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1 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) 1926 859 060 People Management Excellence making tomorrow a better place People Management Excellence.

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1 1 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) People Management Excellence making tomorrow a better place People Management Excellence

2 2 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Objectives Understand the role and skills necessary to be a motivated manager of people Identify their personal management style Recognise the importance of Carillion’s Performance Management Process Understand the impact of positive coaching and feedback skills Recognise the benefits of effective communication Identify and create SMART objectives People Management Excellence

3 3 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) A framework for excellence Carillion Policies Hints & Tips Mandatory Requirements Framework PDR Performance Rating SMART Objectives One-to-one Meetings Personal Development Plans Annual Salary Reviews Role Profiles Induction Training Coaching & Mentoring Values Equality & Diversity Team Talks The Great Debate Delegated Authorities People Management Excellence

4 4 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Its all about excellent management People Management Excellence

5 5 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) The Best Manager I Have Known what were they doing? how did they communicate? what did they do with your opinions? how available were they? what did others think of them? People Management Excellence

6 6 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Leadership Focus Team Task Individual People Management Excellence

7 7 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) International Leadership Qualities honest do as we say use facts / straight talking be clear about what we cannot say forward-looking advanced notice aware of pressures on them time to fix things competent have a process think through then get back inspiring consult make them feel confident about their input thank you People Management Excellence

8 8 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Model the Way, be an example 2. Shared Vision, forward looking 3. Challenge the Process, change things for the better 4. Enable Others to Act, believing in and equipping people 5. Encourage the Heart, supporting, thanking, stretching Carillion Values & People Success Factors Professional delivery Collaboration Openness Sustainable profitable growth Mutual dependency Innovation  Planning & organising  Achieving & doing  Builds relationships  Delivery through people  Business awareness  Customer focus  Continuous improvement  Dealing with change The 5 Practices of Good Leadership

9 9 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Practices of the Successful Leader Model the Way, be an example Shared Vision, forward looking Challenge the Process, change things for the better Enable Others to Act, believing in and equipping people Encourage the Heart, supporting, thanking, stretching People Management Excellence

10 10 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Defining the right direction People Management Excellence

11 11 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) SMART Objectives Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timescales People Management Excellence

12 12 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Setting Objectives Objectives for Work Tasks Objectives to establish Carillion Values Objectives to ensure People Success People Management Excellence

13 13 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Carillion Objectives Carillion ValuesPeople Success Factors Professional delivery Getting things done Planning & organising Achieving & doing Collaboration & openness Respect for people Makes relationships work Delivering together Sustainable profitable growth Business Focus Business awareness Customer service InnovationMaking things better Always improving Handling change People Management Excellence

14 14 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Keeping our people on track People Management Excellence

15 15 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Management Strategy Attract Develop Retain what makes you attractive as a manager ? People Management Excellence

16 16 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Levels of Engagement People Management Excellence

17 17 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Developing People 1.Keeping People on Track 2.Stretching & Improving People Management Excellence

18 18 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Organising our Feedback how often should we give feedback? should we diary our feedback? how can we ensure that we ‘catch people doing something right’? how do we avoid surprises at the Performance Review? People Management Excellence

19 19 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Successful Performance Review in flight feedback scheduled 1 – 1s team meetings building rapport peer feedback customer feedback measurements Performance Review People Management Excellence

20 20 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Giving Informal Feedback I’d like to thank you for This is what happened This is what you contributed This is the effect This is what happened This is the effect It could have improved by (ask/tell?) Next time could you to encourage consider when, where and why to adjust People Management Excellence

21 21 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Performance Scales Exceptionalcontinually exceeding requirements Very Goodmeeting all and often exceeding requirements Goodmeeting most but not all requirements Needs Improvement / Developing meeting some requirements Poormeeting few, if any requirements People Management Excellence

22 22 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Dealing with difficult situations People Management Excellence

23 23 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Confrontation based on facts specific, with examples observed not assumed prioritise, avoid ‘and another thing …’ People Management Excellence

24 24 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Giving Negative Feedback 1.this is what happened 2.this is the immediate effect 3.if it continues to happen this is the long term effect 4.we need to agree a way forward 5.what is your suggestion? People Management Excellence

25 25 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Tips on Negative Feedback choose time and place be prepared, get evidence cut to the chase let them speak focus on behaviour that can be changed don’t make value judgements one at a time People Management Excellence

26 26 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Proactively developing our people People Management Excellence

27 27 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Coaching Style fit approach to person and situation Directive / Tell Consultative / GROW Counselling People Management Excellence

28 28 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Assessing if Counselling is Required don’t be nervous. encourage the other person to talk look for excesses of emotion and inability to use logic make an assessment of the severity of the case, and decide whether to continue coaching or whether to recommend specialist help always Empathise, never Excuse if counselling is appropriate be decisive, agree actions and follow up People Management Excellence

29 29 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Directive Coaching break knowledge into chunks after each chunk apply a check of understanding allow time for practice review progress Skills List: planning & preparation technical knowledge clear & specific skills goals presentation of information use if answers reside in the coach and not in the coachee People Management Excellence

30 30 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Non-Directive Coaching (GROW) Goal  agree topic and specific objectives Reality  where are we, invite self assessment with examples Options  how can we get there, their suggestions your suggestions Wrap Up  identify next steps and support Skills List: planning & preparation active listening open questions reflecting summarising tolerance of imperfection use if answers reside in the coach and in the coachee People Management Excellence

31 31 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Planning our Coaching PersonTopic / SkillsDirectiveNon- Directive People Management Excellence

32 32 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Bringing it all together People Management Excellence

33 33 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) Next Steps 3 things to apply back in the workplace People Management Excellence

34 34 in partnership with Goodfoot +44 (0) To download a copy of the slides please visit: Thank you.

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