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Steering Committee Meeting Summary PRAGMA 18 4 March 2010.

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1 Steering Committee Meeting Summary PRAGMA 18 4 March 2010

2 Agenda Steering Committee Opportunities: – What are the opportunities for international collaboration to develop aspects of the cloud computing and data-intensive computing paradigm? – What could some funding do to promote this activity? Business Issues – Asia GEO Grid Initiative – PRAGMA 20 Dates – Utility of PRAGMA Brochure

3 Opportunities for International Collaboration in Clouds Short Term – Capture, Publish, and Maintain Images Working meetings like PRAGMA Implementation Institute Virtualization makes sharing software easier – Apply for time on Amazon: Application, Nimrod, Rocks, Gfarm Longer Term – Work together to define, build HPC Cloud. Require: International team; Interoperability; Open architecture; Challenges/Questions – Data (scale of data, number of things to be done) – Wide variety of ideas across countries – Role of commercial clouds

4 Implementation Institute Side by side code creation and integration – SUCCESSFUL – Nimrod: Rocks Virtual cluster, consisting of local cluster extended by Amazon. Condor is the cluster scheduler of choice. Nimrod then becomes the parameter sweep tool of choice over Condor and Rocks. test experiment with Tephra parallelized by Nimrod – Kepler: Nimrod/K and Kepler working using an Opal docking service, previously working on Vision – Gfarm: Roll completed Repeat at PRAGMA 19 – Monday 13 September

5 Other Comments on Workshop Poster session before dinner! Concrete plans from working groups, with – Timeline – Peoples names Considerations regarding demos – Applications, then underlying technology – Technology – useful to others, next time might be asked to show application

6 Business Endorse application of AIST proposal for an Asia GEO Grid Initiative Affirmed date of PRAGMA 19 – 13 – 15 September 2010 PRAGMA 20 – still need to set dates Active participation – continued membership Brochure: How can the PRAGMA Collaborative Overview? – Valuable to show funders and government agencies – More focused, fewer pages

7 Think Green/Make Progress Linking several concepts – Implementation Institute – Leveraging investment in HD conferencing – Meet without Travel Will use HD video (and other VTC) to – Co-develop code

8 Education Initiative Build on the work for joint conferences via HD technologies Can this be use to create courses / content for multiple universities, involving multiple instructors? – Likely to be aimed at joint graduate / undergraduate level Two sets of content – Biology: This is an area demanding computing Gabriele Wienhausen, UCSD – E-science/e-research Contact: David Abramson

9 Thank You Wilfred Li Teri Simas Peggy Wagner Jennifer Choy Cindy Zheng Michael Nekrasov Many others *Wilfred W. Li, UCSD, USA, Chair Xiaohui Wei, JLU, PRC, co-Chair, PRAGMA 19 Host Institution Vu Duc Thi, IOIT, Vietnam, PRAGMA 17 Chair Kwan Wing Keung, HKU, Hong Kong, China, PRAGMA 20 Host Institution David Abramson, Monash University, Australia (Poster Committee) Arun Agarwal, U Hyderabad, India (Poster Committee) Kum Won Cho, KISTI, Korea (Demonstration Committee) Susumu Date, Osaka University, Japan (Demonstration Committee) Weicheng Huang, NCHC, Taiwan *Mason Katz, UC San Diego, USA (Demonstration Committee, Chair) *Fang-Pang Lin, NCHC, Taiwan (Demonstration Committee) Radha Nandkumar, NCSA, USA *Ryosuke Nakamura, AIST, Japan Kai Nan, CNIC, China (Demonstration Committee) Philip Papadopoulos, UC San Diego, USA *Shinji Shimojo, NiCT, Japan (Poster Committee) *Yoshio Tanaka, AIST, Japan (Poster Committee, Chair) Osamu Tatebe, Tsukuba U, Japan Putchong Uthayopas, Kasetsart University, Thailand (Poster Committee) *Habibah Wahab, USM, Malaysia


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