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ISO TC184/SC4 ISO 15926 – Integration of Lifecycle data Matthew West Shell International.

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1 ISO TC184/SC4 ISO 15926 – Integration of Lifecycle data Matthew West Shell International

2 ISO TC184/SC4 ISO 15926 Rigorous 4D ontology – Physical objects extended in time as well as space A full ISO standard (2003) Developed as a data model Also available in OWL Full 201 entities in upper ontology, Some 50,000 entities available in process engineering ontology Limited axiomatisation Significant industrial support from Oil and Process industries 15 years of development Good for – Integrating diverse information systems – Engineering applications – Applications involving time and space – Managing change – integrating/analyzing mid level ontologies

3 ISO TC184/SC4 The wider use of Ontologies beyond reasoning Language expressiveness Ontological Rigour SQLEntity Relationship OWL DLOWL FullFirst Order Logic Higher Order Logic The upper ontologies present here Vast bulk of information systems Ontology limited or implicit Small number of sophisticated applications Small but increasing number of lower and mid level ontologies Huge potential to apply ontologies to traditional systems

4 ISO TC184/SC4 Shearwater: Engineering Data Integration and Handover Engineering Contractor (AMEC)Owner/Operator (Shell) Engineering Data Warehouse Design Fabrication Commissioning Maintenance Drawing Office Operations Historically paper Cost: $1.5m Benefits: $5mProject Budget ~$2bn (1997)

5 ISO TC184/SC4 Kalido – Intelligent Data Warehouse Adaptive Services Core Descriptors Objects & Relationships Core Data XML Defn DIW Meta & Ref Data DIW Specific Star Schema TX Data Marts Dynamic Information Warehouse

6 ISO TC184/SC4 Shell Downstream Data Model Identifies the key objects of interest to the business and the relationships between them Identifies the underlying transactions and relationships Provides an integrated specification of the information requirements for the Downstream Business (independent of any systems) Enables checking that the process model includes the processes for managing both objects and data about objects identified Enables checking that the physical data model, user and System interfaces in applications, support the information requirements Contributes to design of future systems Provides a basis for talking to application vendors about our information requirements The basis for Management Information The basis for working with industry standards bodies Downstream Data Model

7 ISO TC184/SC4

8 ISO TC184/SC4 DDM Subject Areas ISO 15926 Common Objects Time Properties Products and Materials Organizations Locations Agreements Intentional Thing Buy/Sell Manufacture Subject Areas ISO Proces s Areas Common Interest ISO 15926 as foundation Entity Types can be referenced in one subject area from another AccountsGeneral Management CarrierCRMDemand Movement Project/Activit y Transport Constraint Total of 1546 entity types so far. Project showing quality improvement and dramatic reduction in development time and cost – factor of 3+ due to adoption and use of ISO 15926

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