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TEORA (Telemark Open Research Archive) Frode Bakken Birzeit 25th of May 2009.

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1 TEORA (Telemark Open Research Archive) Frode Bakken Birzeit 25th of May 2009

2 2 TEORA TElemark Open Research Archive - Fulltext documents from research institutions in Telemark, Norway Telemark University College is the largest provider of documents in TEORA Also includes research done at the regional hospital and 3 research institutions More research institutions are hopefully coming…

3 3 WHY DO WE HAVE AN IR? We would like to spread the research done in Telemark to a wider audience Profiling for research environments in Telemark Showcase for the university college Development of the library (new services) Open access is a movement which we support

4 4 VERY BRIEF HISTORY Planning for the institutional repository started in 2005 Looked at various solutions, but the Dspace platform was chosen at an early stage A cooperation between library and IT services, but the information services and the head of research & development have also been involved A pilot was implemented in 2006 Launched officially just before Christmas last year (2007)

5 5 ORGANIZATION Cooperation between IT services and the library Project leader (Arild Skalmeraas) and project manager (Frode Bakken) The library has contact persons for TEORA on all 4 campuses (Porsgrunn, Notodden, Bø, Rauland)

6 6 TYPICAL WORKFLOW Identifying relevant documents Contacting the researcher / student Signing a contract with the researcher / student Clarifying copyright when the document has been published Digitizing the documents when necessary Describing (metadata) and uploading the document into TEORA

7 7 COPYRIGHT The university college is granted a perpetual but non-exclusive licence to publish the document on the Internet The author keeps all right to his own document – there is no transfer of copyright from the author to Telemark University College Copyright clearance requires a lot of work, but it is absolutely essential theat the library has got knowledge and resources to do this job For research articles we use the international SHERPA database and the Norwegian equivalent If a publisher is not included in any of these lists, we always ask the publisher for permission Theses are much less labour instensive as there is very seldom a publisher involved

8 8 STANDARD CONTRACT - I Contract regarding access on TEORA Agreement on the accessibility of electronic material via TEORA (Telemark Open Research Archive) Between Telemark University College Library (hereafter Telemark University College) and ……………………………………………………………………………………………… (hereafter the Originator) a contract has been entered into regarding making accessible the Originators work ……………………………………………………………………………………………… on the conditions named below. 1 Permission to publish electronic material 1.1 The Originator hereby gives Telemark University College a gratuitous, non-exclusive right to make the submitted electronic material (henceforth Material), available in electronic form via TEORA. The Originator gives the users of TEORA permission to freely copy and mediate the Material on a non-commercial basis. All commercial use of the Material must be agreed upon separately with the Originator or someone who acts on his or her behalf. 2 Telemark University Colleges obligations 2.1 Telemark University College shall make the Material available in the form it has been submitted to Telemark University College, with texts, tables, graphics, images, multimedia etc., but using the technical solutions which are considered necessary to make the Material accessible on the Internet. 2.2 Telemark University College will seek to protect the Material from being modified by third parties to the extent possible in keeping with the technical solutions we employ. 2.4 Telemark University College has no authority over the Material beyond that which is established in this agreement. 2.5 Telemark University College is in no way responsible for the content of Material which is accessible via TEORA, or for the actions of the Originator in general. Telemark University College assumes no responsibility for possible damage associated with this agreement, unless the damage is deliberate or the result of gross negligence on the part of Telemark University College or someone for whom Telemark University College bears responsibility. In no case will Telemark University College acknowledge responsibility for damages caused indirectly.

9 9 STANDARD CONTRACT – II 3 The Originators obligations 3.1 The Originator will follow the guidelines of Telemark University College for making his or her work accessible on TEORA. 3.2 The Originator will, upon entering agreements with journals, publishers etc. concerning publishing Material in agreement with this contract, endeavour to protect Telemark University Colleges rights according to this agreement to the best of his or her ability. 3.3 The Originator must himself/herself determine the consequences the publication of Material in TEORA will have with respect to possible journals, publishers or other copyright holders. The Originator confirms that he/she is the Originator of the submitted Material and has exclusive rights over it in its entirety. If others have rights which prevent the Material being publishing in electronic form via TEORA without permission from a third party, the Originator must obtain permission to publish the Material in TEORA. If the Material has several originators (for example, several authors), the Originator confirms that he or she has obtained the necessary permission from the other originators. If the Material or parts of the Material have been published earlier, or there are plans to publish the work in a journal or through a publisher, the Originator confirms that he or she has obtained the necessary permission from the journal or publisher. 3.4 The Originator confirms that the work has no content which contravenes current Norwegian law, or contains links or connections to such material. 3.5 If Telemark University College should be made financially responsible to a third party because the Originator did not fulfil his obligations in accordance with this contract, the Originator will not hold Telemark University College liable. 4 Transfer and annulment of the agreement 4.1 Telemark University College can only transfer its rights and/or obligations with respect to this agreement to a third party if the interests of the Originator are protected in the transfer agreement. 4.2 Telemark University College has an unlimited right to terminate access to the Material. Telemark University College is in the process of creating regulations for the use of the professional production of its employees. If these new rules come into conflict with this agreement, this agreement will be void. ………………………………………….. Place, date ………………………………………….. Signature Telemark University College Signature Originator

10 10 INSTITUTIONAL POLICIES Its important to establish a policy for the repository which should a.o. define: –What can be deposited into the repository? –Who deposits material into the repository? –Who is responsible for ensuring copyright complieance? –Who is legally responsible for the repository? Our guidelines were approved by the board of Telemark University College in October 2006

11 11 COSTS Project management350.000 Library staff 100.000 IT services staff 70.000 Server 30.000 Design 80.000 Travels / conferences 90.000 Total costs(NORW CROWNS)720.000

12 12 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dspace version 1.4.2 Debian Tomcat and PostgreSQL (standard Dspace) Minor technical configurations to the out-of-the-box Dspace software Added our own design – adjustments in CSS files and JSP Some elements have been moved around, e.g. the View document button Minor changes in language files

13 13 TECHNICAL CHALLENGES Learning the different systems involved (Dspace, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Apache, Handles, JSP, CSS, Linux) Languages The Handle server Implementing the design Backup of the database Media filter

14 14 UPSIDES AND DOWNSIDES Upsides: –Developing in-house knowledge –Making adjustments and decisions ourselves –Being part of a national and an international user group for Dspace and having an influence on the development of Dspace –In-house support –Ownership of data Downsides: –Limited resources available for development –Vulnerable if any of the key staff moves on to another job etc.

15 15 CHALLENGES Copyright – in some cases it is impossible for us to make the document available (this applies especially for articles published in international research journals) Little or no consciousness for copyright among researchers No internal incentives for making the research articles available to everybody on the Internet – untill 2008 when the Board of directors introduced such incentives starting with the fiscal year 2009 Setting up a repository is the easy part – filling it with content is the hard part

16 16 WHATS NEXT? Moving on from a project to an established service 700 documents within 2009 Participation from more research institutions Electronic submissions of master theses Upgrading to Dspace 1.5

17 17 USAGE STATISTICS (LAST 12 MONTHS) More than 68,000 views Most of the users find their way through Google, but also from our web pages (, Kvasir, ABC Søk, Live, Yahoo, Users come from all over the world (Top 10 countries: Norway, USA, United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, India, Germany, Sweden, Indonesia, Italy)

18 18 TOP 10 STATISTICS (LAST 12 MONTHS) 1."Kunnskapens tre har røtter..." : praksisfortellinger fra barnehagen : en FOU-rapport (Report) 481 2."Tilstand av natur" : naturopplevelse i Hans Børlis lyrikk : et bidrag til å forstå naturopplevelsens dimensjoner og til å synliggjøre sammenhenger mellom friluftsliv og psykisk helse (Masters thesis)257 3.Kosthold blant ungdom i Porsgrunn (Report)241 4.Tolking av historisk tekst - et hermeneutisk perspektiv : et vitenskapsteoretisk essay (Report)239 5.Adapting benchmarking to project management : an analysis of project management processes, metrics, and benchmarking process models (PhD thesis)226 6.Experimental study of bubbling fluidized bed (Masters thesis)212 7.Multivariable process control in high temperature and high pressure environment using non-intrusive multi sensor data fusion (PhD thesis)209 8.CO2 absorption in alkaline solution (Masters thesis)207 9.Topics in open and closed loop subspace system identification : finite data-based methods (PhD thesis)203 10.Methods for live-trapping beaver (Journal article)198

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