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SAFEFOODERA Approval of the agenda Taking stock and future plans Oddur Már Gunnarsson Scheveningen the 28 th September 2006.

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1 SAFEFOODERA Approval of the agenda Taking stock and future plans Oddur Már Gunnarsson Scheveningen the 28 th September 2006

2 28 September 08.30-09.00Registration 09.00-09.10Welcome Inspector-General Mr. André Kleinmeulman 09.10-09.30Key Note speaker European Commission ERA Mr. Giorgio Clarotti, Scientific Officer, European Commission DG Research ERA-NET 09.30-10.00Approval of the agenda & Taking stock and future plans Oddur Már Gunnarsson 10.00-10.30Launching of the pilot calls. Mads Peter Schreiber 10.30-11.00Coffee Break 11.00-15.00Workshop Pilot Call in 3 working groups building on the lessons learned Chair Philippe Verger 11.00-12.30 Flash back upon agenda formation, topic selection and call preparation 12.30-13.30Lunch 13.30-15.00 Suggestions for the future calls; what can we do better 15.00-15.30Coffee Break Agenda

3 15.30-17.00Reports from the Work package facilitators 15.30-16.00WP 4 Joint Activities. The October workshop. Alisdair Wotherspoon 16.00-16.30WP 6 External Communication, Meetings with Stakeholders. Ola Eide 16.30-17.00WP 1 Management Framework. Amendments to the Contract, Revised budget, 18 month report lessons learned. Oddur Már Gunnarsson 17.00-18.00Get together/freshening up 18.00Bus to restaurant 18.15-19.00Sightseeing Madurodam 19.00-19.30Happy hour 19.30Dinner Honorable guest Director-General Mr. Ate Oostra 29 September 09.00 -10.30Workshop 2 Expansion of the network chair Hartmut Waldner 10.30 -11.00Outcome and recommendations of the workshop pilot calls 11.00 -11.30Coffee break 11.30 -12.30Final Conclusion Josh Kjosbakken 12.30 -13.30Lunch 13.30 End of ESC meeting

4 The SAFEFOODERA primary objective is to establish a European platform for protecting consumers against health risks through a co-ordination action ERA-NET of 15 Member States, 3 Associated Countries and 3 regional organisations representing in total 450 million European citizens

5 The provisional strategic topics 1. Emerging risks 1. Emerging risks - A potential food or feed borne or diet-related hazard that may become a risk for human health in the (near) future. 2. Risk analysis in food safety 2. Risk analysis in food safety - Methodologies in protecting the consumers against health risks and misleading information, including crisis management, consumer perception and risk/benefit analysis. 3. Contaminants 3. Contaminants - Health risks from natural- and environmental contaminants in the food chain. 3.1 Process induced risk 3.1 Process induced risk - Health risks from chemical pollution formed during processing of foods. 4. Traceability 4. Traceability - Documented and harmonised routines for recall of food products from the value chain - Development of reliable traceability methods and systems. 5. Pathogens 5. Pathogens - Pathogen free production systems - From reactive to preventive and predictive actions.

6 Active in topic total 35 answers

7 Scientific disciplines; 2.359 projects

8 Joint Call Pilot Topics Emerging risks (Common pot) Pat. free production (Common pot) Zoonosis (Virtual pot) Country Baque-country xx Cyprus xx Denmarkx* x** Germanyx x Finlandx* x Netherlandsx x Norwayxxx Portugalx x Icelandxxx Swedenx*xx** UK xx Latviax * Through NICe** Through NCM

9 Expanding the network Dialog with Stakeholders Pilot 2 Era-Net + Art 169 Where to go?

10 17 countries have been contacted 9 EU countries, 4 Non EU European countries and 4 Third Countries the result so far is: Brazil, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and Macedonia are attending the ESC meeting. China and Thailand have communicated interest Austria is not attending. And Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic and Spain have not responded Expanding the network

11 Dialogue or a workshop with stakeholders Facilitating pan-European dissemination and exploitation of research results. Time schedule SAFEFOODERA Stakeholder meetings:

12 building on the lessons learned Pilot 2

13 Aims: To investigate the feasibility of establishing a food safety research ideas forum for public funders to facilitate opportunities for joint activities. Planned Workshop in Bonn - 30 - 31 October 2006

14 ERA-NET+ This could take the form of a Community top-up for joint calls of proposals (to the tune of 30% of total costs, provided a number of conditions are satisfied), where participating entities create a common fund for the purpose of the action. As such, the ERA-NET+ mechanism, which will remain a simple and flexible coordination mechanism between national or regional research programmes, could become a more effective bridge toward…..

15 the topic should have a high relevance and has to involve a sufficient number of Member States the field of the proposal needs to be focused and shall be covered by the Framework Programme, both in terms of contents and of budget allocation. the field of the proposal has to be of major interest for the Community it has to be clearly demonstrated that Article 169 is the appropriate instrument to allow the Community to contribute to the coordination and the cooperation between national RTD programmes and to achieve the foreseen goals. following the approval by Council and European Parliament the initiative can be started, appropriate structures can be created and further decision making can take place between the involved Member States and the Commission. Article 169 initiatives


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