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From IHETS…… Susan Scott & Kevin Siminski, IHETS.

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1 from IHETS…… Susan Scott & Kevin Siminski, IHETS

2 Indianas Digital Conduit Linking- I-Light and the state…. Energizing- the robust fiber backbones… Enabling- a platform….

3 Evolution of Digital Conduit Ubiquitous access State-wide footprint Technology agnostic –Multiple transport options…. Dark fiber backbone Unprecedented level of access serving… –K12 –Higher Education –Public Broadcasting

4 as Catalyst Partnership attempts between higher education and public broadcasting since 1969, but good will isnt enough Digital broadcasting provides new opportunities for common ground Stations started discussions in 1999, agreement formalized in 2001, pilot launched pilot in 2004

5 New opportunities Multicast overcomes channel-capacity limitations Datacast overcomes technology barriers New service: On TV and Online and On Demand

6 Attractions for both partners For higher ed: reach, to home For stations: fulfill promises of increased educational service For both: address critical state (and local) needs for educational access and improvement

7 Goals Indiana lifelong learning service 24x7 service on all 8 Indiana stations Build small wins: start with what we have –Satellite distribution –Streaming service capability –Approx. 40 asynchronous video classes from universities per semester –Many educational programs already licensed by stations


9 Kevin Siminski, IHETS Director of Operations, Susan Scott, IHETS Director of E-Learning, Richard Miles, IHETS Program Manager,

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