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SURA / ViDe 5 th Annual Digital Video Workshop GCATT Atlanta, GA March 24-26, 2003.

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1 SURA / ViDe 5 th Annual Digital Video Workshop GCATT Atlanta, GA March 24-26, 2003

2 vide (VEE-day) is Latin for see quod vide (kwawd VEE-day) usually abbreviated q.v., is a scholarly way of directing the reader to a reference

3 ViDe Mission The Video Development Initiative (ViDe) promotes the deployment of digital video in research and higher education. Leveraging our collective resources and expertise, ViDe advances digital video deployment through promotion and development of interoperable, standardized, and cost-effective technologies.

4 ViDe Membership ViDe is an active collaboration of members Members are individuals, not institutions Members actively participate in working groups and projects No dues 183 individuals, from 128 institutions and organizations 17 countries

5 ViDe Organization Working Groups WG chairs are on Steering Committee Project Groups Steering Committee, with elected chair

6 ViDe Organization All that said… some of the organization and membership points may change! ViDe is currently an informal association Working toward establishing a formal organizational status for ViDe

7 Steering Committee Doug Pearson; Indiana University, Bloomington; ViDe Chair Jill Gemmill; University of Alabama at Birmingham; ViDe Past-Chair Grace Agnew; Georgia Institute of Technology Markus Buchhorn; Australian National University Bob Dixon; Ohio State University Mike Estler; Georgia Institute of Technology Chris Hodge; University of Tennessee, Knoxville Tyler Johnson; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Peter Marshall; CANARIE Ed Price; Georgia Institute of Technology Mary Trauner; Georgia Institute of Technology Egon Verharen; SURFnet Mary Fran Yafchak; SURA

8 ViDe Activities Working groups Projects Conferences and Workshops Collaborate!

9 ViDe Activities Current research and activity focus Videoconferencing Middleware for videoconferencing QoS for videoconferencing Videoconferencing Cookbook Streaming Media Cookbook Video access and digital rights management Data collaboration tools Training and outreach

10 Working Groups Videoconferencing Streaming Video Video Access Data Collaboration

11 Videoconferencing WG VC is an umbrella WG Working Groups ViDeNet NASM (Numerical Address Space Mgmt) Internet2 Commons VidMid-VC (AA, Directory, commObject) QoS Microsoft Group SIP

12 Videoconferencing WG VC is an umbrella WG Projects Scout (network analysis & simulation tool) Video Conferencing Cookbook Megaconference ViDe.Net Middleware (AA, directory, secure) LSVNP


14 Videoconferencing WG In the program: Tuesday 2:10 - 2:40 PM How to Use the ViDeNet Site Wednesday 11:00 - 11:30 AM ViDeNet Munch

15 Streaming Video WG Provide a commons for people interested in streaming media technologies and services 34 members, representing 14 institutions Current Activities Develop a Streaming Media Cookbook Planned Activities Examine how to integrate digital media services into other existing and emerging initiatives such as digital library and distance education

16 Streaming Video WG In the program: Wednesday Breakout Track B Wednesday 10:30 - 11:00 AM The ViDe Streaming Media Cookbook

17 Video Access WG Promote effective, interoperable access to digital video resources. Current Activities Next edition of the Dublin Core application profile. Will include an explicit mapping to MPEG-7 to support improved description of digital video resources. Examination of rights metadata issues – specific to digital video but also generally applicable to higher education resources.

18 Video Access WG In the program Tuesday 1:40 - 2:10 PM Metadata for Video Overview

19 Data Collaboration WG Perform a higher education needs analysis, standards analysis, tool discovery, and tool review and testing Current and Planned Activities Continue testing, and building the tool taxonomy Review and update the Needs Analysis Broaden community outreach in the WG Develop a white paper on standardization of product for particular application classes, including classrooms, meetings, project support, and recordings with synchronized multimedia

20 Workshops and Conferences Annual Digital Video Workshops ViDe.Net Munch series One-time events Managing Digital Video Content, Aug 2001 Using Dublin Core and MPEG-7 to Describe Digital Video, March 2003 Internet2 Commons Training EDUCAUSE, Internet2

21 How to Join ViDe Activities Working groups Join link on WG web pages ViDeNet Next workshop

22 Where to Learn More Doug Pearson

23 ViDeNet Update Tyler Miller Johnson University of North Carolina ViDeNet, Internet2

24 Dial Plan Status Successful migration to version 3 dial plan 116 zones 16 national gatekeepers Integration with E.164int for VoIP support Redundancy Numerical Address Space Working Group (NASM) oversight

25 GDS Structure GLOBAL ROOT (OO) NORTH AMERICA (1) IRELAND (353) ITALY (39) CZ (420) ISRAEL (972) NL (31) UNC (129) OSU Freelove (1109) WireOne (1139) TAMU (9798622241) Penn State (81486) Redundant roots in US, Wales, Ireland and Australia. Redundant roots in Chapel Hill,NC and Columbus, OH.

26 ViDeNet Toolset Zone administrators manage their own accounts Tools to create and manage zones Create customized web portal User endpoint account management Users manage their own accounts Request endpoints in any zone Directory access

27 Directory Services Supports H.323, H.320, H.235, SIP Integrates flexibly with enterprise directories Allows for integrated centralized user management Allows multiple endpoints to be associated with a user Supports Directory of Directories portals Scheduled ratification in May 2003 as ITU-T H.350

28 ViDe.Net Middleware NSF Funded Project University of Alabama at Birmingham Claremont Graduate University SURFNet University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Deliverables Directory Services model Secure h.323 endpoint Secure SIP endpoint H.350 enabled gatekeeper

29 Emergency Communications Building on September 11 experiences with Columbia University Documenting GDS voice gateways Enables voice transport over ViDeNet in case local voice services are unavailble Provides an environment in which to explore inter-realm authentication and toll bypass.

30 QoS Working Group Newly formed working group Exploring issues of packet marking for video and voice over IP Will be fully explored in Munch

31 Tyler Miller Johnson

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