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What happened since last GA? An update Rima Kupryte, EIFL Director EIFL General Assembly Lund, Sweden 6-8 August, 2010.

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1 What happened since last GA? An update Rima Kupryte, EIFL Director EIFL General Assembly Lund, Sweden 6-8 August, 2010


3 New EIFL staff Rosalie Lack, Deputy Director

4 New EIFL staff Ilaria Vallati, Programme Support

5 New EIFL staff EIFL-FOSS Manager: Simon Ball

6 New EIFL staff Ilse Gey van Pittius, Licensing Programme Support

7 New logo We felt that after 10 years it was time to take another look at our identity, which includes among other things our name, the look and feel of our website, our printed materials, and most importantly our message. Starting with the logo…



10 New name Where's Instead of, we are now EIFL We made the decision to drop because we felt it was dated to the early days of the web as was the lower case "e" EIFL not

11 New strapline/tagline It conveys our mission by focusing on the end result -- knowledge without boundaries" encompasses the work of all our programmes; working towards removing all boundaries to knowledge, whether they be economic or legal or geographic

12 New marketing and outreach materials

13 New website coming soon…

14 Home page Simplified, less overwhelming Clear message of what we do Updated design New colors that reflect the vibrancy of our partner countries and progammes

15 Secondary Pages Clear and consistent navigation Less text and better formatted to make for easy reading Photos to tell our story

16 Google Map Locate consortium and member libraries

17 New licensed resource pages Simplified browse by title or vendor Enhanced descriptive information License agreements easily accessible

18 A2K For Education, Learning and Research Access to Knowledge for Education, Learning and Research – ensuring well-resourced libraries, modern ICT infrastructure and skilled staff to provide essential support to students and scholars. EIFL-Licensing EIFL-OA EIFL-IP EIFL-FOSS

19 A2K for Sustainable Community Development Access to Knowledge for Sustainable Community Development – helping to transform lives through innovative services in public libraries. EIFL-PLIP (Public Library Innovation Program)

20 EIFL-Licensing 2010 New agreements signed with: – Taylor and Francis Group: access to over 1220 journals – Ebrary : access to Academic Complete (48,000 books) and subject collections – OECD: access to iLibrary (all OECD publications, 22 statistical databases with 300+cross searchable datasets and 4 billion data points -all in both French and English)

21 EIFL-Licensing 2010 3 year renewal agreements signed with : – Cambridge Journals Online: Access to the Complete Collection (over 230 journals, including Medical titles for the first time) and individual subject collections – Britannica Online – Oxford Reference Online/Oxford English Dictionary Online New activity: Promotional campaigns

22 EIFL-Licensing 2010 still to come Finalise 3-year renewals for: – Emerald Journals – Grove Art Online/Grove Music Online – Institute of Physics – Multi-Science Journals – Oxford Scholarship Online – Oxford Journals Collection – Project Muse Finalise new agreement for: Oxford Handbooks Online Communication initiatives: Continue to plan and implement awareness-building campaigns to increase subscriptions and usage

23 EIFL-OA 2010 Advocacy: Three OA advocacy national workshops and more to come… Partner in EC funded project OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe) Open Access Week 2010 Small grants for outreach to the research community Training and capacity building: Chair of working group Repository and Repository Networks Support and Training at Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) Online support and networking Knowledge sharing: Two reports: 1) An evaluation report on Open Repository Development in Developing and Transition Countries 2) Report on the implementation of open content licenses in developing and transition countries EIFL website and facebook

24 EIFL-IP 2010 Training and Capacity Building: Launch of Online Open Curriculum on Copyright Law Copyright for Librarians Support the attendance of EIFL-IP librarians to WIPO (Malawi and Zimbabwe in June and for autumn session we will bring 2 more) Meeting with Library Schools from Europe to discuss integration of Copyright for librarians Curriculum into LIS national programs Advanced training for EIFL-IP librarians to further build their advocacy skills and confidence Promotional national and international law reform: Supported Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Moldova and Zambia on their draft copyright laws and continue to support those that are going through revisions Supporting WIPO Member States with expert advice on library limitations & exceptions EIFL will work with the African Group to try to find agreement on their new proposal for a WIPO Treaty on Exceptions and Limitations for the Disabled, Educational and Research Institutions, Libraries

25 EIFL-FOSS 2010 Received funding for the second phase of the 18 month program Program Manager on a part-time basis since July 19 Developing the program Collecting input and in September we will be launching the Second phase of EIFL-FOSS

26 EIFL-PLIP 2010 Grants program: 325 proposals received from 49 countries 12 projects awarded: Children and youth: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ghana, Lithuania and Zambia Farmers: Chile and Serbia Health: Kenya Employment and economic development: Macedonia and Nepal Local content: Cambodia and Mexico Visually impaired: Mongolia Advocacy: Relevance of public libraries to the community through capturing stories and global media Researching opinion of decision makers of public libraries in few countries in Africa and launching campaign trying to change the behavior

27 Our funders 2010 2010 we started with the budget of 1,4 million Euro EIFL participation fee contribution to the budget: around 65,000 euro Publishers sponsorship towards GA: 15,700 euro Swedish Library Association sponshorship towards GA : 20,000 euro Grants for operations and program delivery: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation European Commission 7 th Framework Program Ford Foundation John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation Koha Foundation Open Society Institute (OSI) UNESCO Wellcome Trust

28 Share your story. It is important! Why? Important for fundraising and communicating your work to your members and users: For EIFL Spotlight: issue or activity highlights + achievements For EIFL News For your own website, funders and media What? Something small or big showing impact of your work on institutions or peoples lives or an event that resulted in concrete outcomes: Listen to what your colleagues, students, faculty or general public say or compliment

29 Share your story. It is important How? By capturing it in words (quote) and pictures Send an e-mail to Rosalie ( or Teresa ( We will follow up, help to determine the angle of a story, and write the story for you to read and approve! Write on Share a story sheet of paper in your packet while you are here and hand it to Rosalie or Teresa. Meet Leslie Chan and speak to him!

30 Examples How did we get current stories? Lesotho: Teresa heard from Tseli that a researcher was very exited to discover all the electronic resources available through the library and Tseli documented her discovery story Palestine: Diana randomly mentioned that after Vilnius GA workshop on FOSS, where she learned about FOSS solutions that can bring old computers back to life, she gave material to her IT department and they implemented it.

31 Examples There are many individuals in your countries that can tell their stories

32 Examples that inspire me:

33 Websites: It is important Statistics on consortium websites 16 consortia do not have sites 12 had content that was very, very old We want to help

34 New (FREE!) EIFL Service With EIFLs new website platform Drupal we will be able to offer: Option 1: Use our template at no cost URL options:[your name] Use your current URL You buy a new URL

35 New EIFL service Option 2: Build your own site You build You hire someone to build You hire EIFL staff to build We can offer our server only to websites that are built on Drupal platform


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