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Summary of Steering Committee Meeting 24 October 2008.

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1 Summary of Steering Committee Meeting 24 October 2008

2 The PRAGMA Steering Committee

3 Best time to think ahead

4 Initial Thoughts about the Future Ask the right question: What will PRAGMA become? Themes: –Applications – drive development –Technologies and middleware – shared experiences –Collaborations – joint projects –Education – future generation for a globally engaged workforce –Framework – to build a community and persistent collaborations Its all about impact: –Transformational Research –Preparing students –Societal Impact

5 Sustainability Realities Focus: provides a concentration of efforts to make progress Differentiation: how are we different from other efforts? Solutions: these are essential Funding and Interest: drives what we can do

6 Opportunities Providing access to resources via virtualization Addressing challenges of data Driving use (and deployment) of larger network through HD video

7 Education and Outreach Create Working Group on Education –Focus on track record of PRIME, PRIUS, MURPA –Develop more exchange opportunities Create seminars and courses that will be delivered by PRAGMA members via HD, in a multicast mode Outreach: –Take steps to develop / do outreach activities, brining technologies to community with major impact –Take steps to articulate to the public what we do and why it is important

8 Membership Institution of Information Technology – VN Welcome

9 Vietnamese food 9

10 Next Workshops PRAGMA 17 –Hanoi, Vietnam –Proposed Workshop Dates: 28 (Wed) – 30 (Fri) October –Proposed Training Dates: 27 (Tues) – 28 (Wed) October PRAGMA 16 –Daejun, Korea –23(Mon) - 25(Wed) March 2009 –KISTI is host


12 Joint PRAGMA Institute and Southeast Asia International Joint Research and Training Program in High-Performance Computing Applications and Networking Technology 1 – 5 December 2008 Taichung

13 Thank You Host Institution: USM Supporting Institutions: MOSTI, Sponsors: HP, Teliti, SGI, Mimos, Jaring, BT Frontline, Techsource Many Committees –Local Organizing Committee Lucie Chuah Abdulah Suriyati Muhamad Zulham Hamdan, CIO –Working Committee –Logistics and Social Committee –Supporting Committee –Organizing Committee

14 Rotation off Steering Committee Piyawut Joe Srichaikul Arun Agarwal

15 Rotating from Deputy Chair

16 PRAGMA 15

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