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Vidmid-vc: Middleware for Video Conferencing Services

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1 Vidmid-vc: Middleware for Video Conferencing Services
Egon Verharen, SURFnet Vidmid-vc chair Middleware Vidmid VC History, Scope, Status, Authentication & Authorization, Object classes and, Resource discovery Future One of the integrating projects. Video killer app. IP tel. Vc services coming to a campus near you (if not already there), I2 Commons. 4/25/2002

2 Background Why Formed in spring 2001
Collaboration does not know boundaries Services coming your way Shared need & interest Formed in spring 2001 Spent some time naming and scoping Critical insight and momentum from ViDe & Internet2 Middleware (MACE & Shibboleth) leaders Focus on videoconferencing and video-on-demand for their middleware requirements Component of NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI) NMI-EDIT 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

3 Middleware and federated administrations
It’s not the network, it’s not applications, it’s the stuff nobody wants to do Stuff Identification (“who are you?”) Authentication (“prove me who you are”) Authorization (“I tell you want you can do”) Directory services (where the info is stored) Security Federated Administration Virtual organisations/Communities of interest Trust-based connection between (local) security domains Higher ed 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

4 Where are we ? H.323, SIP, multicast tools 4/25/2002
ViDe/SURA ws,

5 Campus authentication
Vidmid in id-world Objectclass standards (e.g.eduperson, gridperson) Content Portals Shibboleth exchange of attributes Future PKI DoDHE et al. Grids et al. Interrealm Learning Management Systems Security Domain Personal Portals Web services and servers WebISO Enterprise directory Campus authentication Future PKI 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

6 Vidmid VC VidMid VideoConferencing Goals:
Enable authenticated and authorized call setup Work out architectural issues Id, Authnz, Dir. + Resource discovery, security/PKI (for encryption, authentication, signing) Both intra- and interrealm Identify infrastructure to support interrealm community video H.323, SIP, VRVS/AG (multicast) Instigate client/gw development foster interoperability at identifier, security and video stream levels Engage industry players 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

7 Vidmid VC status Workplan (from vidmid-vc workshop @ UNC, nov. 2001)
Deliverables: Scenario’s (Art Vandenberg GSU, Mary Fran Yafchak SURA, EV) Object Classes & Directory services (Tyler Johnson UNC, RadVision) See presentation Larry Amiot Video-app directory Implementation, directory of video-directories ITU standard Resource discovery whitepaper Framework of requirements, thread models and security services (Samir Chatterjee & Tyler Johnson) 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

8 Vidmid VC status, deliverables
Derive flows and develop architecture for inter-realm authentication and authorization in a federated model Conferencing attributes, endpoint authentication, datastream protection Testbeds SURA CfP for SURA members 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

9 A&A call setup auth auth EP EP media 8:OK reg. autz autz Ent.p. autz
1 1a & 2a EP EP 9 media 8:OK reg. 2 GK/proxy server GK/proxy server 5 3 6 autz autz 4 7 Ent.p. autz Ent.p. autz ? Shibb? 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

10 Areas for Joint R&D Networking Middleware
QoS for digvid applications (TF-NGN, I2 QoS) Network analysis and simulation tools (TF-NGN, VideNet Scout, I2 e2e) High-reliability architectures (TF-STREAM) Multicast address space management (Geant) IPv6 (6net wp’s) Middleware Globally-scaleable H.323 number/dial plan & update (TF-STREAM, ViDe NASM) Inter-gatekeeper communication (ViDeNet) Security and authentication (I2 vidmid) Directory services (I2 vidmid, ViDeNet, TF-LSD) Creation of video teleconferencing schema extensions (I2 vidmid) If your project or group isn’t listed here, it doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It’s just that we don’t know about it (but that also gives to think) 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

11 Areas for Joint R&D Videoconferencing Streaming
Gateway development (I2 Commons) VRVS, AccessGrid (see next pres), MPEG-2, MJPEG SIP & VoIP (many, vidmid, TERENA?) Integration alternative media streams (I2, AccessGrid) e.g. MPEG-4 & HDTV & MJPEG) Data collaboration tools (ViDe, AccessGrid) (Semi)Automated scheduling (VRVS, AccessGrid, …) Streaming VoD 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

12 Summary Vidmid on speed Deliverables ready Near Future Prepare
Object classes White paper on authnz, resource discovery Near Future SIP clients Directory testbed Prepare And join 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

13 Background info, URLs & docs
Vidmid website Workplan vidmid-vc Scenario’s (Art Vandenberg GSU, Mary Fran Yafchak SURA, EV) Object Classes & Directory services (Tyler Johnson UNC, RadVision) Resource discovery whitepaper (Art Vandenberg, GSU) Directory of video-directories (ViDeNet) 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

14 Figure 1. Relationship of H323 LDAP components h323 LDAP Server
Enterprise Directory User data cn . commURI Gatekeeper Local endpoint tables Figure 1. Relationship of H323 LDAP components h323 LDAP Server commObject data commUniqueId commOwner 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

15 H.323 authenticated call setup
Terminals register with gatekeeper (H RAS: registration, admission, status) Terminals call each other (H Call signaling) audio/video traffic exchange (RTP) For authn: H.235 annex D (username/passwd), annex E (cert, PKI) 4/25/2002 ViDe/SURA ws,

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