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Reports from Resource Breakout PRAGMA 16 KISTI, Korea.

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1 Reports from Resource Breakout PRAGMA 16 KISTI, Korea

2 1 st day Review current status of PRAGMA Grid (30 min) – Reports from two applications. e-Airs by Kum Won – Single job -> multi (parallel ) job – Need a Job scheduler – Network bandwidth problem – Remote compile – Interoperation between EGEE v.s. PRAGMA v.s. … OSG… Povray w/ Ninf-G by Yoshio – Issues discussed and introduced Globus port range – Will have common range PRAGMA/IGTF CA distribution

3 1 st day (contd) PRAGMA Data Grid (20 min) – Updates of Gfarm 2 – How we should move forward? Avian Flu on PRAGMA Data Grid is ongoing. Look for a report in PRAGMA17

4 Gfarm version 2 update Version 2.0.0 released on 28 Nov, 2007 First release Version 2.1.0 released on 27 May, 2008 GSI support File replica management Group management, disk usage report Version 2.1.1 released on 27 Sep, 2008 Hardlink support On-demand replication Version 2.2.0 will be released really soon Symbolic link support Hundreds of clients support Directory listing speedup

5 PRAGMA Testbed Metadata server File system nodes in US in Japan % gfdf 1K-blocks Used Avail Capacity Host 365042664 64603664 300439000 18% 2550636308 7180216 2543456092 0% --------------------------------------------- 2915678972 71783880 2843895092 2% Total Capaity : 2.9 TBytes

6 1 st day (contd) Two talks from Korean researchers followed by open discussions (70 min) – Data Center at KISTI (Dr. Bubkyun Kim) – Metadata Catalog (Dr. Soonwook Hwang) Discussed EGEE-PRAGMA Interoperation – KISTI will lead this. – KISTI will assign a representative. – Cindy will help to find the other sites interest in this interoperation. – Xen/Rocks provisioning system may be a solution.

7 2 nd day: VOMS on PRAGMA Grid VOMS server and a PRAGMA VO are ready. Existing groups – Avian Flu – Nimrod – PRAGMA – PRIME – e-AIRs (will be created) Current VOMS-aware resource – BeST Grid (NZ), AIST, SDSC, iHPC – Installed PRIMA/GUMS – VOMS-enabled GT2/4 GRAM, GridFTP, gsissh – Documents for users and admins are available on PRAGMA Wiki

8 2 nd day: VOMS on PRAGMA Grid (contd) Name of the VO Continue to use PRAGMA VO Mapping rule Discussion Shared account v.s. pool accounts Static accounts and/or dynamic accounts Decision Confirm if shared account violates IGTF requirements Confirm if a mapping to pool account is permanent or not. Then, decide the mapping rule as a resource WG. Certificate profiles of experimental CAs. Some experimental CAs are using inappropriate profile (email, userid, etc. in Subject Name). Ask such CAs to change the profile. Figure out which experimental CA uses inappropriate profiles (Cindy)

9 2 nd day: Virtual Clusters For Rocks users in PRAGMA – Can create virtual machines – Can create virtual clusters Demonstration of virtual cluster running on two physical clusters at UCSD Next UCSD PRAGMA Resources will all be virtual clusters – VDT on one – GT4 on another Next steps – Identify interested applications for VC – Attempt VC extension over PRAGMA

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