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Koha ILS case study in Ulaanbaatar Public Library, MONGOLIA

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1 Koha ILS case study in Ulaanbaatar Public Library, MONGOLIA
L.Gantulga – Mongolian Libraries Consortium J.Begzsuren – Ulaanbaatar Public Library U.Bum-Erdene – Ulaanbaatar Public Library Shin Hee Young – KOICA Volunteer for Ulaanbaatar Public Library

2 1880 он Dewey writes about “a universal catalog that would include citations to the holdings of the country’s--and ideally all-- libraries”

3 Koha, Evergreen and Voyager
Software Main features Koha Evergreen Voyager Acquisitions Cataloging OPAC Circulations Serials Reports Costs Free Commercial

4 Features of Koha Completely web based OPAC Circulation Cataloging
Serials control Acquisitions Custom Reporting

5 Koha support Koha documentation Discussion forums Wiki Mail lists Chat
Blogs Commercial support Data migration Hosting Customization development

6 Why use Koha in Mongolian libraries?
Koha is free software Mongolian Libraries not international standart softwares. Koha ILS grant from EIFL, 2009 Localization to Mongolian Public library FOSS project supported by KOICA at Ulaanbaatar Public Library

7 Коha - Catalog

8 Authorities control

9 Hardware solutions

10 Hardware solutions 12 computers for patron 2 computers for children
Catalog search - 6 computers (Ncomputing) Wifi - 2 stations

11 Desktop ebook reader Mobipocket Reader

12 Mongolian E-Book projects integration

13 International E-Book projects integration
HTML format from Gutenberg project Audio book from Gutenberg project Epub format for digital device

14 Statistics

15 Statistics

16 Statistics

17 What we learned, before you start
Koha on Ubuntu easy to install, both open source Koha chat support with international team Zebra indexing = character set configuration/cyrillic/ Dual CLASSIFICATION – DDC and Russian Classification

18 Team work...

19 Thanks ! Hope you see Koha running at your library

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