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ViDe Video-on-Demand Initiatives Mairéad Martin, University of Tennessee April 25, 2002.

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1 ViDe Video-on-Demand Initiatives Mairéad Martin, University of Tennessee April 25, 2002

2 ViDe VoD Working Groups Video Access MPEG-4 VidMid Video-on-Demand

3 Video Access WG Grace Agnew (Chair), Rutgers Markus Buchhorn, Australian National University Phil Galanter, NYU Chris Hodge, Tennessee Jean Hudgins, Georgia Tech Jane Hunter, DTSC Dan Kniesner, Oregon Health & Sciences University Mairead Martin, Tennessee Robert MacDonald, Auburn Manjula Patel, UKOLN Doug Pearson, Indiana University Simon Pockley, Cinemedia Ed Price, Georgia Tech

4 Video Access Goals Develop a flexible, scalable metadata architecture Employ and interoperate with open standards in information management Develop multiple delivery systems for metadata architecture Dissemination and outreach

5 Projects 2001 Development of Dublin Core application profile for digital video Managing Digital Video Content Workshop –Keynote speakers: Cliff Lynch (CNI) Jane Hunter (MPEG-7) –Asset management, DC for digital video (ViDe application profile), rights metadata, OAI, digital video accessibility, MPEG-7, METS –

6 Projects 2002 Revision of the DC application profile Submission of the DC Application profile to the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Development of structure maps for digital video using MPEG-7 and METS Participation in development of the AMIA/Library of Congress Moving Image Gateway Development of a rights metadata core – the equivalent of DC for rights

7 MPEG-4 Working Group Mairéad Martin (Chair), Tennessee Grace Agnew, Rutgers Markus Buchhorn, Australian National University Chris Hodge, Tennessee David Kuhlman, Tennessee Robert McDonald, Auburn Doug Pearson, Indiana Ed Price, Georgia Tech Tom Snook, New World Symphony David Walsh, Australian National University

8 MPEG-4 WG Goals Promote and accelerate the deployment of MPEG-4 through development of early and model applications Identify industry partners interested in collaborative application development

9 WG Development Interests Testing of MPEG-4 encoders, decoders, and editing tools Standards-based annotations and bookmaking Robust use of MPEG-4 text tracks Rights and access management Interoperability with videoconferencing technologies Collaborative data management

10 Projects Release of RFI to industry: January 2001 Joined MPEG-4 Industry Forum Funding from SURA for –WG Development –Meeting with Industry Deliverables: –Overview of MPEG-4 –Directory of players, technologies and applications

11 Status of MPEG-4 Development Not much MPEG-4 technology available Interactive features under-developed Licensing terms announced in February 2002 –25 cents for use of encoders/decoders –2 cents per hour per stream use (no cap) Can Higher Ed. wait for MPEG-4?

12 VidMid VoD Working Group Identify middleware requirements for effective and secure access digital video resources Coordinate with international metadata efforts Coordinate with VidMid VC efforts Engage industry players

13 Projects Development of a white paper on The Role of Directories in VoD Applications –Release May 7, 2002 as part of NMI 1.0 Digital Rights Management Project: –Middleware as an OS for DRM: identity management, access control, federated administration

14 Projects Workshop on the NSF Middleware Initiative and DRM in July/August 2002 Coalition for Networked Information, EDUCAUSE, Internet2, and SURA Goals: –Forum for cooperative DRM development –Launch of rights core metadata scheme

15 Resources ViDe website: DRM: Rights-L listserv –Subscribe

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