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Accelerating Manufacturing Productivity Copyright ©2009 SEMATECH, Inc. SEMATECH, and the SEMATECH logo are registered servicemarks of SEMATECH, Inc. International.

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1 Accelerating Manufacturing Productivity Copyright ©2009 SEMATECH, Inc. SEMATECH, and the SEMATECH logo are registered servicemarks of SEMATECH, Inc. International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative, ISMI, Advanced Materials Research Center and AMRC are servicemarks of SEMATECH, Inc. All other servicemarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 450 mm Status Update Tom Jefferson 450 mm Program Manager December 7, 2009

2 2 December 2009 2 450 mm Progress in 2009 Dec-2008Dec-2009 Wafer Inventory Sintered wafers available for development Mechanical-grade single crystal wafers available for development Process and Metrology Equipment NoneParticle inspection, wafer edge inspection, and particle removal equipment installed in ISMIs cleanroom Film thickness equipment now available Performance metrics defined for 60 tool types Additional equipment capabilities are under development now Factory Integration 380K handling cycles and 18K loadport cycles completed >5M handling robot cycles and >530K loadport open/close cycles completed with prototype carriers. 4 EFEMs, 6 loadports, multiple carriers, and 2 PGVs under test StandardsMechanical wafer standard passed, factory integration standards in blue ballot Test wafer standard in ballot FOUP and loadport standards are completed and passed Solid Progress – But Many Challenges Remain

3 2 December 2009 3 450 mm Global Equipment Requirements 450 mm will re-use 300 mm guidelines and standards when possible to leverage learning where existing concepts are proven 300 mm Carryforward Safety/EHS: S2, S8, CE Mark FMRC 4910/UL 2360 Facilities/Utilities: Height <12 ft Sub-fab:Fab footprint <0.75 SEMI F47 Automation: E84, GEM300 Productivity: No TPT loss due to # of loadports on tool 450 mm Safety/ESH: ISMI guidelines (manual handling risk characterization, fall protection, mass balance characterization) 1.0X utilities consumption, waste emissions/effluent per wafer processed Facilities/Utilities: 1.0X Footprint scalar (relative to throughput) 1.0X Install duration 1.0X Qual duration

4 2 December 2009 4 The wafer quality is improving as suppliers and equipment manufacturers advance on the learning curve and new equipment becomes available. NanoPhotonics haze maps reveal improvement between first and second polished wafer batch Planetary pad ground single crystal wafer Peter Wolters AC 2000-P³ processing 450 mm single crystal wafers Wafer Quality Improvements

5 2 December 2009 5 450 mm Test Wafer Status Processing and measurement of test wafers has begun 450 mm wafers have received wet clean processing and particle measurements have been made –Experimental SC1 and DI processes from two different suppliers –Initial particle measurements appear repeatable NanoPhotonics tool calibrated down to 90 nm diameter with PSL Dielectric film metrology has passed source inspection and is ready for shipment –Manual load spectroscopic ellipsometer with 450 mm stage –Calibrated with known film thicknesses and types (non-450 mm) –Measured native oxide on both 450 mm sintered and single crystal wafers

6 2 December 2009 6 ISMI Particle & Edge Inspection Tool - NanoPhotonics and Brooks Automation 450 mm metrology modules (particle and edge inspection) 450 mm EFEM 450 mm standard 12 mm pitch FOUP and loadport Particle and edge inspection tool is qualified and has made measurements First metrology tool shipped to ISMI

7 2 December 2009 7 ISMI Prototype Wafer Cleans Tool - SSEC First process tool shipped to ISMI Installation has begun Single wafer cleaning SC1/SC2 cleans Photo Courtesy of Solid State Equipment Corp. (SSEC)

8 2 December 2009 8 450 mm FOUPs and Shippers 450 mm FOUP and loadport standards are complete Horizontal multi-application carrier (H-MAC) prototype is under test H-MAC will replace FOSB in 450 mm for wafer shipment Same envelope and interface features as FOUP Gudeng Rev 3 (12 mm) YB FOUPsEntegris Rev 3 (12 mm) FOUPEntegris Rev 0 (12 mm) H-MAC

9 2 December 2009 9 450 mm Resource Conservation Vision: No per wafer increase in energy and water use, air emissions, or waste 300 mm 450 mm 450 mm Wafer = 2.25X surface area 450 mm presents a unique opportunity to achieve a 55% reduction in resource use per cm 2 Data from the 200–300 mm conversion tells us significant improvements can be achieved Realizing this vision requires close cooperation between suppliers and end users 45% 300 mm n/cm 2 450 mm n/cm 2

10 2 December 2009 10 Key Messages - ISMI 450 mm Program (December 2009) ISMI maintains its focus on planning a cost-effective 450 mm transition and will continue to drive the activities required to support the needs of its members who are interested in realizing the 450 mm transition. 450 mm Test Wafer Generation Activity has started –ISMIs first two 450 mm metrology tools are installed and operational; installation of the first process equipment has begun. ISMI has defined the performance targets and test methods to execute 450 mm equipment demonstrations. –ISMI member companies have clearly stated that they will use consortia demonstration results as input to their 450 mm equipment selection decisions. ISMIs Interoperability Test Bed (ITB) has achieved its objective of enabling the evaluation of early prototypes to accelerate the development of factory integration standards. Initial progress has been made, but many challenges remain to realize a comprehensive 450 mm infrastructure at advanced technology nodes. –ISMI will continue to engage constructively with interested suppliers and device makers to develop and validate solutions.

11 2 December 2009 11 For Further Information … -or- Tom Jefferson Manager, ISMI 450 mm Program

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