ha Noi University of Technology

3 3 Outline Introduction Prior experience in HPC/Grid Middleware and applications Brief statement of rationale Indication of intentions

4 4 Established in 1956, HUT is situated in the southern section of Hanoi As key technological university, HUT has at present about 2,500 employees, including 1,500 faculty members 40,000 undergraduate students and 1,200 graduate students annually HUT IN BRIEF

5 5 Introduction to Hanoi University of Technology (HUT)

6 6 HUT ORGANIZATION President Consultative Committees Vice-Presidents Faculties (14) School (1) and Institutes (6) Research Centers (17) Administrative Offices (17) Corporation (4)

7 7 FACULTIES 1. Faculty of Applied Mathematics-Informatics 2. Faculty of Chemical Engineering 3. Faculty of Economics and Management 4. Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications 5. Faculty of Electricity 6. Faculty of Engineering Education 7. Faculty of Information Technology 8. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 9. Faculty of Material Science and Technology 10. Faculty of Textile Engineering 11. Faculty of In-service Training 12. Faculty of Foreign Languages 13. Faculty of Social Sciences 14. Department of Physical Education

8 8 SCHOOL AND INSTITUTES Institutes 1. Institute of Biological and Food Technology 2. Institute of Engineering Physics 3. Institute of Environmental Science and Technology 4. Institute of Heat Engineering and Refrigeration 5. International Training Institute for Materials Science 6. Institute of Transportation Engineering School 1.1. Graduate School 2.2. Hanoi Advanced School of Science and Technology (HAST)

9 9 1.Biomedical Electronics Center 2.Center for R&D of High Technology 3.Computer Center 4.Network-Information Center 5.Chromatography Center 6.Corrosion and Protection Research Center 7.Inorganic Materials Research Center 8.High Performance Computing Center 9.Kitech-HUT Center 10.Bach Khoa Internet work Security Center 11.Center of Development and Application of Software for Industry 12. Polymer Center 13.Precise Machinery Research Center 14.Renewable Energy Research Center 15.Materials Science Center 16.Multimedia Information, Communication and Applications Center 17.Center for Research and Consultancy on Management RESEARCH CENTERS

10 10 An Overview of High Performance Computing (HPC) center HPC cluster-based system built up in 1999, but the HPC center established on December 31 st 2001 with the name High Performance Computing and Applications Center, Hanoi University of Technology, Mission: Organizing the scientific research and technology transfer activities in the field of HPC/GC technology. Participating in the governmental IT projects, especially in the field of HPC/GC. Training scientific researchers on IT, HPC/GC. International cooperation in HPC/GC. Website:

11 11 Members of the HPC center Prof. Thanh-Thuy Nguyen, Director Dr. Huu-Duc Nguyen, Vice-Director, Lecturer in IT School. Dr. Tuan-Anh Ta, Lecturer in IT School Master Trung-Tung Doan, Researcher at HPC. Master Tuan-Tu Tran, Researcher. Engineer Duc-Thanh Do, Lecturer in IT School Engineer Duc-Tung Le, Researcher HPC. Collaborators: Post-graduates, PhD. Students, Former students (now in France, Canada, Japan, Italia,….) 15 trainees/year x 2 years.

12 12 Our Membership – at 5 th anniversary

13 13 Prior experience in HPC/Grid Middleware and Applications Parallel computing and cluster technology In the early stage, we are focused on a cheap solution for high performance computing using PC-based cluster. Parallel computing and cluster environments: PVM, MPI, OpenMP, CONDOR, and PBS Several researches on scheduling, fault tolerance and single system image. Typical research topics are: data-intensive computing, failure-aware workflow scheduling. Some open-source cluster middlewares: BKlusware, BKFaultTolerance, BKOSSIC (Bach Khoa Open Single System Image Cluster) for cluster community in Vietnam

14 14 Prior experience in HPC/Grid Middleware and Applications (2) Grid Computing Grid environments: Globus Toolkit and G-Lite. Typical research topics are: grid scheduler, agent-based approaches for grid computing, semantic grid resource specification. An open-source Grid middleware, called BKGrid, will be used in the National VN-Grid research project (2007-2009).

15 15 Applications 2/6/2014 15 In collaboration with Institute of Meteorology and Hydraulics; Department of Meteorology and Oceanography, Hanoi National University, Vietnam Building a Data Grid, Grid Portal for sharing climate data among Weather Forecast centers in Vietnam In collaboration with Hanoi Pharmaceutical University, Vietnam Applying Grid Computing for discovering new medicine based on DOCKing in collaboration with Institute of Engineering Physics, HUT, Vietnam Molecular Dynamic Simulation in Engineering Physics

16 16 Domestic collaborations VN-Grid National Research Project 2007-2009 partners: Institute of Information Technology (IOIT) Hanoi, IOIT HCM City, Hanoi National University, LeQuyDon Engineering University. Grid Special Interest Group in VINAREN organization (Vietnam Research Education Network) HCM City University of Technology HUT Institutions: School of Information Technology, Library and Information Network Center.

17 17 International collaborations National Center of High Performance Computing, Taipei, Taiwan (since 2006) Center for Development of Advanced Computing, India (Since 2003. There will be a SuperComputer at HPC-HUT as grant of India to Vietnam soon) Doson Grid School TEIN-2 Project (HUT is NOC-VN and NOC- HN) Asia Pacific Advanced Networking (APAN)

18 18 Brief statement of Rationale Contribution of computing resource (initial configuration) Head node: 2 x 1Ghz, 512Mb RAM Computing nodes: 3 x (3.0Ghz, 1Gb RAM) Storage capacity: 150Gb Bandwidth 6Mb via commercial internet 135Mb via TEIN-2

19 19 Brief statement of Rationale Involvement in Grid Middleware development Fault tolerance module Single System Image for Grid Economic-based scheduler Semantic grid resource discovery. Involvement in Grid Application development Geo-Grid for Disaster Management. Bio-Grid for Docking.

20 20 Brief statement of Rationale Involvement in PRAGMA activities Attending the PRAGMA workshops regularly Hosting a PRAGMA workshop in the future Bridging PRAGMA collaboration to other GC/HPC institutions in Vietnam.

21 21 Indication of Intentions We strongly believe that joining PRAGMA would give us a precious opportunity for: Receiving the state-of-the-art grid technology A much better computational environment for experimenting and conducting grid applications What can we contribute to promoting life science HPC and GC communities Participation to development of grid applications in life science for Vietnam and the region Sharing knowledge and experiments on deploying grid technologies in related areas Computing resource: Supercomputer from C-DAC (128 Processors, 2TFlops, 256 GB RAM, 36TB HDD).

22 22 High Performance Computing Center, HUT Thank you for your kind attention!

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