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Circulation: Getting from

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1 Circulation: Getting from
here to There

2 Introduction to the Circulatory System
As a life function  system TRANSPORT Immune factors nutrients hormones O2/CO2 wastes

3 A CLOSED circulatory system has 3 basic parts
1. A pump 3. Something to pump (Heart) 2. Some tubes (blood Vessels) There will be… (Blood)

4 An OPEN circulatory system
…is missing one of those components.

5 These are a little more reasonable…

6 Open vs. Closed (circulation)

7 Circulatory Plumbing Blood Vessels
No beginning or end, so since we have to start somewhere…

8 Arteries Carry blood AWAY from heart Thick, elastic, muscular walls
Have a pulse Gradually become smaller as they get farther away from the heart until they become arterioles

9 Body cells Environment
Capillaries Tiny, tiny, tiny (only a few blood cells at a time) Very thin walls  “leaky” Exchange of material Blood Body cells Environment

10 Capillaries Plasma portion of blood is “squeezed out”
Becomes “Intercellular fluid” Some reenters capillaries, a lot is collected by lymphatic system

11 Veins Blood TO heart Thinner walls (than arteries)
Have valves for one-way flow No pulse


13 The LYMPHATIC System The tubes you never hear about
Have their own capillaries and veins Collect intercellular fluid in their capillaries ICF returned to circulatory veins by the Lymphatic veins

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