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Public Library Innovation. Public libraries play a vital role in community development

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1 Public Library Innovation

2 Public libraries play a vital role in community development

3 EIFL-PLIP Public Library Innovation Programme Supports public libraries to use ICT to implement innovative community development services focused on: Children and youth at risk Farming and farmers Health information Employment and job creation

4 PLIPs approach 1.Grant support 2.Capacity building (impact assessment & advocacy skills) 3.Sharing learning so other libraries can replicate successful services

5 Achievements 12 new public library services using ICT to address community needs in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

6 The new services Free access to computers & ICT training Reaching remote and vulnerable communities Local content; appropriate information Creating links & networks – to funding, information, a wider world Partnerships for development Using diverse technology – computers, Internet, radio, mobile phones, video....

7 Community Impact Library uses ICT to connect 201 isolated Chilean farmers to government support and services. 21 rural libraries provide first talking books for visually impaired people in Mongolia.

8 Community Impact 1,600 health-workers in Kenya learn online research skills through library e-health service. 43 traditional artists learn modern digital design skills in Nepal.

9 Community impact Macedonia library helps 41 jobseekers find jobs. 190 vulnerable youth in Northern Ghana learn computer + leadership skills.

10 Community impact Zambian street children have access to librarys computer-based literacy training. Serbia librarys online market increases farmers fruit, livestock and dairy sales.

11 Libraries benefit Funding - all 12 services received funding to sustain the new services. Skills - librarians learnt new computer, advocacy and research skills. Partnerships - partnerships with government agencies, NGOs, business. Popularity - increased membership and user numbers.

12 Conclusions Communities benefit from innovative public library services. Libraries are reliable and trusted places to initiate community development services. Librarians have the will, skills and talent to innovate, using ICT.

13 Conclusions Library computers link communities to valuable sources of support. Evidence of positive impact drives service sustainability.

14 I was very surprised when people who saw me on the Internet started getting in touch with me. I also found new customers. I think that the Internet is a good way of associating farmers and a good way of exchanging experiences. Mr Dejan Stanković, cheese producer

15 Thank you Monika Elbert

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