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Stress!!! AHHHHHHH!.

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1 Stress!!! AHHHHHHH!

2 What is Stress? Is the body’s and mind’s response to a demand.
What is a stressor? Any situation that puts a demand on the body or mind.

3 Types of Stressors Environmental
Conditions or events in your physical environment that cause you stress. Example: pollution, poverty, crowding, noise, and natural disasters.

4 Biological Stressors Conditions that make it difficult for your body to take part in daily activities. Example: Having an illness, a disability, or an injury.

5 Thinking Stressors Any type of mental challenge.
Example: Taking a test, doing homework. Behavioral Stressors Unhealthy behaviors Examples: Not getting enough sleep or exercise, use of drugs or alcohol. Life Change Stressors Any major life change, whether positive or negative. Example: Death of a loved one, getting married, or social changes.

6 Physical Response to Stress
Fight or Flight Response Body provides you with energy, reflexes, and strength you may need to respond to a stressor. Body releases epinephrine (adrenaline) which prepares the body for quick actions. Breathing speeds up Heart beats faster Muscles tense up Pupils get wider Digestion slows Blood sugar increases

7  Positive Stress???  What is positive stress called? Eustress
Positive stress that energizes you and helps you reach a goal. Will make you feel alert and lively. Examples? Getting butterflies before an athletic event, getting nervous before a speech.

8  Negative Stress  What is negative stress called? Distress
Negative stress can make a person sick or keep a person from reaching a goal. Prevents you from doing your best, no matter how capable you are. Example: Getting too worked up over a test, getting overly anxious before an event. Try and Make Stress POSITIVE!!! Think positively instead of negatively. Concentrate on only what you can control in a situation. Prepare yourself appropriately (time management)

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