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Transportable Satellite-Based Internet Connectivity Dr. Bob Dixon Chief Research Engineer OARNet Ohio State University SURA/ViDe Digital Video Workshop.

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1 Transportable Satellite-Based Internet Connectivity Dr. Bob Dixon Chief Research Engineer OARNet Ohio State University SURA/ViDe Digital Video Workshop April 23-25, 2002 Birmingham, Alabama

2 American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC) 63 Land-Grant colleges NSF grant to provide distance learning via satellite to minority colleges: Tribal Indian Historically Black Hispanic

3 Tachyon Satellite Network Covers North America, Central America, Hawaii, Europe Earth stations in San Diego and Amsterdam Optimized for IP traffic; guaranteed speeds NOC monitors all stations continuously

4 ADEC Satellite Network A portion of the Tachyon satellite network Separate NOC at OARNet ITEC-Ohio pushes the state of the art 50 sites on the air today; 90 in a year A few transportable systems

5 Internet 1 or Internet 2 Earth Satellite Permanent Ground Station Tachyon Central Ground Station San Diego Internet Instructional Sites Instructional Sites Instructional Sites Transportable Ground Station

6 Tachyon Network Access Points Small (2x3 feet) portable dish. Usually permanently mounted on a roof. $4K installed + $1.5K/month max. Maximum speed is 2 Mbits down, 512 Kbits up, guaranteed. Lower speeds are available at lower costs.

7 Example Tachyon Satellite Dish Installation

8 Transportable TAP Design Goals Inexpensive to build and operate Off-the-shelf parts for easy duplication Easy to operate by one person with one day training Small and light Reliable and adaptable to diverse field conditions Easily modified

9 Tachyon Transportable Access Point

10 Some Initial Applications Provide distance learning in underconnected locations such as rural areas and inner cities. Demonstration / Evaluation for a future fixed installation. Link field research to campus computers and laboratories and collaborators worldwide. Link field instruction and demonstrations to campus classrooms. Link field activities to remote databases, eg via PDAs. Special events, conferences, fairs, disasters, etc. Remote monitoring of construction projects.

11 In addition to construction and operation: Develop improved designs. Demonstrate at conferences. Publish papers. Provide complete plans for duplication. Provide training on use of the system. Provide consultation on design, construction, operation. Arrange for turnkey system purchases.

12 Satellite Trailer Subsystems Dish and Radio Transceiver Power Leveling and Aiming Heating and Cooling External Connections Computer

13 Ground Station Power Alternatives (ALL are provided) Local Power Outlet unlimited (long extension cord) Batteries via UPS at least 4 hours before (computer controlled) recharging Gasoline generator at least 24 hours before (pushbutton start) refueling Type of power Running Time

14 Aiming System Satellites are 2 degrees apart in the sky; aiming accuracy must be better than 1/2 degree. GPS Receiver provides accurate local position to PC. PC calculates azimuth, elevation and polarization settings. Dish is aimed with precision compass and inclinometer, using screw adjustments, traditionally. Our method - dish is aimed traditionally at home location, and locked to the trailer. Thereafter the trailer itself is aimed. Faster, easier and more precise.

15 Weatherproof Equipment Rack Cabinets Mounted on trailer on shock absorbers. Automatic thermostatically controlled heater. Automatic thermostatically controlled cooling fan. No actual air cooling. Use parasol if needed. Contents: Radio transceiver UPS and two external battery packs Spectrum analyzer Ethernet switch Laptop PC docking station Local wireless access point Storage for miscellaneous small parts and tools

16 Instructional Site Transportable Ground Station Long-Range wireless (miles) Wall-Penetrating wireless (several walls) Local Wireless (200 ft) Local Ethernet Cable (200 ft) Local Power Cable (200 ft) Ground Station to Instructional Site Connection Alternatives (ALL are provided)

17 Instructional Site Internal PC Connection Alternatives Ethernet Switch PCs Ground Station PCs Ground Station Ethernet Switch Ground Station Ethernet Switch Ground Station Existing LAN PCs External Wireless Internal Wireless Internal Ethernet Internal LAN (ALL are provided) Ground Station Wireless Router PCs External and Internal Wireless

18 Computing System Laptop PC in docking station Runs 3 special programs: Satellite aiming Dish Transceiver control and monitoring UPS control and monitoring Also supports Internet access testing: Web browsing Email H.323 Video Conferencing Distance Learning tools

19 Fitting the UPS batteries into the outdoor cabinet

20 UPS Batteries in outdoor cabinet

21 40% of the UPS batteries

22 Start of Dish Assembly Process

23 Dish assembly continues; instructions lost.

24 Dish base completed; so far so good

25 Success! Dish fully Assembled in one day.

26 Polycom Viewstation Polycom Viewstation A/V IN A/V OUT Internet 1 and Internet 2 Earth Satellite ITEC-Ohio Ground Station Tachyon Ground Station San Diego User Demo Site User Demo Site Earth Satellite H.323 Video Demonstration System

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