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Kathy Kraemer TIES Saint Paul, Minnesota Kathy Kraemer TIES Saint Paul, Minnesota Getting started with Internet2.

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1 Kathy Kraemer TIES Saint Paul, Minnesota Kathy Kraemer TIES Saint Paul, Minnesota Getting started with Internet2

2 Getting Started Background on TIES Early Projects Videoconference with TIES and TvbyGirls partner Lessons Learned Resources

3 TIES is a non-profit consortium of K-12 school districts in Minnesota that supports education technology. Weve been a sponsored education group participant (SEGP) since 2001. Currently, the SEGP has provided permission for all MN schools to participate in Internet2. TIES Background

4 JASON: 2nd grade students in Edina, MN and a pinniped researcher in Rhode Island Early Projects

5 JASON Partners JASON, Minneapolis, MN TIES RINET Edina Elementary School, MN

6 Topics: space physiology women nobel peace prize winners throughout history Early Projects: Career Day in Pine City, Minnesota

7 Career Day Partners TIES High School and College Students from Pine City and surrounding areas in Minnesota Vanderbilt University, Memphis, TN

8 Virtual Surgery - Bleeding edge technology TIES Partners: Rhode Island Hospital, RINET, 12 Rhode Island Schools and 2 Minnesota schools. Early Projects: Virtual Surgery

9 Virtual Surgery Quote: It was amazing. It makes me want to work on a surgical team Amy K, Cambridge, MN student

10 Virtual Surgery Quote This was a phenomenal experience for the students. Most are going into the health fields, so seeing the surgical staff and hearing from them about how vital their jobs are was incredibly valuable Stephanie Windschill, Health Occupations Teacher, Cambridge, MN

11 Virtual Surgery movie The patient: A 60 year old man that had a calcified heart valve that needed to be replaced. The team: Dr. Singh and nine surgical staff members

12 TVbyGirls is a non-profit organization composed of female television and documentary film producers. Early Projects: TvbyGirls

13 TVbyGirls Goal: To show young girls how to look at the images in the media with a critical eye. Once theyre aware of the messages, the goal is to help them create their own images that speak the truth to them.

14 TVbyGirls Partners TIES/TVbyGirls Holland Woods Middle School, Port Huron, Michigan (St. Clair County Intermediate School District) Valley Middle School, Edina, MN RINET

15 3 levels of workshops: introduction to visual literacy camera angles and styles/documentary film making/producing a visual story Grand finale - review short videos and critique Early Projects: TvbyGirls

16 Respect for Girls which won the Honorable Mention award from over 800 applicants in the Apple iLife student video contest. TVbyGirls

17 Step 1: Find out what others are doing via Internet2: visit the Internet2 website call the project leaders directly on the phone Lessons Learned

18 Step 2: Build community with other Internet2 members -Have a virtual beer together Lessons Learned

19 Step 3: Start with a small project that fits with the curriculum. Start with a driving question to help build focus to your videoconference. What does the day in the life of a pinniped look like? vs. What are marine mammals? Lessons Learned

20 Every task takes time: Finding partners for collaboration developing content recruiting students coordinating sites testing the equipment Lessons Learned: Logistics

21 Every task takes time: rehearsing creating a back-up plan promoting the event building confidence

22 Overall, you need to find at least one Internet2 Evangelist in your organization creates interest and enthusiasm helps to build collaborations Lessons Learned

23 Once you have one evangelist, their job is to create a network of evangelism: Internet2 listserv Lessons Learned

24 NEED for Workspace Proposed Blackboard working space: posting videoconferencing curriculum integration templates, resources and happenings.

25 Email call for participation Alert other evangelists to get the word out Let the students spread the word Tips for getting students involved

26 Internet2 website PACBell Videoconferncing Website Iowa Public Television g/projectvoice Resources

27 Vanderbilt University RINET Rhode Island Network for Educational Technology National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

28 Resources NASA virtual visits St. Clair County Learning Net PacBell Videoconference Listserv

29 Videoconferencing CookbooK The Manhattan School of Music JASON Project Resources

30 Keep in touch! Kathy Kraemer TIES Curriculum Consultant Kathy Kraemer TIES Curriculum Consultant


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